Top 10 best Pakistani All Time dramas list



First of all, we talk about the definition and meaning of the drama so there is a definition of drama

Drama is a type of literature telling a story that is meant to be performed to the audience on the stage or the television 

With time drama industry evolved a lot, now many types are present which include so there are 4 types of dramas on the list


1. Comedy-drama type

2. Tragedy drama type

3.Melodrama type

4.Tragicomedy drama type

So these are some types and kinds of dramas are present they might be on television or stage dramas. Dramas are famous worldwide and people are fond of dramas. These days drama industry is flourishing fast even more than the film industry. This is available on tv, internet, Google, and even on social media as well 

They are famous worldwide but in Pakistan 🇵🇰  drama industry is rapidly growing than any other art industry. There is a solid reason for that because, under the supervision of expert direction,  storyline, production, and last but not least and most important cast and acting Pakistani drama industry are top on the list. If we talk about the beginning of this industry, takes a slow start from the Pakistan tv called PTV, and then with time many other private channels like 


  • Geo drama
  • Ary digital
  • Hum tv 
  • Tv one
  • Urdu one 
  • Geo Kahani

Like this many channels did a great job in this field. On the other hand with some reality-based dramas, there are also some low-rated and copied dramas with the poor performance of acting. These useless dramas are based on few topics like saas- boho and love stories with no lesson in them it is not more than just a love story. Pakistani dramas don’t only watch in Pakistan but are also famous among other countries as well.

Even in India Pakistani dramas are very famous. They copy the Pakistani drama storyline as well. The specialty of Pakistan drama is that it is not too long or too short it contains episodes maximum of up to 40 and they are exciting as well. On the other hand, Indian dramas are exaggerated and they contain at least 1000 episodes or more but they are not as interesting as Pakistani dramas so these were the few positive aspects of Pakistani dramas. In short, they are special and interesting. No one can easily rank dramas because every drama is unique in its way. So if we rank them according to their fan base and storyline then we will get this list 


Best Pakistani drama list:

Top 10 best Pakistani All Time dramas list


Now we are going to discuss the top 20 best dramas in Pakistan

1- Hamsafar drama

2.Dastan drama

3.Zindagi Gulzar ha drama

4.Piaray Afzal drama

5.diyare e dil drama

6.Udaari drama

7.Mere sat Zara-e- banish drama

8.shear.e. Zat drama

9.Man mayal drama

10.Khuda or Muhabat drama


12.sono Chanda drama

13.Sadkay tmharay 


15.’Alif’ drama

16.Bin Roy drama 

17.Baghi drama

18.Aunn Zara

19.Maat drama

20.Meray pass to ho drama

21 Ranja Ranja kardi drama

22. Do bol drama

This was the list of top best dramas of Pakistan now I am going to mention the detail of these dramas respectively in following points and paragraphs these are the bat dramas of Pakistan and most of them are different and unique from the other and cast is also different. so one by one every dramis going to explain.


1.Hamsafar drama serial:



Cast:  Mr. Fawad Khan with a leading role in the drama,  Mrs. Mahira Khan also has a leading role in this drama or she was also the co-actress, Mrs. Naveen Waqar, Mr. Atiqa Odho, Mrs. Hina Bayat,  Mr. Noor Hassan. These are the actors and actresses who did work in this drama. This was a good cast of its time.

Director: Mr. Sarmad Khoosat

Writer:  Mr. Farhat Ishtiaq is one of the best writers in the drama industry

Detail:  This drama was launched or released in 2011 and the channel on which it was released was 

HUM Tv. This was released as a normal drama but after it was streamed on the tv it got fame with the passage of every episode it’s Ost was “wo hum safer tha” and this was a superhit Ost. Not only ost but also dram was a big hit. This drama has an addiction in it. This drama intrigued all the viewers of the drama. This was a real and pure love story 

This drama with Fawad khan and Mahira khan in its cast thrilled everything their acting and dialogue delivery was a really good job. This was about the human psychology about love and care. Writer  Farhat Ishtiaq and producer Sarmad did their best in this drama and make this drama worth watching, a great understanding of natural and inevitable love and the understanding between two individuals. It also contained Romance, jealousy, and how the two were desperate for each other.

 They were totally into each other and they don’t get away from each other in short they meant to each other. With all these things this drama became the most favorite drama of all time. For once they get separated but then, in the end, they get together with each other. This drama also has views of millions on YouTube and still, people watch this drama on youtube or the channel. Deep and pure love with Selfless feelings. And after this drama, Fawad khan got big fame in Pakistan and also in India and worked in films in I did as well.




2. Dastan drama:



Cast: MR. Fawad Khan actor with a leading role,  Mrs.Sanam Baloch with the co-actress, Mr. Ahsan Khan actor, Mrs. Saba Qamar actress, Mrs.Mehreen Raheel actress

Director:  Mr.Haissam Hussain directing head

Wrier: Mrs. Samira Fazal

Detail: It’s not easy to be number 2 or the third-most favorite drama. Being good is not sufficient you have to be best in many ways as well.

It’s not just a classical love story between two.He did their best in this drama and act. naturally, with all these things, it became one of the best dramas industry.


3.Daam drama:



Cast: Mr. Adeel Husain actor, Mrs. Sanam Baloch famous actress and got more fame with this drama as well, Mrs.Aamina Sheikh actress, Mrs.Sanam Saeed actress. 

This was the cast of the drama Dastan.

Director:  Mrs. Mehreen Jabbar  director of drama

Writer:  Mrs.Umera Ahmed is one of the most famous and skilled writers and still writing dramas.



Most of the cast was playing the main role in this drama. This drama is like the gold of the drama serial of Pakistan or you can say that it was like a cool damp place with a cool breeze on a hot sunny day of summer. It has its value because of the uniqueness of its storyline. With the collaboration of the director and writer’s story, they manage to picture a natural story of friendship and loss. This is one of the most unique and one of the best novels or dramas of Humaira Ahmad. In it, she showed the real face of friendship and knowledge of the human conditions what a man or woman thinks about them. It was unique in its way.



4.Zindagi Gulzar ha:



Cast:  Mrs. Sanam Saeed actress, Mr. Fawad Khan actor,  Mr.Mansha Pasha actor, Mrs. Ayesha Omar actress, Mr.Waseem Abbas actor, Mr.Samina Peerzada actress, Mrs.Hina Bayat actress. 

Director: Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui directing head

Writer: Mrs.Umera Ahmed writer 


This drama was published in 2012 and this was a novel by Humaira Ahmad. It was a great novel and got fame in no time. Later on, it was projected as drama on television, and after that, it again got fame because of the story, production, and acting of the actors. Sanam Saeed played the character named Kashif in this drama who was raised by a single mother and faced many problems because of her class and a woman she also faced many problems later she met zaroon ( Fawad khan) after that her life changed. This story is about love and respect and against social discrimination. How many of us face a lot of problems in society. This was a simple drama and got almost an 8.9 rating out of 10. It was also watched in India and many Indians liked this drama a lot. 



5.Pisray Afzal: 



Cast: Actor Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi, Actress Mrs. Aiza Khan, Actress Mrs. Sana Javed, Mrs.Firdous Jamal, Mrs. Saba Hamid, Mrs. Sohai Ali Abro was also an interesting role, Mr. Umer Naru, Mrs.Anoushay Abbasi

Director: Mr. Nadeem Baig

Writer:  Mr.Kahlil Rahman Qamar

Detail: This drama party Afzal was released in 2011, this was written by Khalil, and a lot of people know how good he is at writing a tragedy love storyline. This is in the real sense one of the best tragedy-love dramas of all time. With its emotional storyline and best acting of almost all characters especially Hamza Ali Abbasi, suspense, and many other qualities made this drama unique in many ways. From start to the end everything gets more exciting and emotional. Afzal is the main character in this drama. He made his character so interesting even a viewer gets so close to this character. How he evolves with time, from a gambler to a gangster his character became more interesting. One of the best things about this drama is dialogue. The drama starts with the story of one-sided love and letters of an unknown girl. She sends these letters to Afzal. At last, this drama has the most emotional ending. This drama made Khalil ur Rahman the most famous writer of Pakistan.







Cast: MR. Abid Ali, Mrs.Sanam Saeed, Mr. Mikaal Mr. Zulfiqar, Mr.Ali Rehman Khan, Mrs.Hareem Farooq, Mr. Osman Khalid Butt, Mrs.Maya Ali, Mr.Ahmad Zeb, and Mr.Mariyam Nafees.

director:  Mr.Haseeb Hasan

writer: MRs.Farhat Ishtiak

Detail: Bakhtiyaar Khan is a father of two sons named Behroz and suhaib and they live together. Bakhtiyaar asks his son Begroz to marry a girl but he refuses his order to accept and things got complicated then his father disowns him not to obey his order

This drama was filmed in Skardu, Lahore, and Gilgit Baltistan. This drama was released on 27 October 2015. This drama with his special and heavy cast got famous.



7.Udari drama



Cast: Mrs.Bushra Ansari sahiba, Mr.Ahsan Khan, Mrs.Samiya Mumtaz, Mr.Farhan Saeed, Mrs.Urwa Hocane leading role.

Directing head: Mr.Mohammed Ehtashamuddin 

Writer: Mr.Farhat Ishtiaq.

Detail: Udaari is a drama that tells a story of a common woman who faces many problems in society this character has many abilities and capabilities as well. She faced all these changes with a brave heart and she has many good qualities in her. In this drama, they share her fight against social problems, systems, financial pressure, and many other hurdles. In this drama, they gave a message of woman empowerment and how to tackle the problems. So this drama has a strong storyline. This was released in 2016. Susan khan played a negative role in this drama. This drama contains many good messages.



8.Shear.e. Zaat:



Cast:  Mrs. Mahira Khan, Mr.Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mr.Mohib Mirza, Mrs. Samina Peerzada.

Directing head: Mr.Sarmad Khost

 Writer: Mrs.Umera Ahmed

Detail:  This drama share.e.zaat is a good drama with a good rating. This drama got popular because of its storyline and direction management. This is a spiritual drama in which Mahira khan and Mikal Zulfikar played the leading role and this drama directly connects to spirituality.

This drama is based on our mindset about appearance and shows off. How money is everything for us? As we don’t care about loved ones or people around us, we lack kindness, love, patience, and many other ethical characteristics. The only thing we care about is how to follow society and keep up with society. Doesn’t matter how desperate we are. 

This drama is also a masterpiece of mister khosat after  “Humsafar” drama. He directed this drama very well.



9.Mann mayal❤:



Cast: MR. Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mrs.Maya Ali, Mr.Gohar Rasheed, Mrs.Ayesha Khan, and Mrs.Aiman Khan

Director: Mr.Haseeb Hasan

Writer: Sumaira Fazal


This drama is a masterpiece of the writer and in many aspects, with its heart-touching story and emotional and fabulous acting of characters, everything seems so real during drama progression. This is a love story of 2 neighbors named Salahuddin and mail.

Mikhail fails the exams and her father hired Salahuddin to teach her the subjects. But with their interaction, they fall. in love with each other day by day they get used to each other one day mail proposed to Salahuddin and offered him to marry her but he refuses to accept the proposal because of his low financial status but she keeps insisting him to marry her but he doesn’t accept that. Instead of marrying her, he asks her to marry Mikail. Then after that Salahuddin moved to Karachi for work where he stayed with his friend’s house “ifti” where he met his father and take good care of him at his death he leaves him with his will. After few years he became rich. So in drama, everything got complicated with mail and Salahuddin take care of her. She doesn’t know that he was helping her. She got divorced and moved in with Salahuddin. But she refuses to be with him and prefers to go back to her husband. But the end of the drama is really good and best.

Salahuddin did his best to win her back. This is a true love story with many emotional scenes. And it’s  ost got famous. It was released in 2015


10: Khuda or Mohabbat:



Cast:  M.Imran Abbas, Mrs.Sadia Khan, Mrs. Kubra Khan, Mr.Salman Shahid, Mr. Firdous Jamal, Mr.Khalid Butt, Mr.Shafqat Cheema, Mr.Fazila Qazi, Mr.Rambo, and many others.

Director: Mr. Anjum Shehzad (season 1)

Mr.Ali Raza Osama (season 2)

Writer: Mr.Hashim Nadeem.


The plot of Khuda or Mohabbat is a story of a young boy Hamad who statto love a girl which leads him to the love of Allah. The girl’s name was Iman and the chemistry of love between them is extraordinary. some kind of social barrier stops them to love each other their work has been covered in two plays or season1 2011

Season 2 2017

So Thai was a great drama with a great story of a great writer. It tells us about good love and human love  Thai good big fame and rating.


11. Sono Chanda drama:

Sono Chanda drama




-Iqra Aziz actress

-Farhan Saeed actor

-Nabeel Zubairi actor

-Mashal khan actress

-Farhan Ali agha actor

-Nadia Afghan actress

And many others


MR. Susan Talish

With MD production 


Saima Akram Choudary writer of drama


It was a comic novel and comedy-drama based on a story of a joint family. This drama contains a funny story of two cousins in the same house. They got married in season 1 and season 2 they told about their life after marriage. In this drama, Nadia Afghan played an excellent and funny character. In Ramzan Season 2 was released. This drama also won Hum Tv awards in 2019. People liked this drama very much because it was  a funny story of a joint family. The acting of Raza Tabish and subeena Farooq’s acting was extraordinary and superb with all these things they made this drama good in many ways.  Both seasons were good but not of high quality. In reality, they were just good.


12:Sadkay tmharay drama:

Sadkay tmharay drama



Cast: Adnan Malik actor, Mahira khan actress, Sania shamshad actress, Farhan Ali Agha actor, Samia Mumtaz actress

Director:  Mr.Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and by Mrs.Momina Durai 

Writer: Khalil ur Rahman Qamar


This drama was a biography of a Pakistani most famous and favorite drama writer Khalil Rahman Qamar. This is about his love life as a teenager. This drama is about his early life love. In this Mahir, khan played a character named Shano who was a leading role in drama she was an ordinary village girl. She met Khalil in the village where she fell in love with him. She got engaged with him. But he has not seen her for more than 10 years in the village or met her. Whenever he saw her he only sees a normal and simple village girl but she loved him. This was an excellent biography because all the names of the characters were real. A lot of people liked this drama and storyline because of its simplicity and pure love. Khalil is one of the best writers of this time because he has a unique writing style with everything. In short, he is a co.plete package of entertainment and also an actor. He acted in “land a bazaar” drama. This was a masterpiece.


14:Alif drama 

Alif drama

Cast:  Hamza Ali abbasi actor, sajal Ali actress , kubra khanactress , Ahsan khan actor, Osama khalid butt actor, Saleem miraj actor, Sadaf Kanwal actress


Samina Hamayo Saeed and with co-producer sana shahnwaz

Write: Umera Ahmad

Genre: spiritual and Islamic 



This is the Spiritual drama of Humaira Ahmad 

This was one of the best writing of the Humira Ahmad. The true story of spiritual awareness and the modern world’s aptitude for spirituality and Islam. Hamza Ali Abbasi played a leading role in this drama. He was a producer in this drama who was living the glamorous life. He was far away from Islam and spirituality. But his grandfather was a pious man and lived in Turkey. He visited pakistan and went to hamza. Then he asked him to follow Islam and practice it. This drama was a masterpiece of Humaira Ahmad. the special thing about this drama is that Hamza acted in this drama after a long time .story of this drama revolves around reality and specialty which attracts the viewers. Overall this was a great drama with reality in it.


16.Bin Roy:

Bin Roy



Cast: Hamayo Saeed actor, Mahira khan actress, Zeba Bakhtiar actress, Javed sheik, Jahanzaib khan actress, Junaid khan actor.

Director: Mumina Duraid production

Writer: Farhat Ishtiak writer.


This is a love story of a boy and a girl. Girl name was saba and the boy name was Irtiza

They are cousins and girl love for boy was one-sided. Girl love boy but he didn’t know that. Irtiza considered her as a friend nothing more than that. But from inside girl deeply love him. But in the end, Ortiz got married to her sister scam which was a twist in drama. This was a good drama overall. people liked this a lot. Before this drama, a movie was filmed with the same story and title. Momina is a great producer of pakistan. 



17.Aunn Zara:

Aunn Zara



Osman Khalid Butt actor, Maya Ali actress, Sabreen Hisbani actress, Adnan Jafar actor, Yasir Mazhar actor.


Haissam Hussain producing head 

Writer: Mrs.Faiza Iftikhar writer 


This is not easy to write and act funny But when it comes to love this becomes more difficult. This drama is a beautiful combination of love and fun. Faiza Iftikhar write this drama and made a lovely combination. This was the start of the carrier of Maya Ali. He acted very well and make everything natural and productive so this is one of the famous dramas of its time.



If we conclude all the discussion it will not be wrong to say the Pakistani drama industry is a developed industry with its writing and production. people love dramas very much. The best things about the industry are that every drama has a unique story. With expert and best actors and actresses, this list only contains a few of them. Like these, a lot of dramas were made especially PTV home dramas. These dramas were classic and memorable. In the end please share this with your friends and leave your comments in the comment section and box. Thanks for your love and support.

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