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PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA is government institution. It controls and manges systems of telecommunication in Pakistan. From 2002 to 2008 it was very easy to buy mobile phones for everyone. At that time mobile phone was cheaper and easily available. At that time there was less number of mobile phone users. But in 2009 there is sudden increase in mobile phone users. In 2009 digital sim information system was introduced. 

User can check number of Sims against their CNIC by providing CNIC number. If you don’t know how to check number of sims against your CNIC then you are at right place. In this article I will also covers complete details and policies of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. 




SIM card has all information of user. Sim is part of Global system for mobile communication (GSM). Its size is smaller and you can hold sim in your fingers. Sim can be easily unmounted and installed in mobile phones. As you know that models of mobile phones are changing day by day. These telecommunication companies introduced mini sims. 


Number of Sims that can be registered against your CNIC.

According to rule of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority you can registered 5 sims at a same time against your CNIC. User can run 5 sims at a same time. 

How to Check PTA SIM Information Online Checking of Sim information by using website. 

If you want to know about number of Sims registered against your CNIC then you are at right place. Please follow these below mentioned steps.

To find out the total number of SIMs registered against Enter your CNIC, your CNIC and click Submit. In the case of foreign nationals, click Foreign Identity

  • If you want check your sim against Pakistani CNIC You Open Any internet browser and search cnic.sims or you click on this link 
  • and open new page  
  • Click on given link.
  • Window will be opened then you Select CNIC option mostly default Select CNIC Now  add CNIC number in given space. 
  • Your result will be showed within seconds.
  • You will get result in the form of table. 
  • Show your All SIMS Data with Number Jazz,Warid,Zong,Telenor and Ufone.
Hope this method is helpful for you.


How to Check PTA SIM Information through SMS – Checking of Sim information by using sms service.

Another simple and easy method to Check your all Registered SIMS info.follow all Steps:

If you want to check number of Sims registered against your CNIC then follow these below mentioned details.


  • Firstly Open Messages option in Your Smartphone. 
  • Then write CNIC number without dashes.
  • Send this text message to 668.
  • After sending this information you will get SMS.
  • In sms you will see the details of sims registered against your CNIC.
  • It’s charges are 2 rupees.
  •  This website works on the principle of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.


How you can Check Verification Status (SIM Information) about your SIM

  • If you want Get your SIM information Just follow this method:
  • Open your Mobile Dialer and Dial USSD code *336#
  • After Show Menu on your Phone Screen
  • You Select enter 1 and click on send
  • You will receive a status confirmation of this number.

Sim information with number

This best tool to check all network sim information. You check easily all network information like Jazz,zong,Ufone,telenor and follow steps:
  • Check Warid Sim Information: Write New SMS Type you 14 Digits CNIC Number Send it too 789 within second Received all information.
  • Check Jazz Sim Information: Open Write new Sms Type your id card number then send it to 6001.
  • Check Zong Sim Information: To check Zong SIM ownership and other information  Just Write New SMS Type ‘V’ Send it to 7911.
  • Check Ufone Sim Information: Open your Phone Dialer and Dial USSD code *336# After Show Menu Now you enter 1 and click on send.The SMS will Send contain Sim  information about your number.
  • Check Telenor Sim Information: Send empty  on 7751 after will received all information about number.

Biometric Verification System of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority:

This system introduced safety of valuable users. It protects from misuse of sims. Verification system of PTA works with mutual collaboration with NADRA.  NADRA use the records of CNIC in digital form. If you want to do below mentioned operations then you need to verify your self by biometric verification. 

  • Buy new sim.
  • Activate new sim.
  • Buy duplicate sim.
  • Change of owner of sims.
  • Verification of sims.

Process of Biometric verification in Pakistan.

  • If you want to avoid from some issues or problems then follow these guidelines. 
  • Sim that is used should be registered against your CNIC. Then go for biometric verification. 
  • Process of Biometric verification of Sim card.
  • If you are purchasing new sim then visit franchise of Sim company.
  • Confirm that your sim card is verified or not.
  • Put your finger impression on biometric machine. 
  • There is collaboration between PTA and NADRA.
  • Biometric system protect us from illegal activities.


How to Check All Network Sim Owner Name and Other Information through SMS?

In this method you can check sim owner name and other details about number.

  • Check Jazz Number Owner Ship: Open Messages Option send Empty SMS on 667.
  • Check Warid Number Owner Ship: Open Messages Option send Empty SMS on 667.
  • Check Zong Number Owner Ship: Open Messages Option send Empty SMS on 667.
  • Check Telenor Number Owner Ship: Open Messages Option send Empty SMS on 667.
  • Check Ufone Number Owner Ship: Open Messages Option send Empty SMS on 667.

How to Block Sim?

  • This process is very easy and is same for all kinds of sims.
  • First of all visit nearest franchise. 
  • You should have original CNIC.
  • Also fill the form.
  • This whole process will complete within hours.


All Networks Helpline Numbers:

In Case You want Check More Details about Number then you contact on helpline.


  • 111/321
  • Landline Helpline:111300300 / 111111321



  • 345
  • Landline Helpline:111345100




  • 310
  • Landline Helpline:111222111




  • 333
  • Landline Helpline:111333100


Always dial city code of helpline. 





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