Seeking education is compulsory for everyone. The successful nations have always the motto

We have seen that developed countries have focused more on education that’s why they excelling in every aspect of life. In developed countries, students are not forced by their parents to choose a career instead they are free to choose their profession. However, the opposite happens in developing and underdeveloped countries. Both nations have no particular goals. This is the reason behind their failure. Another cause of their downfall is that the parents forced their children to choose a career according to the parent’s interest rather than their own will. These countries only shine some particular profession which prevails throughout the country like medical engineering etc.

People thought that if a student goes into business studies or in information technology studies he or she is a nill student.

Pakistani students have the most interest in medical but due to limitations of seats in this profession many students get disheartened and they don’t know what to do then. But now our country is raising the scope of business studies in the country. Now students are interested in business studies because they know that it has a brighter career. Still, our government needs to improve these disciplines. 

Our country should emphasize and spread positivity about every profession. It should raise the scope of every other profession rather than of a limited profession.

Pakistan is working day and night to get its economy raised. Initially, Pakistan was not good in the economy but now it has made good progress.

The reason behind the improved economy of any country is the good education of business management. For Pakistan to make good and better progress in the economy then we should focus on the business education of our students. If a good standard business education is provided to the students then they will be turned into the best business managers and economists. If economists will be good then our economy will be improved in a better way.

Business studies is a vast field. Students have many opportunities in this field. Business students have concerns about business management, commerce, finance, and economics-related studies. They can get jobs in the best banks, companies, stock exchange markets, world banks, and many more. Almost every field requires business managers so these business students can excel themselves in those fields also. They have a very good scope. Its most prominent subjects are finance, management, and economics.

Business schools are the institutions that provide this kind of education. Now here we will discuss the best top-ranking business schools of Pakistan one by one. We will cover all details about business schools in Pakistan in this article.


List of Best business schools in Pakistan



Nowadays IBT has been known as ILMA UNIVERSITY. It was raised to University status in 2017 by the Sindh government. 

Institute of business and technology is also known as IBT Karachi is among the top business schools of Pakistan. Whenever any student chooses business as a career he or she receives the name of IBT from the experts.

The type of this institution is private in the category. It fulfills all the demands and requirements of the HEC Higher Education Commission Pakistan. That’s why HEC ranked it as the top institution in business management.

The location of this institution is in Karachi Sindh. Where you can find many business schools.

The campus life of the institution is a very calm and serene environment. You can enjoy all the aspects of university life. Its infrastructure is of out class. The building is outstanding having a lot of classes and different departments. It also has many lecture halls where lectures are delivered. Offices are also available for admission procedures and student affairs. Grounds are available for students to chill out after hectic lectures. The cafeteria is also of good quality having a lot of varieties in food items. Bookshops for students for getting books and notes. Its library is also of outclass which is opened for students to study till late night. The library has all books of business courses and many handbooks are also available there. Separate boys and girls hostels are available. A biggest area for parking is also available.

The MBA degree of IBT has its shining. People always recommend this institution for getting MBA degrees. For even further higher studies of business students should enroll themselves in IBT.

This best institution was established in 2001 with the two campuses located in Karachi Sindh. It offers all kinds of business programs like CA, ACCA, MBA, etc.

Professor Noman Lakhani is the chancellor of this prestigious institution.

It is affiliated with HEC. About 10000 students are getting their business degrees from this institution.






Another best institution for business studies is the Institute of management sciences Peshawar. Most business schools are located in Karachi and Lahore. So it was difficult for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa students to get admissions in these institutions due to many financial and family problems. Therefore Government of Pakistan decided to establish this best business school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

It is a public type university in the business category. The higher education commission has given its affiliation to this institution.

This business school is famous for its BBA and MBA programs. It is not only popular in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also in the whole country.

The campus is located in Peshawar in a very calm, safe, and serene environment. Beautiful mountains are located behind it giving the campus a beautiful look. Students who are fond of beautiful business school then he or she should choose this institution. Buildings are out class with modern lecture theaters, well-equipped library, offices of high standards. The library is also known Lincoln reading lounge because of its vastness. Bookstores and large parking area.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is running this prestigious business school. Its degrees have great value across Pakistan and Hec has ranked it as the top best business school in Pakistan.

This outclassed business school runs under the following motto

   “Management education with Public           

    Spirit and Market dynamism”

The university is providing education to 3000 students at a time. It provides many programs for business studies. NBEAC, NCEAC, and HEC are giving this business school their affiliations. 

Mohsin khan is the Managing Director of this public sector university. 

If you are fond of business studies especially if you KPK citizen then you should choose this as your business school. 

Address: HayatAbad Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Website: http//






When you are finding the best business school then Forman Christian college should be your preference. This is considered the best institution for providing business management programs.

This beautiful college covering an area of 108 acres located in Lahore was established by Dr. Charles William Forman. It provides quality education in different departments.

FCCU has many departments and every department is best but the Business department of FCCU is of outclassing standard. This college provides the best and qualified teachers and professors of business sciences. Foreign professors are also playing their part as faculty in this prestigious institution. Its Alumni include many famous and well-known personalities of Pakistan.

FCCU is unique in its business school in the way that they have designed their business courses for their students. They trained their students in such a way that these students can show their skills in business management. Its students know how to go through or handle any trouble facing in business management. FCCU provides many practical sessions and workshops for its students to do the practice. Its students are critical thinkers in business studies.

FCCU is the best university having liberal thoughts in the Arts categories. It follows American systems and procedures. its students have full rights to get any kind of degree in which they feel interested.

It is a Private type university. James A Tebbe is the rector of the university. 

University has an aim which is serving education by love. 10000 students are currently seeking education from this classy university. Its business school is providing degrees in BBA and MBA programs. FCCU is affiliated with HEC. 

This university was originally known as The Mission College. But after the death of its founder, it was given the name of Forman Christian College. Before partition, this college serves under the Kolkata University. After independence, it comes under the hold of Punjab University. 

It was raised to the status of a college in 1972. In 2003 it again came under the hold of the Presbyterian Church. The government of Pakistan gives it the status of a university in 2004. After raising to university it became independent in holding its exams and giving its degree. 

It is the best in business management studies  I will recommend you to choose it if you are looking for the best business school. 

Address: Zahoor elahi road Gulberg   Lahore 

Website: http//






Karachi is considered the center of business schools. This is because it is the largest city in Pakistan. Business studies always require the best institution so that you can get better education regarding business management. Whenever you are about to search for the top best business schools in Pakistan then IBA is always on the top of the list. IBA Karachi has given its best. The students of it are extremely brilliant in business management. This is because this prestigious institute has continuously maintained its reputation and name. 

It is a public type of university. It is located in Sindh province. The government of Pakistan had established this high standard university in 1955. IBA is the outcome of the collaboration made between our government and two elite business schools of America namely the University of South California and Wharton business school. 

This university has a large building with a modern type of lecture halls and classrooms. It has a large well-equipped library with modern facilities including internet services. The library opens for its students till late at night. It also has large grounds for different university programs. The cafeteria is also of a high standard with a variety of food items. The bookshop is also present on the campus. The campus life is of a very calm and serene environment. 

Currently, 9000 students are getting their master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in business studies. 

The academic record of this university is filled with excellence. It is such a prestigious institution considered in business studies that many international companies have IBA students working at higher posts. Many of its graduates are also at higher posts in different big companies of Pakistan. Its MBA and BBA programs are the best considered in Pakistan.  Akbar Zaidi is the current Dean of IBA. 

If you are in fond getting a business degree then IBA should be your priority. 

Address: university road Karachi city

Website: http//





Enlisting the best business schools in Pakistan Sukkur Institute of business administration is always available at top of the list.

This prestigious institution came into being in 1994 by the Nisar Ahmed Siddique. It is a public sector university. Also having affiliation of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The campus life of the university is good. It has a beautiful building with advanced and well-equipped classrooms and lectures theaters with projectors. It also has a huge library with advanced facilities which opened till late night for its graduates. Canteen is also available for recess. A large parking area is also available. Books and lecture notes are available at bookshops. It is equipped with all desired advanced facilities which are mostly not available at other universities of Sindh. This university provides quality education with merit and excellence. it offers programs in MBA and BBA with world-class standards. Many big companies of Pakistan hire SIBA’s students as their CEOs and many at other higher posts.

If you are interested in business graduation then you should choose this school as your business school.

Address: Airport Road Sukkur Sindh

Website: http//





This prestigious business school was established in 1995 by Shahjehan Syed Karim. This world-class business university is located in Karachi.

Mohammad Bashir Jam Mohammad is the current chancellor of this university. This university is running under the Talib Karim. This institute is a complex 4 Colleges.

 * Business Management College 

 * Economics College

 * computer science college

 *Engineering college

This is a public university. It has great infrastructure with the modern building for business school. This is one of the advanced and modern universities. It has well-equipped lecture theaters and classrooms. High standard library with the facility of 24/7 availability of internet. And  large car bikes parking area is also available.

University is offering MBA and BBA programs with world-class standards. Its business degrees are famous throughout the country. HEC has ranked its top business school in Pakistan. The well-educated faculty is providing education there. 

If you are interested in business graduation then you should choose this university as your business school. 

Address: Korangi Karachi city

Website: http//





This world-class business school is one of the best institutions for business education in Pakistan. As its name shows that it is located in Lahore.

This is a public sector university. This prestigious institute came into being in 1993. It covers an area of about 50 acres which is a large area. This big institution has the capacity of enrolling 3000 students at a time. Well educated and highly qualified 190 professors and staff are providing business education to the business graduates. The present dean of the university is Shahid Amjad Chaudhry.

This institution has a well-furnished building with modern facilities for its students. Big halls and lecture theaters are available for students. The library is also available with advanced and well-equipped facilities. The cafeteria is also of a high standard with a variety of refreshments. Bools are available at bookshops. A large parking area and ground is also available.

The graduates of this university are sitting at higher posts in many multinational companies. These graduates are taking a large number of salaries. All this is because they are graduates of renowned and reputed Business school.

Many graduates also continue their further higher studies in business from this institute. The uniqueness of this school is that it provides pieces of training and workshops to its students for researches and practical works.

If you are interested in this kind of study then you should seek admission to this prestigious institution.

Address: Barki Road Lahore

Website: http//





Whenever students make the mind of seeking admission in Business management studies then he or she always receives the name of LUMS on the top of the list. When you check the list of the top 300 best business management universities in the world then LUMS also falls in that list. 

It is a Private sector university. LUMS fall in the category of most expensive universities in Pakistan. This university was founded in 1984 by the hard works of Dr. Zahid Rahim and Syed Aarim. They are heading the business school. This university is established with the financial support of Harvard University and USAID. The business school laid the foundation in 1986. Over time university expanded and became a prestigious institution.

Its building is one of the beautiful buildings of universities in Pakistan. It covers an area of 100 acres. The building is beautiful with a large number of classrooms and advanced lecture halls. With well-equipped facilities. It is one of the modern universities in its campus life. The cafeteria is beautifully designed with a variety of eatables. The bookshops are also present for books and lecture notes. Large grounds for sports and concerts are available and a large parking area is also available. Library with advanced facilities which opened till late night for its graduates. Wifi is available for free throughout the campus. Separate boys and girls hostels are available for both male and female students. The campus has a capacity of 3000 students. It has world-class educated and experienced professors. About 250 qualified members are present in its faculty. 

It is included in the liberal university. Students who are interested in any subject can enroll themselves in that subject.

It has an affiliation with the Higher education commission, its engineering college is affiliated with the Pakistan Engineering Council, its law department is affiliated with the Pakistan bar council. it is also affiliated with Commonwealth universities. 

It is not only famous in its business school but also in many other departments including engineering etc. It also offers scholarships for its top 10 students .these toppers can do their degree free of cost. 

You can visit its campus for seeking admission via the admission office located in its admin block.

Many companies offer jobs to their students at higher posts with excellent salary packages. 

If you are interested in business sciences then you should choose this university as your professional school.

Address: DHA phase 5, khayaban e Jinnah Road Lahore

Website: http//




Iqra University is among the top universities of Pakistan. Its old name was Asian Management Institute(AMI). Its business school is among the top best business schools in Pakistan.

This prestigious institute was established in 1998 as an Asian management institute. The higher education commission has given AMI the status of university in 2002 and renamed as Iqra University.

It is a Private sector university. 

It is one of the business schools in Pakistan. It was ranked first in 2016 by the Higher education commission.

It has a beautiful campus. The building covers a large area. It has well-equipped lecture theaters and classrooms. A highly facilitated library is also available for students so that they can do study. The cafeteria is also available with a variety of refreshments. Large grounds and parking areas are also available.

The campus has a capacity of 15000 students. These students are getting an education from well-qualified and experienced professors which are about 250 in strength. Its chairman is Hunaid Lakhani. And its Chancellor is Erum is affiliated with HEC. 

The graduates of this top university are appointed at higher posts in different big companies of Pakistan with great salary packages.

If you are interested in business graduation then you should choose this school as your business school.

Address: Gadap town Karachi





The superior university is a well-known university. Its business school is of the best category. This university is famous in almost all its departments. It has gained much fame among students. 

It is a Private sector university. It was established in 2000. Among the business department, the pharmacy, law, and aviation departments are also famous and providing quality education. 

This university is located on the outside of Lahore near lake city Raiwind road. The university has a serene environment and good campus life. It has well-equipped lecture theaters and classrooms. Good cafeteria with a lot of refreshments. Grounds and parking areas are also available. 

Its business school is included in top schools of economics. Its degree has a lot of worth in the market. Many companies hire their students at high posts with great salary packages. It has taken affiliations from the Higher education commission. The engineering department is affiliated with Pakistan Engineering Council. 

If you are interested in business studies then its business department is best. 

Address: Raiwind Road Lahore 






These are some top business schools in Pakistan. All these schools are providing quality education through their highly qualified and experienced Faculties. All these are laced with modern and advanced facilities. This article will help you out in deciding your best choice. We have mentioned the addresses of each institute so that you can visit them. We also have provided websites so that you can get information regarding admission processes and fee structures online. We hope that now we have made it easy for you to choose your best and favorite business school. If you like this article then kindly share it Complete information with your friends and family.

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