The Prime Minister of Pakistan has introduced the best internship program for youth. Now as soon as you graduate from the university you can do internship in different institutions. The duration of your internship will be from 6 months to 8 months. The company in which the students would like to do the internship will be paid a salary of Rs. They are monthly Larry hires her on the package.

Students who have studied engineering should submit their documents to a company related to their fields and apply for an internship there. After passing out from the medical field, students are worried for a long time. If young people apply for practice in the best hospitals, then the government of Pakistan is providing the best opportunity to the youth. From companies to well-known companies.Both men and women can apply for this internship.

By working in the best companies you can plan the best of your future. Food technologists can apply for student internships and get the best jobs in the future based on their best experience. Finance students can plan for the best future for themselves by applying for an internship at a private or government bank. Law students can work as a competent lawyer by setting up their own private chambers based on internship experience in Pakistani courts. Engineering students can create the best future in Pakistan based on their best experience by working as interns in various mechanical companies.

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The value of marketing students is that private companies hire marketing students to run for internships. Having the best experience in marketing can create the best future. Business students can apply to work as interns in private companies and set their future in the best way after gaining the best experience and in the next few years. Public Administration Students can get the best experience by planning internships with reputed social work companies of Pakistan.


As you know that every year there are seats for internships in different private companies, this time the government of Pakistan has introduced paid internship program for the youth. You will search on your mobile or laptop. You will see all the details of the company after clicking on the link of the company in which you would like to do the internship.

  • First of all you will write your academic qualifications in order on a piece of paper and then you will attach your educational certificates with this paper.
  • By creating a beautiful CV, you can send it to the company via email or WhatsApp or go to the HR office of the company physically and submit your CV.
  • As soon as the company sees your CV, the company will call you for an interview.
  • You will take this date with you along with all your academic and journal documents and will reach the HR office of the company.
  • Your company will conduct an interview according to the time specified by the company in which some questions regarding your educational qualifications will be asked and you will be informed about the selection.
  • When you go for an interview, the company talks to its committee and discusses your selection. And for a couple of days the company will tell you your job timing on a phone call.

And it gives you a gambling date. Once you join the company, then you should work and learn with complete satisfaction. The purpose of doing an internship is to learn work according to your education. According to the government of Pakistan, internships should be paid to the students so that they can bear their own expenses. Students of our country Pakistan are very lazy. The government of Pakistan has set up an internship pad for the students keeping in view the fact that they will continue to see AIDS but will not apply for it. Now, most of the institutes in Pakistan give internships to their students and pay the students. After completing the internship period, the students get the Experience Letter from the institute on the basis of which the students are given private or government. I can find the best jobs.


For the information of all the candidates, let me tell you that each company has its own history. It is not uncommon in private companies for you to submit forms from this date to this date. It stops submitting application forms when the seats of private companies are filled. You find out through various social apps that different types of jobs have come up in different companies so you apply as soon as that company conducts interviews and hires people for the job then it turns off its ads.

Now, as per the order of the Government of Pakistan, internship program for youth and freshers will be offered by private companies on pad. Internship of different companies is three months and internship of different companies is six months. According to the new policy of the Government of Pakistan, these companies will provide good salary to the interns. And the company will offer the best job in its company with the best salary to the students whose work the company will like. When students go to companies for internships, they try to work in the best way and follow the rules of the company in the best way so that the management of the company can be impressed by our work and offer us the best job in their own company.


Many young people are confused about where to get the internship form and how to apply for the internship. We will tell you in full detail in this article how you can apply for internship.

  • First of all, make sure that each company provides a link with its ad which contains the complete details of the company and the application form.
  • You can fill out this application form online right away and submit it to the company’s website while waiting for a phone call or message from the company.
  • When the company texts or calls you, you take your educational certificate with you to the company’s HR office where your certificate is verified and then a few days later the company calls you for an interview call.
  • In this interview, the company informs you about its products and its salary package. And the company informs Candidates about its rules.
  • The salary package of different companies is different.
  • They will clear the entire payment to the interns in the last month and some companies pay the salary to the interns every month.

The company discusses the salary package procedure with the company and even more about the company. If the candidate likes the company’s rules and regulations, then the candidate enters into an agreement with the company and is selected to do an internship in the company. The government of Pakistan has introduced the internship program so that the youth can find the best job for themselves in the government or private sector.


You must have an HEC Approved Degree to apply for an internship. You can then apply for the best internship as per the policy of the Government of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has introduced the best internship program for its young graduates. How to apply for this internship and what other documents will be required You must have a passport size photograph to apply for this internship. And secondly, it is very important to have a copy of Bay form and a copy of ID card and it is very important that you have a certificate approved by HeC and a transcript from the institution. Then you can apply for this internship program. Every year students apply for internships.

The Government of Pakistan has introduced the best internship program for students. This program will inspire the youth and the youth will not be disappointed with unemployment. After getting the best experience from this internship and after getting the letter, the youth can get the best jobs in government or private institutions and create the best employment for themselves. Millions of students apply for internships every year and are earning the best jobs in Pakistan or outside Pakistan based on their best experience. Apply for an internship at a reputed company and gain experience from that company. If the company likes your job, the company will offer you a job on the best salary package in your company after completing the internship period. Students get a good start.


You must be 16 years old for this internship and have your ID card made, then you can apply for this internship program. For this internship program, it is very important that you have a graduate degree first, otherwise, you can apply for this internship on the basis of a three-year diploma after matriculation or a two-year diploma in medical. After the three-year diploma, you will have to apply for an internship in a different engineering company so that you can learn something according to your field. When you apply for an internship based on a two-year diploma in the medical field, you have to apply to a hospital or clinic so that you can learn something related to your field.


A 16-year-old Hecat-approved Kennedy degree or diploma passed will be eligible to apply for an internship based on a 65% mark. Students who are engaged in any other government activities will also not be eligible to apply for these internships. Students who are students of a private or government institution will also not be eligible for this internship.

Only pass holder students can apply for this internship program in which master’s degree 65% marks and diploma holders after matriculation can apply for this internship program. Do not be afraid to apply for an online internship and find the best job for yourself by learning the best job with hard work. internship, thousands of students have applied to various Pakistani companies on a daily basis and are looking for the best job for themselves.

Due to unemployment, many of our educated youth are working with various NGOs and earning their living. When young men go to work in a private company as an internship, they go there and work hard so that in the eyes of the company management the quality will be good and we will be permanently selected in this company. However, due to the large number of students, the government of Pakistan, while talking to the institutions, persuaded the institutions to hire the talented students of their institution to internship in any of the management of their institution. Provide internships with experienced staff in your best projects so that students can make the best decisions for themselves about their future.


In this article we have given you information about the internships that the government of Pakistan has introduced for the people with master’s degree in Pakistan and how to apply for the internship so that the students do not face any problem. Let me make it clear that even those who have done a three-year diploma after matriculation can apply for this internship. Only government employees and people engaged in government work cannot apply for this internship and such people cannot apply while they are continuing their education.

Applicants for this internship, if they are diploma holders, their marks should be at least above 65%. If they have a master’s degree, then CGPA should be up to 3.2. Those below this will not be allowed to do internship. The government will provide Rs. 10000 per month to the students who will be selected for the internship.

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