Many many happy returns of the day | happy birthday

 Wishing happy returns of the day

Happy returns of the day are many days in a life of person like birthday wishes, anniversary wishes and many other days which are special in each person, but here we will write many quotes about wishing of happy birthdays and some are marriage anniversaries. 

First, we give you a brief introduction about birthday wishes


A Mildred J hill who was a school teacher first time sing a song “Good morning to all” with her younger sister Patty Smith in a kinder garden for the children of school and in 1893 this song was published in book. This book was translated in 20 editions French, German, Spanish and many other languages. Mildred J Hill, was born in Louisville in 27 June 1859

Later a young child easy to sing “happy Birthday to You” and this was published print in 1912 with the combination of melody and lyrics. 

Lyrics of Birthday song

“Happy Birthday to you”

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to You 

Happy Birthday dear (name)

Happy Birthday to you

This song was singing in all over the world and almost thousand s of times in a day. 

In this article we will give you many quotes and messages related to wishing of happy returns of the year like birthday, anniversary or other special days. 


many many happy returns of the day meaning in urdu

سالگرہ کی بہت بہت بہت بہت مبارک ہو



Birthday wishes- Happy returns of the year

Now we will give you messages and quotes about birthdays wishes or happy returns of the year for each relation separately. You can send these messages through Facebook, Whattsapp, Text messages, Twitter and Instagram which are given as

1. For friends

2. For Husband or boy friend

3. For wife or girlfriend

4. For anniversary

5. For sister

6. For brother

7. For mother

8. For father

9. For children or students

Now we start our topic with detail


many many happy returns of the day


1.For friends wishing birthday


Happy birthday my dear friend (Attach this sentence with all birthday messages given below)

  • God give you a lot of Happiness, love and success in your life. You deserve a lot of happiness and success in your life my sweet and best friend. 
  • Wishing you a glamours birthday my sweet friend. Where ever you go, God give you happiness and good luck in your whole of life.
  • Happy birthday dear! You are not just my sweetest friend but also a great source of inspiration and happiness for me. I wish you always shining, stunning and brighter than today.
  • It was the big day in your life and I prey may God blessings your life and fulfil your all dreams that keeps your pretty face with smile and keep happiness in your golden heart. Happy birthday my Dear sweet and best friend.


2.For Husband or boyfriend wishing birthday



  • Wishing you a fabulous Birthday celebration to my sweetest and wonderful husband.  I love you my dear hubby, you make me a precious girl in this universe. 
  • My sweet husband your love is amazing and more beautiful than colors of rainbow. Happy birthday dear.
  • I dreamed love in whole of life and now you give me in reality and fulfil my dreams. I wish we stay together in whole of life and celebrate this day each year with full of inspiration and happiness! Happy birthday.
  • My darling I wish this special day fulfil your soul and life with joyless and love. Happy birthday. 




3.For wife or girlfriend wishing birthday

  • Happy birthday my dear Love. You are unique recipient for me because you and your love are everything for me as long as I live.
  • My sweet darling wishing you a ridiculous and delightful birthday. You are my angel and its my aim of life to fulfil your life with incredible happiness. 
  • Happy birthday my dear. May all dreams of your life come true and every star of each night comes happiness and brings love for you.
  • My dear wife / girlfriend, you are my life. Always be happy and smiling. Happy birthday dear.
  • Wishing you a lovely birthday celebration to my amazing person. May your every step of life full with peace and happiness.



4.For wedding anniversary


  • Wishing you a fabulous anniversary today my lovely hubby or wife and wish to God we stay always be happy and together with love and prosperity. You are my dreamed life partner! Happy anniversary.
  • On this big day, I wish may God blessed you extraordinary happy in every second of life. You are my precious darling and secret behind of my all happiness. Wish you a blessed and wonderful anniversary my sweet hubby or wife. 
  • My honey! You are the only one girl in this world who won my heart and     full of happiness. It was a special day for us and we will celebrate this day with full of inspiration and excitement, happy anniversary. 
  • My dear life partner may this day full of goodness and happiness like you for me. Happy anniversary my darling.




5.For Sister wishing happy birthday

  • There a lot of beautiful things in life but no any one compare to you my dear and sweet sister. I am greatly thankful to God that he makes you my sister. Wishing you a credible happy birthday.
  • My dearest and lovely sister lots of love for you today and everyday of life. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • Wishing you very happy birthday my sweet sister. May your life full with happiness and success and each dream fulfill this day. Happy birthday. 
  • My dear sister, I always feel a pure joyless whenever you around myself. Thanks for being a precious star that lighten my whole world. Happy birthday sweet friend. 


Many many happy returns of the day | happy birthday



6.For Brother wishing birthday

  • God Bless you my dear brother with all of beauty, Love and sunshine with this special day. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday my dear brother may God bless you a lot of blessings this day that fulfill your all life with blessings and happiness. Happy birthday dear.
  • Forget your past, forget your future and enjoy this special day-happy birthday.
  • You are more valuable for me than a planet full of diamonds. I have not enough words to express my love and happiness for you. Happy birthday my dear brother.



7.For Mother wishing Birthday or mother day

  • Wishing you a sweet happy birthday my sweetest mother. You are great blessing for me in this world. You deserve a lot of love and joyless in this world. Happy birthday
  • My life is beautiful because God give me blessed and lovely mother like you. Happy birthday to my precious and sweetest mother.
  • You are my biggest gift in this planet from God. Happy birthday my dearest friend.
  • You are my best mom always be smile and happy. I have a great hug and kiss for you. Keep smiling and happy.
  • Mom you are such an amazing person made by God who sacrifice all his life for the happiness of our child. Love you mon-happy birthday my sweetheart.



8.For father wishing happy birthday 

  • There is nothing more important than you on this planet my amazing father and your love. Love you, like you, happy birthday to you my respected Dad.
  • I am such a blessing person because I have an amazing and credible father like you. You always available for me to fulfil our needs and make up happy. God bless you my Handsome Dad, Happy Birthday.
  • Dad you are an amazing and greatest gift from God for me. You are not just my Dad; you are my best friend in my life. Wishing you this special day with full of love and respect. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Dad. You are my Love, my first inspiration, my super hero and my first best friend. Love Dad bless you.



For children or students

  • Happy birthday my sweet child or student (name). May the angles protect you, forget sadness, goodness, success and happiness always around you. May God bless in every step of life.
  • Your face always full of smile in every moment of life like a special day, have a wonderful time and very happy birthday my shining star.
  • Hope You Always be happy and successful in your life. May God fulfil you’re all dreams and keeps you happy. Happy birthday my daughter or son.
Many many happy returns of the day | happy birthday




This article is written for giving best wishes and to wish birthday or any special day in their dearest person life.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones so that they can be enjoyed and get benefits. 


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