inverter ac price in Pakistan 

In the summer season and hot days use an inverter AC is the best option to cool down their room temperature and stay relax. In the past which AC was using for cooling consume more electricity units but now which invertor AC was introduced and using reduce your electricity bills and give more facilities. These air conditioning units cool down your room temperature much faster than fans and other electrical instruments. 

If you are going to market for purchase a new AC where you will see a lot of company brands AC and you face problem to decide right size and right brand of AC, that’s why in this article we are giving you information about top best invertor AC which information will be very beneficial for you.



In this article we will giving you information about

• Features of invertor AC

• Prices of invertor AC in Pakistan

• Top best invertor AC in Pakistan

• Conclusion

• FAQ (frequently asked question)

Further detail is given below.


Features of invertor AC

There is a different benefits of invertor AC which detail is given below.

• Control outdoor noise

• Cost effective

• More efficient 

• Invertor AC reduce your electricity bills

• It makes environment friendly and refresh

• Suitable for small and large spaces

• Invertor AC has ability to control compressor motor speed.

• Cool down room temperature much faster than another electrical instrument.

Top best invertor AC in Pakistan

Now we tell you a list of top best invertor AC with their efficiency, quality and brands which detail is given below.



List of top best invertor AC

  1. Orient Ultron-e-comfort
  2. Haier full DC inverter
  3. Gree GS-12 CITH
  4. Dawlance splint invertor
  5. Samsung triangle invertor split AC
  6. ECO-star invertor air conditioner
  7. PEL invertor AC
  8. Kenwood KET invertor AC
  9. Changhong Ruba heat and cool DC invertor
  10. Mitsubishi invertor split series AC
  11. Homage Prism invertor split air conditioner
  12. Panasonic invertor AC

Now we tell you a complete detail about these different types of invertor AC



Prices of Invertor AC with their names and weight in 2021

Sr. No 1 Names of invertor AC: ORient TON:1 ton Prices in PKR: 60,000
Sr. No 2 Names of invertor AC: Haier TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 74000
Sr. No 3 Names of invertor AC: Gree TON:1 ton Prices in PKR: 66000
Sr. No 4 Names of invertor AC: Dawlance TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 69,500
Sr. No 5 Names of invertor AC: Samsung TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 10,6000
Sr. No 6 Names of invertor AC: Eco-Star TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 65000
Sr. No 7 Names of invertor AC: PEL TON:1.5 ton
DC invertor
Prices in PKR: 71000
Sr. No 8 Names of invertor AC: Kenwood KET TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 68,500
Sr. No 9 Names of invertor AC: Changhong Ruba TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 66000
Sr. No 10 Names of invertor AC: Mitsubishi TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 1,65000
Sr. No 11 Names of invertor AC: Homage Prism TON:1.5 ton Prices in PKR: 70,000
Sr. No 12 Names of invertor AC: Panasonic TON:2 ton Prices in PKR: 100,000


Note : These prices are round about and according 2020-2021 which can be changed company at any time.

TOP best invertor AC in Pakistan

1.Orient Ultron-e-comfort


Orient is the best and most popular company which working in Pakistan and some other countries. Orient Ultron-e-comfort invertor AC is also a best quality which has smart and sleek design. It has two in one system with heating and cooling. It has so many other features which are
• It has gold fin evaporator 
• 4D air throw condenser.  
• It has plug and play system
• It includes build in energy meter
• Schedule management 
• 1-year warranty and 10-year compressor 
• It has low voltage operation

2.Haier full DC invertor HSU-18HN- 1.5-Ton


Haier is the name of brand which have many other products like refrigerator, LCDs, air conditioner and many others. Haier full DC invertor best model is HSU-18HN which have 1.5-ton weight. It was the china brand and available in each market.
Now we tell you main features of Haier full DC invertor which are
• It has sleek body design
• Smart device to use anywhere.
• Fast air circulation speed
• R410a refrigerator
• 650 air conditioner m3/h

3.Gree GS-12CITH – 1 ton


It’s expensive but best brand in inverter AC. Gree GS-12 CITH is the best model, extremely reliable and efficient. It has many features which are 
  • 3-years warranty
  • 12000 BTUs
  • Both heating and cooling system
  • Fast cooling speed
  • Ideal for 15 sq feet room size
  • G-10 invertor latest power
  • High speed DSP chip
  • Computer simulation control
  • Fire proof electric box
  • Self Diagnoses
  • Double layer condenser

4.Dawlance splint invertor 0.75 TON


Dawlance is the most popular and oldest company working in Pakistan. It has best quality refrigerator and ail conditioner units. The best Dawlance invertor AC is Dawlance splint invertor which have fast cooling speed and efficient performance. It has many features which are
  • Fast cooling speed
  • Long air throwing
  • Fire proof control box
  • Both heating and cooling system
  • Sleep mode available
  • Multiple features of programing

5.Samsung Triangle invertor split AC


Samsung is the name of brand which have many products like mobile phones, LCDs, washing machine, refrigerator and best quality of invertor split AC. Its very expensive than other brands of invertor AC but its quality and benefits are much more according their price like auto air cleaning process, fine production and built-in stabilizer and much more features. 
Some important features of Samsung invertor AC are
  • More than 60% energy saving
  • Golden fine production
  • 10-years compressor warranty
  • Powerful and fast cleaning
  • Clean and refresh environment
  • Build-in stabilizer
  • Auto air cleaning process

6.ECO-Star invertor Air conditioner   1.5 ton



ECO star is also a brand which have merging products like LEDs, TVs and air conditioners. Eco-star has a partnership with Gree along that’s why its quality is reliable. Its very economical and three-year warranty. It has 18000 BTUs which allow to cooling 18 sq feet room. 

7.PEL invertor-o-cool AC


Pel is the name of brand and trust, its product quality is best and much useful. PEL, Dawlance and Gree invertor AC is almost similar and their prices interrelated, but is better in each of these due to their high-quality technology and equipment’s. 
  • It has both options cooling and heating system
  • Allow air purifications
  • 10-years warranty
  • Fast and powerful cooling system
  • Best quality of technology

8.Kenwood KET invertor AC

Kenwood is highly functional invertor AC available in market. It will save your money because its technology is specially designed to reduce electricity and your monthly bills. 
  • It has 5-year compressor warranty 
  • Provides both heat and cooling function
  • Self-cleaning function
  • 4D air flow
  • Eco-friendly aspects
  • Sleep mode available

9.Changhong Ruba heat and cool DC invertor

Changhong is the Chinese brand that working in Pakistan at much cheaper rate. It can cool 180 sq feet room and have 3 years warranty. It has many features which are
  • Double layer condenser.
  • Turbo cooling and heating system
  • 70% energy saving system
  • Golden fins evaporator and condenser
  • 100% full chopper connecting pipe
  • 18000 capacity cooling system
  • New control PCB

10.Mitsubishi invertor split series AC 1.5 ton

Mitsubishi invertor AC comes in 94000 price range and it has 1.5-ton capacity. It has 3 years store warranty. Like other products of Mitsubishi invertor AC is also have best efficiency.

11.Homage Prism invertor split air conditioner

Homage Prism invertor split AC was the new company in Pakistan which manufactured good quality of invertor ACs. It has many features which are
  • DC invertor compressor
  • Heat and cooling function
  • Sleep mode available
  • 100% pure copper installation kit
  • Gold fin production
  • Hidden Led display
  • Easy cleaning process
  • 3D air flow
  • Long distance air flow
  • 10 years compressor warranty 
  • 1-year parts warranty

12. Panasonic invertor AC

Panasonic is the popular company working in Pakistan. It uses advanced technology, high durability and high degree of functionality. Panasonic was the best and oldest company working in Pakistan. It has both cooling and heating system. 
In this article we give you information about many types of inverter AC With their features and prices. The question of each visitor and the main topic of this article which one invertor AC is best then according our research and information and according technology and reliability Gree & Haier is best for office use and adjustable according their price, and for home use Dawlance and PEL is best. All quality of invertor ACs is best but the top rank according their technology and reliability these four Gree, Haier, Dawlance and Pel is best, more than its your choice which you like. Hope so this article will be very beneficial and informative for you.
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FAQ 1 : Which invertor AC is best in Pakistan?

For office use= Gree and Haier
For home use= Dawlance and PEL,

FAQ 2 : Does invertor AC save electricity?

Yes, invertor AC save 30-50% electricity than other regular air conditioner, even it can run on generator and UPS. In 2016 invertor give high rating than other regular air conditioners.,

FAQ 3 : What is the cheapest invertor AC in Pakistan?

Orient is the cheapest invertor AC in Pakistan which has 60,000 prices in PKR.,

FAQ 4 :How can reduce invertor AC electricity bills?

To close the blinds
Change AC filters
Create cross-winds
Replace old AC units
Check for cracks and leaks
Install smart thermostat

FAQ 5 : Which is the best AC temperature for sleep or for night?

To sleep best temperature for bed room is 60⁰ and 67⁰ F in a normal season?

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