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As we all know that this is the era of technology and advancement. Everything has evolved with time. Technology has become the need of every other person. Unlike in the past, everything takes a lot of time to be done like typing and printing. They take too much time to complete the procedure. But with technology and advancement, it has become the easiest thing. Because many shortcuts have been greeted to get something done. You can do whatever you want. In short, the computer has made our lives easy and convenient. We can take care of a lot of bad things. You can easily save your time and can do anything you want to do. Like in this regard typo g is available in many apps and Softwares. Like there are a lot of the typo g master apps are also available in mobiles and especially in the co. puter or Pc. This thing is important for typing on the keyboard. So the keyboard is not easy to type or understand you have to understand its use and then you would get what you want. An ultimate speed with sufficient accuracy and flow. So this was all that. Now we will discuss the software that is specially designed to make Urdu typing easy or this helps the person to type and learn Urdu typing on a computer. So this was all about it.

Now many of the software are available these days that provide you with the best availability you can ever have. So this is about typing. There is also much other software are available there. Like typing master, if 2010, 2011, and many other versions you can get. So this is about the typing software. This software assists you to type Urdu because it is difficult to type on the keyboard so it is a new way or new version to type Urdu on it. Now in Short it has become easy to write anything in Urdu on the software with the help of its features.

Now on this topic, I would tell you about the details of the software called Inpage Urdu software.


Inpage  Urdu software is one of the best software of all time to type Urdu on a computer and laptop. It is available on the internet and market. This assists you to type Urdu without any interruption on it. Now millions of people are using this software all over the world. This is the best typing software among all those who can type it. It converts the English typing in Urdu by just downloading or installing the program or app on the co. puter after installation it converts the difficult typing to easy and time-saving easy software.

This software is available on the internet or the online market to get that software. You can download whatever you want relating to typing Urdu. 

It helps you in many ways or it can help you to type many other languages.

*-Urdu languages 

*-Arabic language 

*-Sindhi language

*”-Hindi language

*-Kashmiri language

*”-Kurdish language

*-Persian language

*-Saraiki language

So these were the few languages you can easily type and print by using software like Inpage software.

These were all about the Urdu software and typing that language. So further details are given down there. This will be helpful in many ways.

Inpage Urdu software free download:

Inpage Urdu typing software is one of the best software you can have. There Are a lot of examples and explanations on this topic. This software is available on Windows and PC. So here are the details you want to see. First of all, it is and Windows operating software. It has different versions Available in different years. I. This 2012 is one of the oldest versions of this software. They provide us with all the availability you can have.

Now it the latest version operates on windows 7 and windows 8 also. These were few things you want to share .so you can easily get the 2012/version. On the internet which is an offline software. After that, it will download fast. Then you would get the software setup. This will be the exact version 

You can download it with the help of a window like 34/64 bit this both types would easily handle this kind of software.

It is one of the best Urdu types and edited software that can easily maintain all the software properties. So this was all that. 

Millions of the individual are using this software without any stop or break. You can say this is flawless in many ways. You can build software with the help of techniques. So this was all. that. Just so whatever you want

This was established in 2000 and 2009 then many of its version has been introducing yet like a version of 2013,2014 and many other versions.

You can type languages more than one at a single time. So it is not a problem for anyone. Just type it and get the font in front of you. On the page, Urdu is also available on the Windows operating system or windows.

Different windows like window 8 and windows 7 will support the software. So we can get this by installing a program and by download it free.

There are different types of fonts available on the Inpage Urdu typing software. You can sort it out this way like this. Two of them are here as ai mentioned in it

-Noori Nastaliq font.

– Batool font.

These were two few of them that you can use to type whatever you want. Here are the basics of the software. Just standardize the setting and then you will get the software for you. Type whatever you want on this software.

So you will feel a good improvement to the system or the app. Just get the latest version. You will know it. One thing that I learned from this software is the font system.

After you know what to do or how to type the Urdu on it you will get the answer.

Now some beginners and expert users can easily make this thing work by just the right usage of this app. You need to do nothing just follow the normal procedure. You go and get the app. Just download it from the source or get it by the app store. After it installs the setup of the software. So after installing that you will get the software and just type with basics. After that, you would get it. So that is what you want to listen to or read.

So just with an addition which can help you to autofill the spellings for you. Just type the relevant spelling and then you will get the exact and right answer or word in the end. This is not less than a blessing. Right or type the words you want to type and if you are not right then the software will automatically fill all the blanks this way. Just give hint and you will get the answer in form of words. Not even a single word that it can not predict. By autofill system, you will get the predicted word, and if the word is wrong it will be corrected automatically by the software.

This system got old It has been using for a long time. Now we can find it. In different systems like “grammatically,” this app is also working on the same principle. like if you got something wrong just correct it by the app or software itself. It is not that bad. Type the words and get the statement for yourself.

So it is it. We can use also many other apps that have functions like this and will assist you in this regard.

It not only supports the Urdu language but also English. So no need to worry about it. just follow the procedure then you will find the exact thing that you want to get. It is what it is.

Now furthermore, there is also another version called the phonetic Unicode version it is also an assistant system. Mean you can get the exact answer by just typing the word that matched it. This will add further words you want to add to make the statement proper. So here it is. So I would ask you to download that version on your mobile or laptop this would help you a lot to make everything good and work. So here it can help you in many manners.

Key features or characteristics:

In this, we will talk about the key features of this app.

As we know from the heading key features are the thing that makes this so. It demonstrates that we have to do something to make everything work. So here in further discussion, we will tell you about the main features linked to the software.

So here are the few being in features of the inpage Urdu typing software. Just download it and get the features on your mobile or laptop.

*–Multi-language features of the app:

*–Convenient to use the software:

*–New fonts like tools don’t introduce in software.

*–Audition of the snaps and album to the writings.

*– language autofill or auto corrector.

These were few important features of the inpage app so here by using this thing we can sort out the problems. So here it is. Now we can explain all these features in detail.

Multi-language feature if the app:

Now as we know it is a multi-language is it is available in this software you can type. As it has been explained before a lot of languages can easily cover by using this software. Just use this software in the right manner and you will get 6 to 7 languages. So these are the best thing about this software. The interesting thing is that this is a simple offline operating software. You just need to download and install the app and then we will find out about the feature it has. In short, it is a lot of helpful app with many important features in them. So try to do it better. Along with many languages like Urdu to Persian, it covers more than you think.

Convenient to use software:

As this may be indicated this app is one of the most predictable and easy apps. Just follow all the procedures and then you would get the app working to apply all the settings then you would get it’s working. the simple and versatile app with many modern and old fonts is available on the system and market.

New fonts introduce in the system:

Like as I already mentioned this app is one of the best apps I can ask or tell you. Because it also covers a lot of other features and functions of the typing system. When you want the typing on the computer you always want it to be simple and multi-functional. So we should always try to use the best option in any way. For all the features you can say thanks to the inventors or work g staff of this software. A simple procedure with a lot of other availabilities you can easily sort out many problems. So this is what we need to type Urdu and other languages like this.

Addition of snaps in the system:

It is already mentioned it is multifunctional with a lot of other beneficial things app. You just need to download that and at last use those features you want to work for. Here if you want to give the graphical presentation. Just go to the source in the computer and follow that snap and then drag it down to the typing place then this picture or snap will be added automatically to the place.

As far I think that is one of the best features it has. So no need to do any extra thing. Go and follow what I want you to do. It would help all of you.

Autofill or autocorrect system:

This is the real advancement in the typing system. You can say that it is a system that works with autocorrection and artificial intelligence, This means that you can write the word and if it is not correct then it will be corrected by the software system. In short, it is built up for the autocorrection system. For example, type a word like I am typing right now on the keypad. I am writing the word ‘this’ and if I type wrong spellings then it would be corrected by the system by itself and at the end, you would get the final shape of the word. This is all about the typing master. So as I already mentioned we can get the good thing with it. This is all is built up or organized to make everything easy and convincing for you. So this was the last and one of the good features of the system. So it doesn’t matter what would happen. You can get your thing done.

Inpage New version of 2021:

So here are also some latest version is also available in the package. You can use it in either way. Mean in the latest version or on the old version of 2012. Now Urdu writers and scholars can rely on the new version. There are also some other things you can get from this version. Just go on this and find it. Like you can get the styles of poetry you want from them. This was all about the latest version. Except for this, there are some other versions. You can get but these are all of like versions of 2013,2014,2015 and like this, there are also a lot of versions with many improvements. So get it in this way. As new one carries a specialty of the previous one but also contains some specific other quality of typing. This is not that bad.

So there are not only that also some other things we want to share. By using this we can also get these things.

*– easy to use 

*– some already present themes for the poetry 

*–Very light weighted version with easy assistance and supported by even a normal system.

*–Using all the friendly or good environment

So these were all that.

These we’re few new versions of the software. And they also improve many things with time. Here it is not that hard

 With any other availabilities, it has become easy to sort out the solution of the problem relating to this. So this is what it is. As mentioned the advantages above I. The list is not bad to say that it works in a good manner. Some important further advantages are also here 

Merits of using inpage Urdu typing software:

As we know everything has its own merits and demerits. So here I am going to talk about the benefits of using Urdu typing software. We can easily sort out problems like that. A couple of years later when this sort of software was not available then it was difficult to type in any language except English. As we all know it is related to the software. Now because of this software, it has become easy to type any language that has fonts like Urdu or vice verse. 

Because of this invention, it is not that hard

Now I think it’s a whole different invention. In this era. Like total different types of invention you have. You can easily make everything work in many ways. It has many of its advantages as well. So we should try to be humble and good for this.


There are also many benefits and demerits of this software. It is not that efficacious as others like if we talk about the. So we should try to be simple and steady for that. I hope we can get it better in any way. So we should promote all things in this regard 


As far I know this app has its benefits and demerits. We can use it in official works. Many Urdu writers and other language people can use this software for their official work. So we can make this work. Many nooks in Urdu have been published because of this software. This helped a lot. With time many things have been proved right and many of the things have been proved wrong. So it was this. We should use such software to make our work easy. As far I tho kit is a whole new thing. And this helped us a lot in many ways.

So after all the topic and discussion, we can say that it would not be wrong to say this is a blessing in many ways. A whole new. Invention or introduction for those who need to type Urdu and can type that. We should do something better to make this software working better. This is the real improvement. So this can help us a lot in many ways. All those inventions that made us skillful are only because of those who worked on the things like that. So it is what we need. Do something great for others and help others in this way or another. Thanks if you read this topic completely and thoroughly. I appreciate your attempt at that. So we can hope for the best and good. Try to share it with those who need this And also give some good reviews on this. We need your support. This is a good article you can get what you want by reading this article. Many people don’t know about the things like Urdu typing software like as we discussed Inpage Urdu typing software. These are all for the great things and to help people who need information about that. May we help each other in some ways. So this is it. We all get what we want in the end but one tho gs matters are how we react at the moment. So again be good and nice to others. We should not try to find any reason for that. It’s easy to try to do great by thinking good.

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