Best 7 Seaters Vehicles Models And Prices in Pakistan

With the passage of time, in the Pakistan the buying percentage of 7 seater SUVs and cars is increasing day by day. If you have a system of combined family along the large number of family members, and that is why the large extension is required and due to that reasons we suggest the people that these models of cars are now alter to the latest desirable cars for every citizen of Pakistan. These 7 seater models of cars can very easy manage the 6 to 8 numbers of citizens and it also provides the facility of wide extension for your luggage, these models of cars are also very best for the expanded adventure in Pakistan for the people.

7-Seater Cars in Pakistan

The purchasing rate of the 7 seater SUVs and also the 7 seater cars is increasing very fastly with the passage of time. We are provide you the list in which we included the fifteen 7 seater cars models in which we described theirs main elements and also provide the buying amount to helping you in a good way when you are want to purchase these kinds of cars in Pakistan.

Name of CarRates in Pakistan
Suzuki EveryPKR 1,100,000/-
Toyota Sienta  PKR 1,500,000 – 3,650,000/-
Changan Karvaan Plus PKR 1,659,000/-
Faw Sirius S80 GrandPKR 1,700,000/-
Honda Fit ShuttlePKR 2,300,000 – 3,000,000/-
Honda BRVPKR 3,374,000/-
Honda Freed PKR 2,500,000 – 3,500,000/-
Suzuki APVPKR 3,500,000/-
Honda Crossroad PKR 4,000,000/-
Toyota Avanza PKR 4,326,000/-
DFSK Glory 580 ProPKR 4,610,000/-
Toyota Rush PKR 5,636,000/-
Changan CX70T PKR 6,068,000/-
Kia Sorento PKR 6,800,000 – 8,200,000/-
Honda CR-VPKR 1,07,00,00

1.Changan CX70T

The Changan company launched a very wonderful model 7 seater CX70T  CX70Tfor the purpose of family types uses. This model is basically manufactured to provide luxurious for the big kinds of journey for the all kinds of people. The outer features of this model is stylish, also have a balance chrome dapper on its door arm, front and edge guard plates. Also have a very charming aptitude LED lights which are running on daytime banding take along distinction on the road and also boost up their conspicuous. The inner feature of this model has a manageable and fashionable animate along the 11 inch management screen. It has a double sounded leather inner part which is accessible in two kinds of versions, black,beige and recreation red, black. This model is prepared along Changan Blue amount 1.5/L turbocharged engine combined along Japan Aisin-6 speed self-regulating communication. It has a provide a great execution about the fuel  energetic forceful train system. This model of car has a wide-spread 7 seats and also enough trunk place and that is why it is very best and secure for the big kind travel.

Engine: 1.5 L Turbocharged Quiet Engine

Price: PKR 6,068,000/-

2.Suzuki Every

The achievement of the Suzuki Every model has very outstanding in Pakistan. This model of vehicles is also used by the many people for their business work. The engine of Suzuki Every model is 660cc, and that is why it is cost-effective in the fuel perspective. This model of vehicle is out pass the distance of 25 kilometers per litres. The outdoor main elements are a definitive kei car architecture language for their users. The ahead extreme houses rectangular roundabout unpleasant front lights, also with the short grille along the double intakes and also 3 air intakes. There are off centre houses in the unsmooth doors. The inner elements for this model are black colour and a very light brown plastic clean-cut pieces. The other average elements are the an air conditioning stereo speaker system and also an instrument which indicates the speed of rotation in this Suzuki Every model. There is also in the centre of dashboard a gearbox is prepared in this model and the conveyance system is self-regulating.

Engine: 1.2 L, K12B engine

Price: 1,100,000 Rupees

3.Honda CR-V

The Honda company has launched a latest model of CR-V which is full of the gratefullness of the Honda manufactured indication. It has a outstanding chrome grill front with more edges through LED lights which are running on daytime to a apparently circumference front one-fourth window, the CR-V model is a right Honda vehicle. The CR-V has a features of a leather accoutre inner side which is make this vehicle very extraordinary and good looking. It has a absorbing engine with the 1.5 liter turbocharged and it is take up to speed of 190 horsepower and also provide 179 pound feet twisting force. The average of this model of car is a 10 to 12 Kilometres per litre within the city.

Engine: 2.0 L, i-VTEC, SOHC, 16-valve, In-line 4

Price: PKR 1,07,00,000/-

4.Toyota Rush

The latest model of Toyota is Rush 2021 which is manufactured along the remarkable submerging peak of 60 cm that give ppermission the car smooth intentionally on the each land along the facility of calmness and convenience. It has a appropriate bulk of inner gadgets. Toyota Rush 2021 has presented a acuminate and extraordinary fascia along the particular headlight assemblage module that components LED that are running in the day time as average. This model can pass a distance at the average of 14 kilometers per litre. Airflow through the huge kind of journey or burdensome traffic along the celebration system component a 6.8” display.

Engine: 1.5 L DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

Price: PKR 5,636,000/-

5.Toyota Sienta

The Toyota Sienta 2021 year model has presented the new look for their model of the ahead fascia and inferior side rocker panels to attach the ahead wheels and backward wheels in the Toyota Sienta model in Pakistan. This model is presented the engine size of 1496cc and this model is also accessible in the variant of 2WD and in the 4WD. This model of car is accessible in the capacity of 6 and 7 seater different kinds of missions vehicles. There are 3 seats rows In the inner part of this model and it is very adjustable along the relaxed seats, and it is provide the facility of store the short and very beneficial things. This comfortable vehicle is presented the interior cab facility in which it is laden along the bundle of latest information and provides huge level of end stress. The Toyota Sienta model is chosen by the most people of Pakistani for the purpose of effortless development and it uses very small amount of fuel in the transportation.

Engine: 1NZ-FE . DOHC . 4 Cylinders . 16 valves

Price: PKR 1,500,000 – 3,650,000/-

6.Changan Karvaan Plus

Changan Karvaan Plus (CKP) is a new model in Pakistan that has a centre size van for the people and it is also have a unmoved structure that give the pleasant and entertaining method to travelling from one place to another for the short distance and also for long journey along to their family members. This model has presented the huge range of luggage that permits the people extensive place for the tourists and also for the luggage and these models of wagon can very easily travel to the those places which are chock-full. You can be travel with comfortable environment and also it provides the cheerfulness of 7 seat capacity wagon along sufficient legroom facility. The inner part of this model shows only one wavelength meter collection and also ergonomically placed steering wheels. Changan Karvaan Plus is presented the engine with the capacity of C10 powerful for the people. The 5 speed physical conveyance with the facility of 1.0 liter engine and it gives stable and not affected progress from it.

Engine: 1.0 L, C10 Engine

Price: PKR 1,659,000/-

7.Faw Sirius S80 Grand

The model of FAW Sirius S80 Grand 2021 is presented a feature of ahead engine and other feature is ahead wheels drive MPV. This model of vehicle is accessible in a two different kinds of versions in which first is S80 version and 2nd one is S80 grand 1.5 model. The purchasing cost of this model is averaging with to its against vehicles and at the time when we analyze this vehicle to the other kinds of MPV vehicles as its similar in type and similar in the size variation which is accessible in the domestic market places. The outside element of its model is that it has a superior design language. It presented the rear end houses trapezium, and also stylish swept to upper rear headlights, and a grille with a  V-shaped chrome and double rounded fog lights. The front end elements with straight up stacked side swept backwards lights. The inner feature of its model is that it is adjustment of grey colour plastic uncluttered pieces. In their average features, it is also count up stereo speaker system, leather coat steering wheels, power side mirrors and also double rear airbags, air conditioning facility, forceful steering, forceful windows and also provide a tachometer.

Engine: 1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

Price: PKR 1,700,000/-

8.Honda Fit Shuttle

Honda company has presented a luxurious model of Fit Shuttle 2021 and in this model the size of vehicle is shorter but it has provide the highly administration. This model is a 1.5 litre 6 speed self regulating combined car that presented the very widely distance covered in the miles along the admirable torque and with the abeyance. The ideal language of this short SUVs is abundantly elegant to transfer a stylish and latest corner of the outside part. In addition, its feature of air energetic performance and also enlarging the proficiency of the inner part influence are the some features which animate the people of Pakistan to purchase this model very fastly. The Force steering is loaded along the buttons of control that guide the car driver to overcome the power elements instead of stimulating the hands from the car steering.

Engine: 1.5 L, 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC

Price: PKR 2,300,000 – 3,000,000/-

9.Honda BRV

Honda company launched the new model in the market which is BR-V and this model included a modern rear Bumper and also the model of grill. This model of car is presented the feature of LED backward lights, which make it very elegant and beautiful. The another observable thing is on its outer side step garnish, which is added in affluence and also with flagship. The other features of it model are door visors and also deceiver Finn Antenna and other elements that give its outsider looking very decent. The inner side features of this mode of car are very excellent as exerting cart, brilliant admission, physical transmission, double SRS airbags, slide steering, 7 inch entertainment system and also standard weather analyze system. This model is cover up a journey upto 16 kilometers per litre fuel in the city.

Engine: 1500cc i-VTEC Petrol Engine

Price: PKR 3,374,000/-

10.Honda Freed

The another model of Honda is Freed 2021, this model has s rear engine system and also rear wheel drive MPV. The Honda Freed 7 seater has provides the features of small range outside amplitudes, lot of footwear place and more forceful accomplished body. The outsider elements of this model are a very ordinary Honda design language system, the rear end houses shiny close rear lights and also provide a two portion grill along a chrome significanc. The rate of fuel utilization in this model is very aggressive, it can cover up the distance of an average limit from 35 kilometers to 27 kilometers in per litre fuel.

Engine: 1.5 L DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

Price: PKR 2,500,000 – 3,500,000/-

11.Suzuki APV

The Suzuki company introduced the APV 2021 model in the market. Suzuki APV 2021 model has a rear engine and also has a rear wheel drive MPV. Actually, the thinking of the Suzuki company is that it was launched in the market because they want to changed it to the currently Suzuki Every. This model of Suzuki has outside elements are a pretty well boxy design. The rear end houses trapezium side off centre breezy headlights, rectangular grille along double chrome accents, a big rectangular air intake and average rounded fog lights. The inner feature is a adjustable of beige and black plastic clean cut pieces. The Normal elements are along air conditioning, 4 speaker 2 tweeter stero speaker system, forcefully windows, power steering, force lock doors and also have a tachometer. This model of Suzuki can cover up the distance with the average of 9 kilometers per litre in the journey.

Engine: 1.5 L, DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

Price: PKR 3,500,000/-

12.Honda Crossroad

The Honda company launched the new model in the market with the modern Honda Crossroad SUVs vehicle, it has a 1800cc crossover vehicle along the very dominant model language. This model of car has 5 doors in it, it has a 2.0 liter dominant engine in it, it has a 5 speed self-regulating communication system and many other features are included in this model. The box of passengers is included with 3 rows of seats which is given permission that 7 passengers altogether to touring journey. It has a rear engine and also has a hatchback car along a stylish and fresh design. The other features are included in which air conditioning system, variant kinds of faceted wheel switch, force steering along the entertaining system and also have a tachometer.

Engine: 2.0 L, two straight-4 engine system

Price: PKR 4,000,000/-

13.Toyota Avanza

The Toyota company launched the Avanza model of car in the market. This Avanza model has comfortable 7 seater car in Pakistan. Basically, the Daihatsu company had built up and also made this model of car but the Toyota company which is applauded and excellent company has launched this model of car into the market. This model of car is presented a very style and along the adversely model in house. In this model, the seats are very convenient and also has larger legroom. This model of car has a security component in it, along with the airbags and system of immobilizer. The outer features of this model is included that it is decorated along the halogen headlights and also foglights. The engine of this model has petrol and a 1499cc capacity. It has provide a facility of huge fuel tank in it and in this tank 50 liters can easily in it.

Engine: 1.5 L, 16 Valve DOHC

Price: PKR 4,326,000/-

14.DFSK Glory 580 Pro

The model of DFSK Glory 580 is more advanced and comfortable 7 seater model in Pakistan. It has a rear engine and also have rear wheel drive SUVs in which 3 different kinds is launched. The outer feature of this model is amplitude are charming revamped. The front lights of the vehicle have LED lights in them which make it more beautiful than the others model. The DFSK Glory model is prepared along the all essential protection components which is make sure to a very secure and good journey in which head airbags, electronic braking compensation, convertible steering wheel system, consistent braking system, parking cameras and double sounded horn. It provides a facility of a fuel tank quantity in which 58 liters of fuel can easily in it and it also give another feature of a top speed at the 240 kilometre per hour.

Engine: 1.5 L, 16 Valve DOHC Turbocharged

Price: PKR 4,610,000/-

15.Kia Sorento

The latest model in the market is Kia Sorento, which is provides a self-reliant and exciting achievement, modern driver security support relaxation, bountiful seating capacity and also for the place of luggage and has a turbo powertrain feature. The inner feature of this model a best sportage. Sorento has a range of 7 seats in it and also a feature of self-regulating climate check system. The Sorento model has a elegant appearing SUVs along inner side and outside exceptional atmosphere. There has a Tiger nose grill on its ahead, and this thing is the integrity of the quality. This model of car is a absolute opponent to the model of Toyota Fortuner.

Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder GDI 16V DOHC w/ Dual CVVT engine

Price: PKR 6,800,000 – 8,200,000/-


There is a expressive demands in the Pakistan for 7 seater vehicles. The purchasing capacity of the 7 seater SUVs and cars in the  people of Pakistan has boosting up with the time.

The people are wishes for the extra kind of place which is produced from the actuality of the combined family system in which huge numbers of families are accommodate and from the taken judgement, we have analyzed that the vehicles of these kinds are before very popular in the people of Pakistan. These types of vehicles are very good for the number of 6 to 8 passengers along provided the facility of huge space for the luggage, and that is why it has been made distinctive selection for the purpose of big kind of road journey.

The Pakistan is well developed and advanced country along the population of more than 22 crore citizens and the markets in Pakistan is well better and more advanced for these kinds of vehicles.

We gathering the entirety models of the 7 seater SUVs and also the cars 2021 in the Pakistan. The upper given 15 vehicles are the most comfortable and convenient for the usage of family.

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