Pakistani Wedding Cards


Marriage Introduction;

If we talk about it from the Islamic point of view, then surely marriage is a very beautiful Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Because this is the path by which man not only avoids the paths of error and destruction, but he also adopts a lawful way and avoids many social evils. And humans are encouraged to marry outside of their relatives because it enhances human relationships.


In today’s article, we will discuss a very interesting topic and also give information about wedding rituals in Pakistan. While other rituals are popular in wedding ceremonies, the custom of wedding cards distribution is also very important in relatives, friends, and colleagues. Wedding ceremonies are celebrated with much fanfare in Pakistan. 


Pakistani marriages are great fun incidents and festivals to visit. Everyone is dressed out in his or her beautiful clothes, and big households gather jointly willing for the organized sitting plans that come with marriage planning.

Pakistani marriages are given rise to a series of celebration exhibitions – all of which finalizes the married ceremony with a taste of different segments of the marriage. As quickly as the marriage season comes, practices in families and close friends begin all around for brides and grooms.

Marriage in Pakistan consists of many events. Now, these ceremonies have only lasted for a few days. Otherwise, if we talk about the past, wedding ceremonies in Pakistan used to last for weeks.

And in the same way, the preparations for the wedding used to start a long time ago, now in this world of commotion, everything is prepared on time.

So now we will talk about the ceremonies that are very important in terms of marriage in Pakistan.

When we talk about marriage, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the marriage is either for a boy or a girl because the boy’s wedding is being prepared in one place at the same time and the other is in the girl’s house Preparations are underway۔

If we talk about wedding ceremonies in the boy’s house, it is clear that the wedding preparations in the boy’s house are less than the other side.

In the boys’ home, when it comes to preparation, the biggest event for them is Williama, and before that, an important part of the credit crunch or Sehra bandi.

A beautiful henna ceremony is also held at the boy’s wedding, which is decorated by the groom the day before the wedding.


*If we talk about the henna ceremony, we do this program one day before the boy’s wedding. In it, the bride invites her special relatives and friends. All the relatives and friends who come to this ceremony apply henna to the groom and  Present your gifts etc to him.

And on the occasion of henna, when it comes to clothes, usually black and gold handkerchiefs are put around the neck, and bhangras are put on. And the hosts also arrange a sumptuous meal for the guests and these programs run late into the night. And there are some things in common in Pakistan and India on the occasion of weddings, such as the henna ritual is also celebrated with much fanfare in India, and the dholaki is arranged and flourished by the girl’s friends and relatives. 


*And then the next day breakfast is also arranged by the bride and groom and then the ceremony of thanksgiving is started in which the bridegroom is prepared and seated and salutations etc. are collected and preparations for the Barat are started.


*And then all the people gather in one place for the Barat and from there they leave in the form of a caravan.

Another important ritual in Orad is that the mother of the bridegroom does not go with the Barat but stays at home.


*In the same way, when the bridegroom arrives at the bride’s house, he is greeted warmly by the girl’s parents and close relatives, and he is greeted with great fanfare and drumming. And they reach the hall with great fanfare and playing the drums۔


Racism e Nikah;

Then when all the guests come to the hall and sit on their seats, the formal marriage ceremony begins. For this, a Maulvi Sahib is called who is present there along with the marriage registrar.

And after the nikah is recited, prayers are said and then all the people in the hall come in turn to greet the bridegroom and present their gifts.  Someone puts in some food according to their ability in little boxes. And then the food for the Barat, which is arranged by the girls, is opened and served to all the guests in a good way. And there was an old custom that money was taken from the guests who came to eat in the name of Devendra but now this custom is disappearing to a great extent in Pakistan. Many things in Pakistan’s marriage customs have come from Hindu culture۔Which has nothing to do with Islam۔


*Then from the hall the bridegroom is taken to the bride’s house with his relatives and then the ritual of milk ply is performed there and then from there the preparation to bid farewell to the bride begins and her belongings etc are kept in the car.


William Function;

*Then the next day the groom starts preparing for the wedding of Williama. And then some people plan the wedding williama at night and most people plan the day. This is the most important meal of the boys, in which most of their acquaintances are invited.

If we are talking about most of the food served in Williama, then chicken meat or big meat is necessary for it and also rice biryani or pulao is an essential ingredient. And kheer or custard etc. are also offered in desserts depending on the season as Gujaraila is very popular in winter. And so, after completing the rite of passage, the program is brought to an end by the boys.


Girls Preparations;

Similarly, if we mention the preparations for marriage by the girls, it is clear that they have a lot of work to do. That is why many middle-class girls in countries like Pakistan get married due to their limited resources Can’t do it on time.

So if we talk about their preparations and responsibilities, the most important thing is that they have a huge dowry burden on them, in which the demands from the boys are increasing and new problems are created for the girl’s overtime.

In their dowry, from ironing and refrigerator to motorcycle, AC and some other people even demand a car. And not only this but also gold has become a big problem and difficulty. Therefore, the problem of marriage of a girl in Pakistan.  The dowry is maintained from the time of preparation till the time of departure. First of all, when they complete the goods, then they are worried about the upcoming wedding programs. In this too, the girl’s friends and relatives get together and prepare henna which is applied henna to the girl and then play dholki, etc. with her and a wonderful meal is also arranged for the guests.

And the next day is the most difficult day for the girls in which they make a complete arrangement for the upcoming Barat from the boys and try to do everything on their own.

 However, if we look at these customs and traditions from an Islamic point of view, it is clear that Islam does not place such a heavy burden on the girls and creates facilities for them. That is why there are so many difficulties leaving the Islamic path  Marriage has become an issue for both girls and boys in this region.


Controversies about Marriage;

If we look at marriage all over the world, it is clear that customs are different everywhere in the world and their views on marriage are also different. Therefore, there is a section in Pakistan that is inspired from the outside.  Are giving freedom to their children for keeping relationships with their friends circle. And in the same way, there is no evidence from Islam that one of the great things that have become popular in our country in the name of court marriage is certain, but still, our courts are giving full protection to this work day and night. Because Court marriage is not fair according to Islam the reason is that Islam demands  Girl’s parents for their nikkah otherwise nikkah can not be allowed for girl’s if anyone from her parents is not present there. The first authority for a girl’s witness is her father because if her father is living then without his permission nikkah is not possible either Pakistani courts allow them but Islam cannot allowed them. Similarly, if her father dies then her brothers are responsible for her nikkah and their permission is necessary but if a girl has no brother then her mother and her uncle are responsible for her nikkah. Because these rules are settled and declared by Islam. If even a girl is alone and there is no relative of girl is present there then this relief is available that the head of their society or Town is responsible for witnesses in her nikkah. So this is the message for all girl’s and that Islam doesn’t allow such kinds of illegal relationships on the behalf of the court.

Islam is a beautiful religion that provides girl’s safety and security in their society and above all Islam gives them such respect in society that no other religion provides them. If we look at our society its situation is becoming helpless because they promoting illegal relationships at a high level. like court marriages are also a kind of prostitution because Islam does not accept this kind of relationship. The interesting thing is that court marriage requires only National identity card copies of both and 2 persons for their witnesses even they are unknown to them. Witnesses with national identity card are also present there for this marriages Unfortunately some section of religion allows them for this relationship and our courts provide them full security regarding this relationship.IN Pakistan different offices and sectors are easily available for this giving their services.


Weddings In European Countries;

In European countries, there is a wide range of such relationships in which marriage is even not involved. They consider marriage as just a contract between two persons. They will allow even two girls for their legal relationship to promote only a lesbian relationship. In Islam, this kind of act is haram and they also allow boys for their legal rights to promote gay. This kind of all acts is totally against Islam. Islam only allows the opposite for marriage. This is the reason due to which in European societies their family system is to be destroyed badly. So due to permission of illegal relationships, their marriage ratios are declined day by day.

Wedding ratios retain subsided dramatically in maximum main European regions over the before about ten years, like abstinence, generational disaster, and apathy towards the society report amounts of young civilization from linking the twist.

The volume of marriages has subsided to ancient lows in France and Spain and has fallen in other Catholic nations such as Italy, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal, according to nationwide and European data. But nations have also subsided out of affection with weddings in regions as various as Greece, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Britain. Just in fractions of Scandinavia, the Baltic republics and Germany is the isn’t establishment society maintaining its charm.

In Italy, there were fewer than 2 lac weddings the previous year, the deepest volume since the early world battle. Amounts have declined by 24% in the preceding decade and divided since 1965. Introductory data demonstrated that the ratio of weddings in Italy the previous year was 3.3 per 1,000 residents, announced Italy’s National Institute of Statistics distinguished with 4.6 in 2003. It was, it said, “the deepest in recent history”.

“The decline has been very important and beyond all intention,” announced the association director, Antonio Golini. 

There are some cultural and financial issues due to which this decline rate has become possible. And in some intellectual said that these cultural issues are not a big problem but their spiritual Leaders cause more problems for them in new wedding ceremonies.

Because a big number of their youngster retain relation with girls in society without marriage.


Shadi CARDS In Pakistan:

Now come to the point of how shadi cards are designed in Pakistan and which segments are included in shadi cards. First of all shadi cards are available in the market with a great variety of designs. Like nowadays wood cards are available in the market in these cards designing on the wood card is permitted and beautiful designs are made according to custom. Because wedding invitations designing is an art and a creative work. These cards are now available on PVC paper and wood cards.


If we discussed the outlines that are designed on Urdu shadi cards include different types of greetings and invitation words. And the honorable guests are warmly welcomed by cards. First of all the cards is consists of the following segments, 

*Mehndi Card;

In shadi mehndi is also an important and most awaited part of the wedding so in shadi card for mehndi special invitation is given to guests as special persons all coming and special arrangements are made for this program. So in the mehndi card, the day and time are mentioned.


Barat Invitation:

Barat invitation is also specific for specific persons. Because Barat invitation is not for all guests because this limit is permitted by the bride’s house. So only special guests are invited to the Barat event. In barat card, day and time are mentioned and the number of persons is also mentioned that are allowed for attending this event. For barat time punctuality is important for guests.


Walima Invitation:

This is the most important and big event of all wedding programs. Most guests are invited to the wedding, so in all weddings, cards invitation cards for walima are most among all others. And at walima cards mostly friends with their families are invited and mostly the whole families are invited to this event. So this thing is mentioned on the cards that either this card is eligible for one person only or the whole family. And time punctuality is a must for the guests. And the other important thing is that the walima venue is also mentioned.

And there are some other boxes on the wedding invitation cards like “looking forward ” for those who are Guardians of the groom or bridal. Their names are mentioned in bold writing because this is important for guests to know that who has invited them. And in looking forward box the name of the father, grandfather and uncle are also mentioned. And in the other corner of the card, there is also a space for writing the names of your special relatives and close friends this is for their special invitation to the wedding function. But now there is a smart method in replacement of this way of writing the list of names on the card, they do simply write that best gratitude from family and friends. So this line covers all of your friend’s family members other than that you are writing the name of your family members and friends separately.


*And the main element of the card is that at the head of the card the names of the groom and bridal are written in stylish bold writing. And these names are highlighted for the guests that they know that who is married to that specific girl.


*Difference in Girls Invitation Cards :

There are no big differences in these cards because the only difference is that no barat card is involved in this invitation.

In the bridal wedding card, only mehndi and the next day mealtime is mentioned.

And the name of friends and family members except for their Guardians are also described on the cards.


Market and Prices Of Cards;

If we talk about the market and price of Cards in Pakistan. So there are some major markets in Pakistan in some big cities like Lahore Urdu bazaar market is the big market where cards and printing services are available on a big scale. And the price rates are also very from quality-wise because there is a wide range of cards including cards with simple card paper and wedding invitations on the wood card. So this quality has more prices than other paper cards. This type of card ranges from the start from one hundred and increases with the increase of design quality and card size and foldings. And in Multan, there is also a big market for card printings and other paper products. So these market rates and quality is also better than other surroundings. Like there are some pioneers of their work so they are well known for their excellent services of wedding invitations.



Now we conclude today’s article topic regarding the Urdu shadi card in Pakistan. So in this article firstly we discussed marriage from the Islamic point of view and some of its Islamic aspects which guide us to the right path of life. And then we talk about its necessity in the society and if someone late his or her marriage then what will be bad effects are occurring in the society and how their social life is effect by this. And then we discussed all aspects regarding marriage ceremonies and their effects on the social lives of people. And the events included in the wedding program and their customs and rituals regarding wedding functions. Like we talk about mehndi or rasm e henna how this event is enjoyed and celebrate by the friends and family and how people enjoy their dinner with different sweet dishes.

And the other program of barat which is held by grooms and how it is enjoyed. And the most awaited thing is walima which is also enjoyed by guests with a delicious meal and sweet dishes. And all other events regarding marriage ceremonies are discussed in detail above. And controversies about court marriage is also discussed in this article. And the marriage trends in Europe and all such countries where Islamic thoughts are not considered their wedding trends are also described in this article.

And in the last, we discussed the main object of this article like shadi card design in Urdu and the content of Urdu shadi card is described comprehensively.

So now we hope that any can easily understand the whole procedure of Wedding ceremony and Requirements for shadi card designing. And the reader can also be aware of the latest version of the cards. So be thankful for reading this article and please stay with our channel for further details and information regarding any issue.

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