How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme

If you are unemployed and looking for a job, the Punjab Rozgar Scheme may be just what you need. This program provides financial assistance to help people find work and start their own businesses. Here is everything you need to know about how to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme.

The Punjab Rozgar Scheme is a government program that provides financial assistance to unemployed people in the state of Punjab. If you are interested in applying for the scheme, this article will provide you with all the information you need.

“I was unable to get a loan application approved on my behalf until the finance department decided otherwise.” This is what I tell myself when I hear people complain about getting a loan from banks or financial institutions for home loans, but somehow they are unable to get it approved. I know this because I had the same experience myself. The only difference is that in our case we were at zero when he applied for a loan but in ours, we were already secured by an existing lender and had no problem with lending on the basis of his interest.

You can also apply for the rural rozgar scheme if you want, as most farmers in Punjab have a very low credit score to fall back on when things do not work out according to plan. It seems that most borrowers are unaware of the fact that the finance minister and deputy finance minister (Punjab) has promised Rs 600 crore for help for the families of the victims. So if you have any questions about your local government or about applying for one then I would highly recommend checking these sources for more information.

If you are really interested in seeking a loan or securing a new property then take out your loan application as soon as possible as the interest rate is likely to be higher than its present value. If the bank doesn’t lend directly then you need to go through a competitive bidding process with banks and insurance companies.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme

As mentioned above, there is a lot that needs to be done to secure a loan or land a new house in Punjab but before you go ahead, make sure that you understand how Punjab works. In many ways, Punjab works like a traditional farming village but has become a booming city over recent years because of tourism, industrial zones, office areas, etc. There are hundreds of towns in Punjab where the population is rising so fast that they cannot grow their own produce anymore. These towns form groups/cities so you can come and stay overnight in big hotels without having to drive miles to reach them. As you see from the map, every town in Punjab has a particular reason for being named after it. Here are some examples:

•Hundi Chandan



•Kala Gala



















•Dera Ghaggar-A-3

•Raja Sattar

•Ahmedshah Kotan

•Kala Nagar







In addition, the entire area that is known as Hathras or Chawal is also famous throughout Punjab for housing large numbers of migrants. After all, why would anyone stay in such a poor place when you can just move out?

How Does Punjab Rozgar Works?

Punjab Rozgar is an agricultural cooperative scheme by which small farmers are given loans through an agreement between the public sector banking system, the State government, agriculture departments, and other state agencies. Basically, the banks lend money to small farmers who cannot afford their bills, and the rest of it goes towards improving access to capital for small farmers in rural districts. They use a network of independent lenders called Cooperative Banks who provide loans to villages located near main cities and large cities, mainly rural and semi-urban areas of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Karachi, Gujranwala, Vehari, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Gurdaspur, Mansa, Multan, Dera Ghaggar-H-3 etc.

The idea of Punjab Rozgar program comes from the concept of ‘pursuing agriculture’ and it allows the government to promote agriculture as one of the important economic activities in order to achieve self sufficiency and self dependence. Under this programme, the farmer is permitted to repay the loan in five instalments starting from 20 years’ time and ending up at 30 years. However, borrowers can request extra repayment periods. In the event of failure of crops, the borrower will be required to pay a fixed amount in return. Other important features of these loans are that they are non commercial loans and are subject to payment penalty charges and other conditions.

What You Need To Know About Punjab Rozgar?

You must always understand the terms and conditions before applying for a loan in Punjab and especially at RKHS

It would help if you understood how the process works at least before you start submitting any applications with the bank. If you don’t you will have to find out for yourself and have to ask around every corner.

There is probably an option to submit an application online so that you can choose to give a presentation at the nearest bank office which could be very useful for you. However, this is generally not available and requires a formal submission letter from the bank administrator.

  • You should make sure that you have legal documents by any means necessary
  • You can check the eligibility criteria to ensure you are eligible for the program
  • You must understand the requirements of the banks
  • You need to keep a copy of the application details and all your required documents
  • You need to sign the agreement that involves the bank, state government, Agriculture Department, and Rural Development Authority
  • You will get the approval letters from various ministries and departments

The last thing to mention is that before you proceed with the mortgage application; first understand your options and then fill them at once to avoid any chances of error.

How Much Will My Mortgage Application Cost Me?

Your application price in Punjab Rozgar will be determined by two different factors: the prevailing interest rate of the loan and the monthly fee charged by the bank or lender. We have seen an increase in rates since the beginning of the year so a good guess is that even if you go to buy a house and don’t opt to purchase one now, you will have to pay some extra premiums in that mortgage. Our advice is to go beyond 2% and then work towards 3% to 5%.

The average APR for a regular mortgage is 6.29 percent, 4.09% for pkhs2, 0.88% for kkhsa, 1.05% for sppms2, 0.84% for pkhs, 1.28% for hkb, 0.69% for khdh, and 2.42% for prnhs. Thus the lowest APRs are 8.31%, 6.29, 1.34 times higher than the normal standard APR which we have seen is 5.29 percent.

  • The minimum monthly repayment amount is Rs 14,000/- in rupees
  • The maximum loan amount is Rs 9,250/-
  • The repayment interest period is 5 years
  • The minimum limit is Rs 70,000/- in rupees.

What Features Are Important Before Submitting The Loan Request Form?

The following features are very desirable during your loan application process:

The application submission forms are usually submitted on behalf of the owner of the home you wish to acquire.

You can verify that the application has been completed via the phone number found on the application form. Many bank and loan companies insist that the completed form must be verified by calling the company head. Some lenders also require that the verification is completed at their offices.

It always helps to go with reputable firms and lenders to complete the paperwork and have a better chance of getting funding.

The loan amount must be taken into account but your bank or bank should offer an easy payment guarantee. If they do not, you will receive a warning letter.

When you file your application, please ensure that you include the following details: name, address, email, date and mode of application for registration as well as the residential address of the applicant.

How Often Should My Loan Applications Be Approved?

You will never get a written acceptance on your application. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by your bank or lending institution and they are free to decide on whether to accept the application or reject it. The decision will be delivered within 24 hours, and you will get no compensation. But you will get a refund of your balance which you will owe to the bank you used to borrow from.

When Is Punjab Rozgar Late?

If you get through the review process promptly they are able to extend or deny the loan. Sometimes lenders are unable to process applications that are submitted on the exact day due to high demand, and sometimes they might close applications due to outstanding amounts owed. Usually, applications will be rejected before they are properly reviewed and it takes several weeks for such applications to be received.

When Is Punjab Rozgar Free?

The only way to save money is to register with RKHS as soon as they become available.

This is why RKHS is known internationally as the best bank in the world. With multiple branches in the country, thousands of customers and millions of transactions happening 24/7, RKHS stands at the forefront of delivering innovative services that meet their ever changing needs even during Covid-19. When applications are approved by the Banking Authority at RK.


The Punjab Rozgar Scheme is a great opportunity for those looking for employment in the province. If you are interested in applying, make sure to follow the instructions carefully and submit your application before the deadline. Good luck!

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