As you know that rate of unemployment is increasing day by day. Student have decrease but not have skills. And jobs are not available in Pakistan. Graduates are  increasing day by day but jobs are less in number. Concept of online job for students becoming popular nowadays. You can say that it is very easy and convenient method for earning money from home. For some jobs you need little investment. But some jobs are free. 

If you search on Internet you will find the thousands of online jobs for students. earning online money is not very easy. It is very easy for you  to read success story of different successful person. Consistency in work will give you success in online job. 

In this article I will discuss you different online jobs for students. And these all jobs are without investment. Before starting this job you need complete guidance about these jobs. Students can on money online according to their skills and knowledge. For this you need working internet connection with laptop or PC. You also need basic knowledge of computer. If you have grip on any skill then freelancing platform will be beneficial for you. 



List of Online Job For Students without Investment 

Here is list of few Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment at Home.


1.Data Entry:

For data entry student don’t need any skill. You don’t need any expertise or degree for starting data entry job. In data entry job different tasks are assigned to you. 

PDF to MS word are common data entry job. Converting data from pdf to excel sheet is also under the data entry. Different big and small organizations need data entry operator. Because these organizations need for data digitization. Data entry work is very easy and you can earn handsome amount. If you don’t have any skill and you are beginners then choose this field as a career on freelancing platform. 

Data entry expert has lot of demand on freelancing platform. Every small company needs data entry expert. If you have strong command on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word then data entry job is good for you.




There are different freelancing websites on internet. On freelancing platform you can sell your skills. If you have different skills then you can earn thousands of dollars. People per hour, Fiverr and Guru are famous freelancing platform. 

Students can earn money online by freelancing. But for freelancing you need some skills. For some online jobs students need zero skills.





3.YouTube Channel:

If you want to earn money then you need to start a  YouTube channel. First of all you need to create video. Upload the video properly. There are different YouTube channels that are teaching how to upload a properly video on YouTube. Always create your own content. Do not create fake content and do not upload copyright content on YouTube. If you upload original content on YouTube and your YouTube channel will be monetized. According to the new monetization policy YouTube channel needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time last 12 months. 

After monetization ads will run on your videos. YouTube pay you against your ads. You can also promote product of different businesses. In return you will get paid. 

Affiliate marketing is another option for earning money from YouTube.




Blogging is another good option for students if you want to earn money online. For blogging you need to create a blog. Then write articles on blog. After writing articles do complete search engine optimization of blog. After monetization of blog if someone click on ads you will get paid. Blogging has lot of scope. Students can start a blog on any topic. Before starting blog you need to know about sound knowledge of SEO and blogging.



5.Sell Used Items:

Selling used items on internet and Facebook is also good job for student. Facebook is the largest social media platform. OLX is also a platform for selling used items. Students can sell used mobiles and laptops on different social media platforms. Students can earn handsome money by selling used items on OLX and other social media platforms. This is also a best and good opportunity for students online job.



6.Domain Selling:

Domain selling is also a good business. Because domain is necessary for every websites. You can start your domain selling business on Facebook and other social media platforms. For this you need credit card or debit card for purchasing domain. Students can generate good profit by selling domain. Students can join affiliate marketing program of any renowned domain selling company.



7.Typing Jobs:

There is a lot of demand of typing job on freelancing marketplace. Typing job is a type of that entry job. For typing job you need high typing speed. Different assignments are given to you. Student need to convert PDF data into MS word form. Students are earning lot of money from typing Jobs. 


8.Digital Marketing Agency:

As you know that this is an era of technology. Marketing is not done by traditional method. For this you need to learn about digital marketing. You can say it social media marketing. 

You can approach different local businesses. In digital marketing you offer different services to clients. Did you turn marketing experts run campaigns of business on internet. Digital marketing expert also generate leads for businesses. Did you get marketing experts used different tools and different social media platforms for marketing. There is lot of scope of digital marketing on freelancing platform.



9.Ads posting:

Ad posting job is becoming a popular job for students. If you want to earn money from internet then ad posting job is suitable for you. Ad posting job is totally free. And if you are doing a posting job difference ads will be given to you. You need to post these ads on different social media platforms and different websites. Ads posting job is simple and easy. 



10.Pay to Click:

Students can earn money online by using pay to click method. Many websites are offering pay to click option. In pay to click website student need to register on that website. After registering student need to click on ads. Owner of website pay you according to your click.




If you are student and you want to earn money online then these above mentioned jobs are best for students. Keep in mind you should have strong grip on skills. If you are skillful then these all jobs are best for you. Students can earn thousands of dollars from these jobs.

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