How to get an appointment in punjab land Record Authority (PLRA)

Are you looking for the best ways to get an appointment with the Pla Land record authority in your town and city? It is an essential part of a person’s life and as such, it can be a big undertaking or a challenge, depending on the kind of work you wish to do in your family. You can choose from various options like hiring someone’s services, using online forms, visiting office premises, or even visiting officials’ offices on foot. However, these methods are not perfect due to several reasons. Below are some effective ways in which you can avail yourself of the services of Pla land record authority and all its services.

Let’s begin

If you are thinking about going to the Pla Land record authority, then first we would need to understand what exactly this office does for a person in that regard. The agency is tasked with maintaining records of properties who have been settled in the area. They also maintain property registrations records. When you visit their office you will see that they wear the same uniform and that is to say, they don’t change their uniforms over time and so on. Their main focus is collecting real estate data of the residents of the said area. This information helps them know who has moved into that particular house and which one owns it. They maintain their own database and make sure that each data is kept separate. All this data can easily be found online at

Plra Appointment

If any of your relatives or acquaintances are living in the state of Punjab, you can try out all the above-mentioned methods and ask them to give you more accurate details.

  • If they fail or don’t help you out of fear of prosecution, try the following techniques online.
  • Visit their official website ( and fill out an application form before signing up. After filling out the form, you will be asked to pay a small fee based on the total value of the property you want to rent.
  • Once you have paid that amount, you can go ahead and place a request to the office at 10 AM every day regarding property sales, property valuation, etc.
  • You can even make a case with other states especially if you are planning to move here soon.

How to take my money back?

If there‘s no payment form on their web portal, check out how they can provide you with easy payment options like Credit card or debit cards. Also, they offer cash payments if you have that and keep adding in our list of useful information like address, phone number, email id or Mobile Number. Before you go for any form of payment, request them to send you the complete proof of your identity. They do it by mail so don’t go too much of your personal details. Always ask him for approval and get confirmation from the bank before proceeding further.

How to find me at home?

If you have a mobile number, log on to the website of Pla Land record authority and type into the search box “Pla land record authority”. Now you will be redirected to a page where you will just click the link for online appointments which starts with a call center. Choose the option of appointment and after that, you can book on the website or go directly through the booking process themselves. On this site, you can use your Smartphone to look for contact details and send your queries via email within 24 hours. But keep in mind that you are only allowed to book an appointment at the branch office itself without visiting outside the place.

How can I find out the current status of my property?

If you have requested to come to the Pla Land record authority to know the current status with respect to property valuation then you should look at the following records on their public domain website that have been published on their website recently:

  • List of properties available for sale in town
  • List of registered individuals
  • List of property titles registered under them
  • List of properties where property owners have transferred assets
  • List of property owners who have registered their property there
  • List of property owners who do not have a title deed.
  • List of residential buildings
  • List of flats, commercial, or retail office buildings
  • List of plots where buildings have been built on it recently
  • List of areas whose houses and apartments were sold recently.
  • List of plots, blocks, streets, and roads
  • List of property types registered under the government of U.K
  • List of plots where people have obtained permission to build new structures
  • List of plots where structures have been constructed on it previously
  • List of plots where structures were destroyed.
  • List of schools
  • List of offices where the owner has had permission to construct building
  • List of officials’ offices
  • List of government agencies and departments
  • List of ministries and agencies
  • List of judicial officers and courts
  • List of departments and authorities concerned.

It’s good to go to those places but if you’re planning to live nearby then you should just register with the local police and police station, as you don’t have any business on which you could rely on while living in the place. Many times there is nothing wrong with coming to the location to seek help for legal matters, business or otherwise. There are plenty of lawyers and accountants and many private firms in the area who you can seek legal advice from and so on.

If you don’t want to wait till the next year to find out whether your land has been improved, register for a professional surveyor. Just because yours is an old property you don’t have any rights in that regard and you should ask the surveyor to come to visit it to determine whether your concerns are being addressed.


All these things are important, but in general, you must never compromise. A person visiting the Pla Land record authority should always make sure that he/she is getting what he wants with utmost care. Otherwise, there are chances of losing his investment. So never rush here. Try to give your name, address, phone numbers, and all relevant details so that you can easily reach the office at 10 am. Good luck!

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