Telenor conference call activation code – How to Make Conference Call and Charges on Telenor Activation Code

In this article we will tell you telenor conference call activation code and all details share with you how to make conference call on telenor sim.You can make phone calls with more than one person at the same time with your smart phones telenor sim card. Android, Telenor operators support conference calls. how to make conference speech on smart phones, now let’s tell about the pictures in the form of items.

Telenor conference call activation code – How to make Conference call on Telenor Sim?

  •  Firstly Call the person you want to call.
  • 2. After the first person you called has opened the phone, come to the call screen and  touch the Add Contact / Add Call  conference button.

  • 3. Select the name of the person you want to add to the conference and search tap the call button.
  • 4. After the person you are calling has opened the phone, tap the Merge calls Add-conference join ( add to conference) button to add it to the conference call .

  • 5. Add the other people you want to invite to the conference in the same way. (Do steps 2-3-4.)

  • 1. After calling the first person, come to the call screen.

  • 2. Call the number of the other person you want to add to the conference, press 3, and then tap Yes.
  • 3. You can add other people to the conference by doing the same.

Telenor Conference Call Activation Code 

  •  if you have not activated presently you can Call Telenor Helpline 345 and active your conference call service.

Note:no activation charges of this service Calls are charged as per package plan. In this way, you can have conference calls with multiple people simultaneously on smartphones. We hope it will be a useful topic.

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