Ptcl Netflix Packages – How to Avail Free Netflix Subscription on PTCL

How to avail free Netflix subscription on PTCL

The craze of Netflix is increasing day by day. Netflix becoming a popular website. People watch quality entertainment in their free time. Netflix is a better option for people having leisure time. People spend time watching seasons and movies. Packages of Netflix are affordable. You will be surprised when you will know about a free Netflix subscription. You can say it gift for Netflix lovers. 

If you are a regular customer of PTCL then you can easily avail this offer. In this informative article, I will discuss how to avail Netflix subscription for free by using the PTCL internet package.


What is Netflix?

Netflix is a United States-based TV streaming website. Netflix gives a loss to TV cables because many people are cut down with cable. Netflix is operating in 190 countries. Netflix has a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries.  The first online streaming was launched in 2007 by Netflix. Netflix has a significant name in the world of entertainment. Currently, it has 158 million users. These all users are paid. 



Eligibility Criteria:

Read this paragraph because I explained the eligibility criteria for a free Netflix package.

If you want to avail of this offer then your PTCL internet package should be 8Mbps or more. If you have already subscribed to above mentioned PTCL package then you can enjoy free Netflix for 6 months. For 6 months you don’t need to pay a single rupee. 



Details of free  netflix subscription:

This free subscription is based on the basic plan of Netflix (for 6 months). Its total fee is 7.99 United States dollars. If you change your Netflix package then your free duration of Netflix will also be changed.

Suppose you upgrade your premium plan of Netflix ( 11.99 United States dollars) per month then your free access will be decreased to 4 months only.

By using Netflix basic plan 1 you will get only one screen. This screen will be for smartphoneselapla ops

If you are not eligible for this free offer then dial 1218 and ask them to upgrade your package. Please upgrade a minimum of 8 Mbps. 



How to avail of this free   netflix subscription offer?

  • After fulfilling the eligibility criteria then move to the next step.
  • Read carefully the bill of PTCL.
  • Account ID and landline number will be printed on the bill.
  • Then open the given page of PTCL Netflix. 
  • Then fill the form by providing original details.
  • Write account ID and landline number in the given space and click on the Get Netflix button.



How to cancel this free netflix subscription offer?

If you want to cancel your free Netflix subscription then follow the below-mentioned steps. These all steps are in easy language and you can understand better.

  • First of all, opens the official website of Netflix from a laptop or desktop system.
  • You can also open the Netflix android application on your mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Your Netflix application will redirect to you on the official website.
  • Then you need to sign in. You can sign in by providing your original details. Original details mean your valid email address and password.
  • If you are already signed in then your account will be automatically opened.
  • Your username will be shown on the right side.
  • Click on the username option.
  • Then click on the My Account option.
  • After this click on Cancel my membership.
  • After this exact date will be shown on screen.
  • Then click on finish cancellation and your cancellation process will be completed.



Advantages of Netflix:

  • Users can watch movies and shows in different video quality.
  • Its library is full of movies and shows.
  • The interface of Netflix is user-friendly.
  • Netflix is compatible with all kinds of devices.
  • Netflix packages are affordable as compared to other platforms.
  • Netflix accepted all kinds of payment methods.



Disadvantages of Netflix:

  • Netflix is not fully updated. You can say it delayed the update. 
  • You can not watch any live content on Netflix.
  • There is no live streaming of sports.
  • Netflix required specific Internet speed.
  • Need speedy internet for Netflix.
  • Terms and Conditions of Netflix:
  • Netflix only operates on 4G data.
  • The Wifi internet should be speedy.
  • Netflix prevents our privacy policy.



(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Number 1: Is this offer is still available?

Answer: Yes, this offer is still available.


Question Number 2: Is this offer is applicable for customers having less than 8 Mbps?

Answer: No, this offer is only available for customers having 8Mbps or more packages.


Question Number 3: What is the duration of a free Netflix subscription?

Answer: A free subscription is only valid for 6 months.


Question Number 4: Is Netflix has an android application?

Answer: Yes, Netflix has an android application. You can easily download the Netflix application from the google play store.



Question Number 5: Is Netflix has an iOS application?

Answer: Yes, the Netflix application is also available in the iOS play store. You can easily download the Netflix application on iPhones from the iOS play store.





In this informative article, I discussed a free Netflix subscription for 6 months. I discussed this topic simply. You can understand this informative article easily. If you feel any difficulty while understanding then ask questions in the comment box. Our team will answer your question within few hours.

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