What are the city school fees for the different Campuses? 


Many of us know that there are a variety of schools available to choose from when we look for an educational institution. However, with all the different levels and types of schools, it is important to know what your options are and how much each school will cost you. As such, this blog post intends to cover the fees associated with city schools at various campuses. City Schools are a great option for students that don’t want to commute very far, or who live in one of the many surrounding neighborhoods. If you are looking into City Schools, check out all your school fees here!

City schools are not cheap. But they are worth it! There is a lot of student diversity at city schools, with different levels of income and languages spoken by the children. The teachers do their best to meet the needs of each individual child at their specific grade level. There are many fees for city school students that vary depending on which campus you attend.


The city school fees structure year:

TCS refers to “The City School” these are the most popular and most authentic private schools in Pakistan. These private schools on the basis of their education level are on the list of the top 10 schools in Pakistan.

Their education system is quite different from all other schools. These City schools completely follow the education system of Cambridge Institute. City schools have almost 150 Campuses across our country Pakistan.

The City school fees structure is not the same on all Campuses, rather it varies from campus to campus and some other charges are compulsory. These charges are not the same on all campuses. This depends upon the location of the campus and the area of the branch. So these are the two main factors on which fees status and extra charges depend.

When we talk about the fees status of main campuses, so the main campuses charge very high fees in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 rupees each month. These main campuses serve their education in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

The City schools that are available within the cities or outside the cities are different with respect to education, fees status, and extra charges, etc. According to the rules of City schools, the new students who want to take admission in these schools, have to pay more fees with other charges than older students. There is a little concession for older students. The schools other than City schools, have fees status in the range of Rs 11,000 to 13,000 per month.


The City school fee structure in different Campuses of Pakistan:

Here we are providing the main idea of the fee status of different school campuses for the years -2023.


1-When we talk about the Ravi campus Lahore, this school charges the fees of two months are Rs 37,000.

2-The fees of the DHA Lahore campus is Rs 38,000 per month.

3-The fees status of PAF is Rs 25,000.

4-The two monthly fees of DK Karachi are Rs 20,000.

5-The fees of Rawalpindi campus city school are Rs 29,000. (PG to class 7th).

6-The fees of the Larkana campus are Rs 21,000.


Fees status in other cities of “The city school”

Here are some cities as Sialkot, Faisalabad, Larkana and Hyderabad has their City schools. Their range of fees is Rs 11,000 to 15,000 per month. This fees is of two months.


O level fees:

In our Capital Islamabad, the fees of O level is Rs 38,000 of two months.


A level fees:

The City schools provide a fees structure for A level is in the range of Rs 40,000 to 42,000 for two months.


Registration time:

No specific time of registration is required because registration continues throughout the year.

For higher classes, the registration opens till 30th October usually.

When we talk about the playgroup to class 2, the registration continues till 31st December.


Admission date announcement:

The announcement starts from February to April every year of all formal admissions.


Admission fees:

As with all other institutions, the admission fees of City school starts from 50,000 to 80,000. This depends upon the criteria of tuition fees of the TCS branch. 


Check online criteria of City school fee structure 2023:

All-City school campuses of Pakistan including main and other City schools have announced fees status this current year. One of the City schools of Lahore is very popular. Usually, upper-class students as well as their families, want to get higher education based upon good skills and knowledge, always prefer City schools. Their basic aim is to get education skills, motivation, and getting higher grade marks. These City schools are located in every city of Pakistan, just for the ease of all interested students. Those students who are interested to get a degree of O level should choose the City school. The current announcement of   City schools for all their students is that those students who do not pay their fees in the duration of COVID-19, kind of students do not need to pay their fine. On the other hand, some other schools are getting the advantage of COVID-19 by charging extra fees in this duration. 

City schools have all kinds of classes from playgroup to 8th class, including O level and A level. Those students who have their certificates from other private or government schools, kind of students have to pay admission fees first so that they are eligible for City schools. 

According to the rules of City school, they charge fees for two months. Soon after two months, the City school students received their fees voucher for the next two months. In this way, students are free from the tension of fees. Those students who are poor and cannot pay their fees according to the rules of the school, they should discuss this matter with the staff of a school in the desired City school. Upon their financial issues, City schools will give special relief to those poor students. In this session of 2021, according to the Principal and admission office, those students and their families are in trouble regarding the fees issues, then the school makes their one-year complete fees and then they arrange their fees on installment (monthly). This is special relief given by the City schools for all poors. 


Admission fee of new or migrated students:

Those students who have any relation with teachers or Principal, such kind of students can pay their fees from 50,000 to 80,000.

Those students who come City school after migration from other school, such kind of students initially pay complete admission fees then they submit advance fees of two months. At every year, City schools charge medical and sports fund of students from their parents. Summer vacation fees and examination fees are also mentioned in the admission page. 


Admission fee (non refundable):

When the student passes the assessment test at good marks, then immediately school confirms the eligibility of student as per KHDA guidelines. For to reserve the seat, students should submit their admission fees after clearance of assessment test. 


Other fees:

Other fee consists of following. 


1-Medical expenses.

2-Lab fee. 

3-Library fee. 

4-Support material. 

5-E-learning fee. 

6-SALT program club. 

7-Society indoor activities. 

8-Photocopy charges. 


Tuition fee:

This fee is calculated and paid according to fee structure criteria on Bi-monthly on the complete academic year (September to June) via post-dated cheques as “The City School International Pvt” as the dates are mentioned below. 

1- First installment: Before 23rd of August 2023 via current dated cheque/cash or bank transfer. 

2- Second installment: 1st of October 2023, post-dated cheque. 

3- Third installment: 1st of December 2023, post-dated cheque. 

4- Fourth installment: 1st of February 2023, post-dated cheque. 

5- Fifth installment: 1st of April 2023, post-dated cheque. 


City School Pay Fees Online

All the cheques will be deposited on or before the expected date issued by the City schools.
All dues must be cleared on admission. This City school has very strict policies of all payments.
Some modes of fee payment will be accepted either:

  • By valid account via cheques.
  • Online payment Gateway by credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • Post-dated cheque is compulsory.
  • Upon any reason, the school will not hold any cheque.
  • The school will not accept the responsibility of any returned cheque.
  • Parents must tell the accounting office one week in advance of gathering all cheques.
  • It is mandatory to settle your account before claiming the year. If the cheque is returned by the bank due to any reason, the Rs 500 will be charged by the parents through the account.
  • The school has the right to take any essential action in accordance with KHDA rules. The cheque will be returned.
  • Every year the City schools charge of re-registration fee of AED 1000/, just to reserve the seat for next year’s academic session. This is called non-refundable but will be settled in the very first payment.


Easy payment plan:

Before the start of term, the 1st,2nd, and 3rd term transportation fee and tuition fee should be paid in quarterly installments. 

At the month of July and August, no fee is charged. 



You guys can pay by credit cards or debit cards via a safe and reliable online payment gateway, that possesses thousands of transactions every day. 

1- Once your payment has been sent safely, you will receive a confirmation notification from network international. 

2- This will take 1 to 3 days to reflect paid amount. 

3- In case of the amount is not reflected, you can call 8004448 for all complaints. 


Al Ansari exchange:

Across the UAE, Al Ansari has more than 170 branches, so the parents can easily pay the tuition fee. These branches are open from early morning till late night. 

Here are some steps for making payments. 

1- Must visit Al Ansari exchange branch. 


2- Must counter along with cash as

*School name. 

*Emirates ID of parents. 

*Student full name. 

*Student lD. 


*Mobile number. 

3- Before leaving the counter, must take stamped recipient.

4- An email scanned copy of recipient to pay@cityschool.ae.

This will take 1 to 3 days.

Al Ansari exchange call center 600 54 6000.



Commercial bank of dubai:

1- Cash will deposit in any commercial bank of dubai branch.

2- Branch



Local funds transfer:

Account        City school



Account        1001968088



IBAN              AE92 023

                       0000 0010

                       0196 8088

Account       current



Currency       AED


Branch          Sheikh

                       Rashid bin


                       street, near



                      opposite to

                      Ajman Gold



Students withdrawals:

All students can withdraw from school. For this, you have to submit a notification of withdrawal in writing to the admission office. The 30 days based notification period is required. So parents have to visit the admission office for completing cancelation formalities and immediately get clearance from account departments.



Here we have explained the complete criteria of taking admissions in City schools as well as the fee, location of campuses, and their funds. We also told the basic needs of taking admissions in City schools. If you like our entire justification then must like and share our page with all your familiar members. Thanks for visiting our page.

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