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There’s a lot of things to think about when you’re applying for college. I’m going to try and break down the process as best as possible, but first, it might be helpful if we establish what exactly a scholarship is. A scholarship is an award made by an institution or organization in order to further education. Scholarships are often awarded based on academic performance, talent, leadership abilities, need-based criteria, and other factors that can vary from case to case.

Basically, the scholarship jacket is a lesson that is written by Marta Salinas. Marta Salinas is one of the famous writers of America. In this lesson, he explained comprehensively politics in educational systems. He also criticizes the bad educational system.

Different questions are included in this lesson. Scholarship jacket lesson is included in the curriculum of many countries. It is included in different books of different grades. This lesson is also included in the curriculum of the federal board of Pakistan and the KPK board of Pakistan. It is one of the interesting lessons and after reading this lesson you will be aware of the defects in our educational system.

Questions and Answers of Scholarship Jacket:

Question Number 1: What was the tradition of Texas school, which was attended by Marta Salinas?

Answer: School is awarding beautiful gold and green jackets to bright students who had secured the highest marks and grades for eight years in academics. These jackets are given at every graduation ceremony of grade 8th. The name of the winner is written in gold color on the pocket of jackets.

Question Number 2: Why Marta was expecting a scholarship jacket?

Answer: Marta is performing excellently since the first grade that is why she is expecting to win the scholarship jacket of school. She had secured an A+ average since the first grade. According to the rules, she deserved a scholarship jacket. She was expecting a scholarship jacket at the graduation ceremony of grade 8th.

Question Number 3: Why Marta was not participating in sports and other activities held in school?

Answer: Marta has not belonged to a rich family. The Father of Marta was a laborer at the farm. School charges registration fee, cost of uniform, and trips allowances. Marta was unable to afford these allowances. That is why she couldn’t take part in sports activities held in school.

Question Number 4: Which teacher was arguing angrily with other teachers? Why he was arguing?

Answer: The history teacher of Marta was arguing angrily with the math teacher of Marta. He was arguing about policy changes in the scholarship jacket. The teacher of History was ready to give scholarships to other students because Marta was unable to pay 15 dollars fee for the scholarship jacket.

Question Number 5: Which teacher refused to lie and falsify the academic record of Marta and why?

Answer: The history teacher of Marta was refused to lie and falsify the academic records of Marta because he was a very honest man. According to Marta’s history teacher, she was the only deserving student of the scholarship jacket. He believed that no student should be out from getting a scholarship jacket because of the financial crisis.

Question Number 6: What was the major change in the policy of the scholarship jacket?

Answer: At the start of school, a scholarship jacket was awarded to students free of cost. The school doesn’t charge a single penny from scholarship jacket winners. But according to a decision of the board if the winner will pay 15 dollars then he will be eligible for a scholarship jacket otherwise scholarship jacket will be awarded to the next candidate.

Question Number 7: What was the point of view of the grandfather of Marta about the payment of the scholarship jacket?

Answer: The grandfather of Marta tells the principal that she will not pay the scholarship fee. Because if Marta pays the jacket fee then it will be not a scholarship jacket. The scholarship is not a matter of money.

Question Number 8: What was the reaction of the principal after listening to the point of view of Marta’s grandfather?

Answer: When Marta told the opinion of her grandfather to the principal. Principal thought for a few moments. Because her grandfather asked to Marta if she will pay 15 dollars fee then it will be not a scholarship jacket. The principal replied to Marta that she will get her scholarship jacket without any fee.

Question Series:

Question Number 1: What do you know about the student life of Marta?

Answer: Marta was a good student from day one. She maintained the highest grades from grade 1 to grade 8th. It was not an easy task to maintain grades. But she achieved it with hard work. She was obedient to teachers and parents. Overall she was a good student.

Question Number 2: Why policy of the scholarship jacket was changed and what motive was behind this?

Answer: At the start of school, a scholarship jacket was awarded free of cost. The school doesn’t charge a single penny for a scholarship jacket. But according to the new policy scholarship winner need to pay 15 dollars registration fee for the jacket. It was due to the involvement of the politics inboard of the school.

Question Number 3: Why did the grandfather of Marta not want to pay a fee for the scholarship jacket?

Answer: The grandfather of Marta was a poor farmer. He was a very wise person. According to her grandfather if the student will pay for a scholarship jacket then it means purchasing of a jacket and it will not remain a scholarship. The reward of students should be given free of cost. There are no prices for reward in the world.

Short Question and Answers:

Question Number 1: What kind of scholarship was awarded to toppers?

Answer: A Green and gold jacket was awarded to topper students.

Question Number 2: How much registration fee for the scholarship jacket?

Answer: It was only fifteen dollars. But it was a huge amount for Marta because she belonged to a poor family.

Question Number 3: Is Marta received a scholarship jacket or not?

Answer: Marta received a scholarship jacket without paying a single penny.

Question Number 4: What kind of person was grandfather of Marta?

Answer: He was a very wise and honest person.

Question Number 5: What is Valedictorian?

Answer: If a student maintained A+ grades from grade 1 to grade 8th then he or she will be Validictirian. It is same as a gold medalist.


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