Saudi Arabia Postal & Zip Codes List 

Every single area in Pakistan has been given a postcode in order to lessen the wrong sending of the mail and sorting out them in lesser time. A postal code (as well as a postcode, postcode, pin, or zip code in various English-speaking countries around the world) is the development of letters or numbers. or Both, sometimes with spaces or accents, are remembered for the location of the mail to sort the mail.

117 of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had postal lawmaking systems in February 2005. 

geographical areas are normally given postal codes, special codes are often given to personal addresses or to different types of institutions that receive very large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies. French CEDEX system is one example.

Postal codes in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia Postal & Zip Codes List

In Saudi Arabia, the postal codes that are used are known as postcodes, postal codes, pin/zip codes, which include a certain number of digits, letters in order, spaces, and sometimes pronunciations.

Notwithstanding, the postcodes of Saudi Arabia are mathematical and were embraced by the Saudi Postal Corporation (Saudi Post). Street numbers and house numbers are not apportioned in the nation by and large, so; it caused numerous troubles in posting any item from one town to another, business to home as well as the other way around. Then, at that point to destroy any kind of disarray and making the framework smooth, the postal code framework was presented and set up. Right off the bat, the situation was begun in European Countries and on July 1, 1963, by the United States Postal Service. Later on, it got through new grounds and advanced in each nation, including Saudi Arabia. 

The planning of a postcode in Saudi Arabia depends on the isolation of the nation’s 8 localities according to the organization’s division, where each city or state is sorted by a specific number, leading to the beginning of the postcode. These districts and their determinations are these: 

Riyadh Region 1 

Makah Region 2 

Eastern Province Region 3 

Medina and Tabuk 4 

Qasim and HaĆ­l 5, 

Asir, Najran, and Bahah by and large 6 

Northern Borders and Jawf 7, Jizan 8. 

Postal codes of the authoritative areas are commonly not quite the same as the postal districts based on the thought of streets and topographical elements. 

Notwithstanding it, the postal code comprises two sections. The initial segment contains 5 digits further arranged by a dash with the expansion of 4 additional digits for more explanation and accuracy of the Saudi National Address, making an aggregate of 9 digits. For example, 22334 is the simplest and most common postal code of Riyadh, and Torif is 446788 with an accuracy of 3444-00000.

Further, to peruse the postcodes, two kinds of conveyance are needed to be remembered. These are; Home conveyance and PO Box Delivery. For home conveyance, the main digit connotes the more extensive region numbered 1-8. The two after digits represent the primary mail center of that locale and the area, Branch, further; the last two digits represent the little mailing stations of the specific city, Section or Block also. On the other hand, if there should be an occurrence of PO Box Delivery, the initial two digits are intended for Postal Zone and the other three for the conveyance point. 

Additionally, the option of 4 digits in previously existing 5 digit postcode means the more exact and the specific area of somebody where the item should be posted. For example, 22555-445556 is the postcode of Turaif. The second part of the postcode will direct the conveyance kid to precisely arrive at the structure of the beneficiary. 

On the off chance that somebody needs to compose Saudi Arabia postal code or Saudi Arabia postal district in any report, he will utilize the capital city, Riyadh postal code. So we will depict it as: 

Saudi Arabia postal code: 11564 

Saudi Arabia postal division: 11564 

Jeddah postal code: 

Assuming you are living in Jeddah, will utilize Jeddah postal code for correspondence. In the same manner, when anyone from outside Jeddah presents a letter on this city of Saudia, he likewise utilizes this code. 

A layman might call it “postal code Jeddah” or “Postcode Jeddah”. We are giving here Jeddah postal code on top since it is utilized more than other urban areas’ codes. In case you are approached to compose a Jeddah postal code or “postal code Jeddah”, you can duplicate it from beneath. 

Jeddah Postal Code: 21577 

Postal Code Jeddah: 21577 

Postcode Jeddah: 21577 

Jeddah Zipcode: 

postal division and postal codes are something similar. So on the off chance that somebody gets some information about the Jeddah postal district. you can compose it as Jeddah ZIP Code: 21577, ZIP Code Jeddah: 21577 

Riyadh Postal Code, Postcode for Riyadh:

Riyadh Postal Code is likewise called “Postcode for Riyadh” in Saudi Arabia. So we are composing it in the two structures. It remains at the second situation after Jeddah’s postal code insignificance. As Riyadh is the capital, its postal code is widely used in correspondence worldwide. Expats additionally search it by the expression “Riyadh postcode”. 

Riyadh Postal Code: 11564 

Postal Code Riyadh: 11564 

Postcode for Riyadh: 11564 

Riyadh zip code: 

Albeit postal and postal divisions are something very similar, yet in certain records, Riyadh postal division is distributed rather than “Riyadh Postal Code”. So it very well might be composed as: 

Riyadh ZIP Code: 11564 

Postal district Riyadh: 11564 

Makkah Postal Code: 

Makkah Postal Code: 21514 

Makkah ZIP Code: 21514 

Postal Code of Makkah has interesting significance in light of the fact that Makkah is the focal point of the Muslims of the entire world. As the place of Allah, “Khana Kaba” is arranged there, each Muslim wishes to visit Makkah just as Madina. A great many Muslims visit this city for the sack of Umrah and Hajj consistently. So it is the main city and the utilization of the Makkah Postal code or Makkah postal division is normal. 

Madinah Postal Code: 

Madinah is the city of Prophet Muhammad (Peace arrive) and a great many Muslims visit this heavenly city. They use the Madinah Postal Code or Madinah postal division in their archives like nearby residents of Saudi Arabia. 

Madinah Postal Code: 20012 

Madinah ZIP Code: 20012 

Dammam Postal Code: 

Dammam is the capital and biggest city of Saudi’s Eastern Province. It is otherwise called the managerial focus of the oil business of KSA. Because of its significant job in the Saudi economy, Dammam Postal Code and Dammam postal district are utilized in a wide reach. These are given as under: 

Dammam Postal Code: 31433 

Dammam ZIP Code: 31433 

Khobar Postal Code :

Khobar is additionally a major city of Eastern area with very nearly 2 Million populace. This is the city of oil organizations and laborers having 50 KM distance from King Fahd worldwide air terminal. Khobar postal code and Khobar postal district are much significant in the correspondence of global oil organizations working in the realm. 

Khobar Postal Code: 31952 

Khobar ZIP Code: 31952 

Taif Postal Code :

Taif is a verifiable city of territory in Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (Peace arrive) invests a great deal of energy here in the proclaiming of Islam. It is the fifth-biggest city of Saudi Arabia with an absolute populace of 12 lac. Individuals who need to know the Taif postal code or Taif postal division can get it from this entry. It is given as under: 

Taif Postal Code: 21431 

Taif ZIP Code: 21431 

Khamis Postal Code :

Khamis Mushait is a city in the Asir area of KSA. It has a populace of 13 lac and is arranged 884 KM away from the capital Riyadh. An enormous number of ex-taps live around here. We are giving here Khamis postal code and Khamis postal division for their benefit. 

Khamis Postal Code: 61961 

Khamis ZIP Code: 61961 

Sakaka Postal Code :

Sakah KSA is the capital of Al-Jawf Province. It is a little city with a 3 lac populace however growing presently because of the improvement work. The development work is going on quickly in the city on the request for the crown ruler. Ruler Muhammed Bin Abdul Aziz Medical City is the biggest task of the series. 

This complex has a clinic of 1,000 beds. This city is likewise known because of Al Jouf University. Because of this significance Sakakah postal code and Sakakah postal division are utilized by individuals which are given as underneath: 

Sakaka Postal Code: 75471 

Sakaka ZIP Code: 75471 

 (Saudi Arabia Postal Code)  (Najran Postal Code):

Najran is a Saudi city close to the line of Yemen and is ablaze these days because of the Yemen war. In excess of five lac, Saudis live in Najran. You can utilize Najran postal code and Najran postal district by duplicating from underneath. 

  • Najran Postal Code: 61441 
  • Najran ZIP Code: 61441 
  • Postal code of Yan
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