Zong conference call – how to activate conference call on zong 2023

in this article we are tell you zong conference call How to Make Conference Call & Charges on Zong Activation code Have a meeting with your friends or colleagues and family on your mobile. Can you Make ZONG Conference Calling you can talk to 2 different numbers at the same time.zong conference call

How to make conference call on zong

  • Firstly you make the first call and wait for the answer
  • when the first call is on the line, 
  • Now you dial second number and press send
  •  When you talking to the callers go to options in your mobile phone and select conference For more  details dial 310 


How Make Conference Call on Zong Sim?-How to Start a Conference Call on the Phone?

Make Confernce call with zong this method is very easy & simple.
  • First of all,  open the call screen from the phone and call a person normally. Then you press the ” Add search ” button on the screen. Or on some phones, ” Add call “, ” Add contact ” etc. there may be buttons. But usually the button for the conference appears on the top left. You can press whatever comes out of it.
  • Make call on your zong sim when answer pick you have show option +Add Call 
  • Now You dial second number when pick call second person now you click on merge calls 
  • Now start your conference call you talk your friend family in  group you want and more person in conference call you have show on your screen add call option just click and add more person and enjoy conference calls on zong sim.

  • this way, you can make conference speech. You can talk to 5 people simultaneously according to some sources and 6 people according to some sources. Actually, it may be more, but it may change depending on the performance of the phone.
  • Note:no activation charges of this service Calls are charged as per package plan.
In this way, you can have conference calls with multiple people simultaneously on smartphones. We hope it will be a useful topic.
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