List of Top Engineering Companies in Pakistan.

Suppose you are trying to observe the top engineering companies of Pakistan here, at the moment, you are on the right page here. Designing involves a great deal in Pakistan and the layout of projects presented in our country. Before working in any organization, you will grasp the positioning and roles of the project. Amazing companies have their own selection of staff and board.


National Engineering Service Pakistan is one of the largest engineering companies in Pakistan. It has been operating in Pakistan since 1973. Millions of unemployed people work in this company, which is located in 1c Block-n Model Town Extension, Lahore.

The company operates under the Government of Pakistan and holds international construction contracts, and is one of the largest companies in Asia.The company wins international level contracts and works on them very quickly. Due to which people from abroad come to Pakistan for construction work and Pakistani unemployed people also work with laborers. A large number of civil engineers and architects of our country Pakistan are working in this company.Apart from civil engineers and architects, engineers from different fields also do good jobs in this company. A large number of electrical engineers are working in this National Engineering Services Pakistan, besides a large number of mechanical engineers are working in this company.

These companies take international contracts, big plazas, construction of big hospitals and bridges, roads, etc. When they start working on their projects, a large number of workers get the best jobs. When construction of roads and buildings begins, a large number of civil engineers are present to work on the project, and with the best machinery and the hard work of a large number of laborers, the company is able to finalize its project on time.And when it comes to working on its projects, it announces huge vacancies for engineers and provides jobs to a large number of people. The quality of this company is very good and excellent, this company provides the best facilities to its workers such as free medical education for children and the best accommodation provided to its workers.Electrical engineers work in large numbers in this company, because whenever there is construction work, there is a need for mechanical and electrical and civil engineers.

Therefore, this company has competent and experienced engines according to each field.The company is headquartered in Lahore, but the company has branches all over Pakistan and beyond. Now people are working in this company as an assistant engineer after matriculation with a four-year diploma, an engineer and his assistant are always present. This company works from small projects to big projects. And provides its workers with good pay and good housing.Now young engineers do not be afraid of unemployment. This company offers opportunities to freshers as interns, those who are qualified in their education, the company hires them and provides a good salary. The computer field in this company is also very advanced. A lot of computer engineers work in this company which controls the work and office of the whole company. This company provides good salary to the computer engineers.

Now in our country Pakistan a large number of students are studying engineering in different departments. And students are also doing diplomas in different departments, that is why National Engineering Service Pakistan had announced that Fresher Engineers can do internship in our company who is qualified in their education. The company will provide him a job with good salary.Many Fresher Engineers are doing Internship in National Engineers Service Pakistan and the company has provided jobs to many Freshers. The company has one or more international projects all the time, that is, the work is done in the company all the time, and a large number of workers are working, the engineer keeps an eye on every project and is present on the spot.

The work of this company is very good and is completed on time.The company has worked on many of its successful projects in Pakistan as well as abroad. The company offers scholarships to students to study abroad and the company hires its best experienced and capable engineers to finalize projects abroad. With the best accommodation, the best food and all the facilities and the best pay, the company contracts with the worker when it starts sending one of its workers abroad and then the company hires its workers on the basis of the same contract.

This company has made many projects successful in Pakistan and work on many projects is going on very fast, this company does its work in the best and cleanest way. And this company always has job facilities whether it is degree holder or diploma holder to check that the company then offers them job on the basis of merit. The company has worked on several reputed projects and carpet roads in Pakistan.The company has successfully completed major plazas and shopping malls and plumbing projects in Pakistan and abroad. The qualifications of the engineers of this company are recognized all over the world in the fields of engineering.

The engineers working in this company work with their team on two shifts, engineer and sub engineer in day shift supervise and handle the project work and after one hour break night duty that time engineer and sub engineer both do their job. Change with the team, workers are allowed if they want to work double shift then they are given extra payment.If you would like to work with this company send your educational qualifications and your experience to the company and contact the company, or visit the head office to get the best information, this company gives freshers a chance and Then she offers a job according to her education.This company offers job to the diploma holder and provides good salary and good facilities. A large number of people have done internships here. A large number of people are also doing jobs here. The company always has no project on which. The company needs workers to work.

Many Fresher Engineers submit their CVs to this company and the company calls them, interviews them and offers the best job after checking on the internship. And works on different projects, a lot of people are working with this company. The company provides many facilities to its workers. National Engineering Company is one of the renowned companies in Pakistan. This company has completed its projects not only in Pakistan but also abroad.


Descon Engineering is an international company and it is one of the most famous engineering companies in Pakistan. It is a multinational brand. And most of its work is in construction and chemical. It works mostly on international contract. The company employs engineers from different fields. The company prefers chemical engineer and civil engineer in terms of job.The head office of this company is located at 18 km Ferozepur Road 54760 Lahore Pakistan. The company has successfully completed many domestic and foreign projects. The company has been known for its outstanding work since 1997. The company employs various engineers and a large number of workers. This company is always working on some or the other project.

The company provides its engineers with great facilities and excellent accommodation.The company provides jobs to engineers after checking their education and qualifications. The company employs a large number of Chemical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers and Chemical Engineers. A good number of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineers are also working in this company.This engineering company has worked on major projects in Pakistan and completed these projects on time. The staff of this company has a special place among the engineers all over the world because of their qualifications. The company provides its engineers with the best facilities, including free medical, the best education for children, and the best accommodation.

Descon Engineering Company works on its projects in two shifts. The first shift works on the project during the day and the second shift at night. Highly skilled mechanical staff with excellent machinery is present at the project site at all times. The mechanical engineer checks the machinery from time to time so that the work is not delayed due to any technical fault. The chemical engineer is always present at the project site so that the chemicals can be used properly. The electrical engineer checks the electrical work from time to time so that there is no interruption in the work. The civil engineer is always present on the project so that the work can be done in a straightforward manner.In the same way, the whole staff keeps changing shifts. There is a sub-engineer to help with every engineer.

The worker is allowed to work more shifts if he wants to get paid more, Most workers work in double shifts, which increases the number of workers, speeding up the work, and getting it done on time.A large number of engineering students do internships in this company. This company teaches its students to work well and also provides jobs to the students on the basis of their qualifications when they graduate. There are many engineers in this company who have done internships in this company and have been selected in this company based on their qualifications and today they are living a good life with the best salary. This company has worked on many such famous projects in Pakistan and has successfully completed them. Has worked on projects such as bridges and roads and buildings. The company also works on an international project. And sends its company workers and engineers overseas to complete projects.

Engineers who work abroad are sent with the best accommodation and the best food and double pay.The company signs a contract before sending its workers abroad, after which the workers and engineers set out with their team for the project. Engineers who want to work in this company should visit the head office with their CV and diploma holders are also eligible for the job. If a fresher engineer wants to work in this company, he should visit the head office with his CV, head office you will get the best information about the company. And the company provides opportunities for freshers.This company is very famous for its excellent policies and this company is very famous for its excellent work and excellent staff. This company has the best machinery and the best staff. The company finalizes its projects on time. The company offers job opportunities to engineers in all fields.

The company employs a large number of computer engineers who do most of the work in the company’s Hr office.The company has a good number of workers pursuing a three-year diploma after matriculation. The company provides them with a good salary and excellent housing. Diploma holders mostly work on machinery or work as assistants with engineers. This company gives Fresher a chance to get a job in the same company or in other companies, this company sends its workers on foreign projects so that the workers can learn a lot. The company has worked with great success on many foreign projects.

The company works diligently on its project with the best materials and the best machinery, the company also gives the best bonuses to its workers with good salaries which is why the workers work on the project with joy and dedication. This company has a large number of projects. After finalizing one, the other project is started immediately. Sometimes, two or three projects start simultaneously with a large number of workers working through the company.Engineers aspiring for a job in this company should email their CV or visit the head office of the company.

Due to the large size of the project, the company needs workers to complete the work on time. You can submit your cv to the company’s e-mail address or to the physical head office. Diploma holders can also submit their CV as per their wish. Descon Engineering is a very famous and reputed company, the projects of this company are completed on time. This company is an international brand. This company has projects abroad and also has Pakistani projects. This company works on Chemical Mechanical and Civil and Textile projects. Or you can send your CV to Phi Email ID. After reading cv that the company will call them for interview then you have to bring your educational documents along with your education and qualification on education then the company will provide you job.
Phone: +92 42 3599 0034 , 3580 5134


Zeeshan Engineering is a private limited company. In fact, it is a company of engineers consultancy. The company provides engineers to various factories. The name of this company is one of the famous companies of Pakistan. It is famous for its work and the quality of its workers. The company works on projects such as gas, petrol, and water and power generation. Most of the engineers in this company are chemical engineers, because this company takes the project according to its work and completes the project on time with the help of the best qualified staff.The company also takes projects from other countries and works on these projects with the help of its best staff and completes the project on time. The company has completed such projects. The company also has mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

The number of workers in this company is not so much but the salaries of the workers are very good.The company provides the best environment for its workers with the best salaries as well as free medical and free education and the best accommodation. This company is very famous for its excellent work, this company also works in two shifts. Half of the workers work during the day and half of the workers work at night. Workers will be allowed to work if they want to work double shift. Both shifts have a chemical engineer, and all the work is under his supervision.The company is located at Banglore Tippu Sultan Road 156 first Floor Karachi. Engineers wishing to work in this company should submit it to their office or send it to e-mail id.

There are a number of engineers working in this company who came for internship in Zeeshan Engineering and were selected as engineers in this company due to their dedication, hard work and ability.This company has a good number of foreign projects. The workers in this company work very well. And complete the project on time This company is very famous in Engineers Company because of its excellent quality. And the engineers working in this company are considered very capable. Every once in a while electrical engineers and mechanical engineers inspect the machinery of the company. So that in case of any technical glitch the work is not delayedÛ” The company also gives good bonuses to its workers along with good salaries. Which is why this company that workers work hard and diligently.

The projects of this company start working very well and complete all its projects on time thanks to the capable staff. This company is always working on some project which is why this company always has job facilities. This is the best opportunity for Fresher Engineers to apply. Because Zeeshan Engineering Company provides job opportunities to freshers, so that freshers can also practice for the best job for themselves and get a place in the best companies based on their qualifications.If you want to work for a company somewhere through Zeeshan Company, bring your documents with you to the head office of the company.

This company of ours works hard and diligently on its work and project. Due to which our company gets a large number of projects. This company is very popular among the private engineering companies in Pakistan and is in the top 10. The company receives many projects from abroad and at home on which the company is always busy and in need of workers. The projects made by this company are very popular and this company keeps taking a large number of projects due to which the name of the company in the market and in the field keeps increasing. If the need for workers in the company increases due to the increase in work, then this company keeps on offering job offers. This company recruits from engineers to workers and gives work according to their educational qualifications.
Phone: 021 – 34 53 34 31

4.Pakistan Engineering & Private Limited

This company is very famous among the private engineers company of Pakistan. This company works on various products & projects. The company employs a large number of chemical engineers, and a significant number of electrical engineersÛ”The company operates internationally on turbines and motors. The company employs a large number of workers and these workers are well paid. The company has been working very successfully on international level projects and Pakistani projects. Due to the excellent work of this company, this company gets a lot of projects and it is working on a lot of projects at one time. With more work, the company needs more workers, and the company announces more jobs. The company completes its products & projects on time due to the hard work and competence of its workers. The company has introduced motors and water motors from large factories and motors such as tubewells for farmers.

The company provides its workers with the best pay and all other necessities of life, the company provides its workers with the best accommodation and children’s education expenses and medical absolutely free. Those who want to work in this company can bring their CV and their education documents with them to the head office of the company, 6/7 Ganga Ram Trust Building, Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore. The company will offer you a job based on the interview and your qualifications. The best students in this company came for internship and were selected as engineers in the same Pakistan Engineering Company Limited on the basis of best skills and qualifications and today they are living a good life.For more information about the company, contact the company’s email address or phone call
Phone: (92 42) 37320225-27

5.United Engineers & Contractors (PvT) Limited:

United Engineers & Contractors is one of the leading companies in Pakistan. It provides qualified staff on a contract basis to various companies and charges them. The engineers and workers who work with this company are provided by the company with the best salary as well as the best accommodation. The head office of this company is mostly staffed by IT and computers, as the company is in touch with various companies.The company provides its under-employed staff with the best pay, the best accommodation and many other amenities.

This company has a lot of contracts and this company is working on many projects at a time. Thanks to which this company needs more and more workers. Because this company works with big companies of Pakistan.The head office of this company is located at 92-P, Gulbarg III Lahore. Many engineers and students of IT and computers are working in this company. And most of the workers in this company are those who came to do internship in this company and based on their qualifications and education, they have been selected here in this company. And today, through this company, they are living the best jobs and living a good life.

Those who want to work in this company should bring their CV and their educational documents with them to the head office of the company. After the interview, the company will offer the job keeping in view your qualifications. The company also operates outside Pakistan and occasionally sends its own engineers and workers abroad to complete projects. The engineers and workers that the company sends out of the country, it contracts with those workers and engineers. After passing the contract, the company sends them out of the country with the best employment and with all facilities to complete the project.

Contact the head office of the company for more information about this company. They will guide you better with the best information and company policies.
Phone: +92-42-35875113-4


Builds Up is a well known company among the private companies of Pakistan. The company works on international contracts as well as Pakistani buildings and major projects. The company provides excellent jobs for mechanical and electrical and civil engineers and architects. The company contracts for the construction of large buildings and bridges and shopping plazas and works on all of these projects. The company employs countless workers who are paid the best by the company. The company works on large projects as well as small projects.The company operates in two shifts, one shift during the day and the other shift at night. The company has a well-mannered staff. The company completes all its projects on time. The company, with the help of architects, prepares maps of the best beautiful houses and offices, hospitals and some big shopping plazas and starts working on its project under the supervision of qualified engineers.

This company has machinery from big to small machinery. This company has excellent staff and completes the work on time.The company carries out everything from building design to building colors with the help of qualified and educated engineers. The company has many ready-made projects in Pakistan and abroad. The company offers jobs to engineers from all walks of life and provides the best accommodation with the best pay. This company also provides jobs to diploma holders and gives them the best salary package. This company builds beautiful and strong building.

The company employs a good number of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers check the machinery from time to time to ensure that no technical glitches cause project delays. Electrical engineers frequently check electrical work with their team to fit underground electrical fittings in buildings. Those who want to work in this company should bring their CV and educational documents with them to the head office of the company. MA Dolla Trade Center is located at 80 feet Road Marghazar Colomy Multan Road Lahore. You can get all the information from the head office of this company.

PHONE: 0321- 101 111 8

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