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Many people that using mobile phones recognized that the sector of telecommunications is underground in the Pakistan has display very important and basic role in the momentum us in a community and in this community we are all accept that we are insufficient beyond our mobile phones in our lifetime. The usage of entertaining platforms and also the usage of internet on our mobile phones has been deeply changed the method in which environment we are spending our lives, broadcasting and work.

We all of us absolutely taction disappoint in these conditions at the time when our mobile phones has stolen anyone at any place in Pakistan or our mobile phones misplaced anywhere in Pakistan. In these condition if your mobile phones has stolen, it may misplaced or it changed with any other person then you are simply visit the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for the placement a report of your stolen mobile phone. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will demand from you to providing the IMEI number for the purpose of block the stolen mobile phone very soon and quickly when you are place a report if your mobile phone.

Block mobile by IMEI number online Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Central Police Crime Record Department (CPLC) are both responsible for verification of mobile phone status. Citizens can contact these departments to inquire about the current status of their mobile number(s). In this article, we will outline the steps required to verify your mobile phone status with PTA and CPLC. Happy reading!

  • You go to the Pakistan Telecom Authority or go to your personal nearby district sectional office
  • You can also easily block your stolen mobile phone through send an email on this given email address:

imei@pta.gov.pk, you also remembered that you also give the IMEI number of your stolen mobile phone and this way PTA will doing the process of block your stole cell phone.

  • You can also contact to PTA through the Helpline number: 0800-25625
  • The owner of stolen phone can also communicate with the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Helpline: 1102, 021-35662222 and also call on 021-35682222 for the complaints of protection.
  • You are also easily block your stolen or misplaced mobile phone through the method of sending a SMS to CPLC at their telephone number: 021-35682222. But you also to gave the IMEI number of your stolen mobile phone in the SMS which you send to CPLC.

What Information to Provide?

(1) You will provide the IMEI number of your stolen or misplaced mobile phone.

(2) Provide the those mobile number which used in the stolen of misplaced mobile phone.

(3) Provide the variety, standard and color of your mobile phone.

(4) Provide the date when this scenario to be occurred.

(5) Provide your own name according to the ID card.

(6) Provide your own CNIC number .

(7) Provide the names of your father and mother.

(8) Provide the living address

(9) Provide your own registered mobile number

How To Check Status Of A Smartphone?

If you are want to check your stolen mobile phone position then the current condition of your blocked phone is basically to be judged when 16 hours working time to passed out after the complaint of your stolen Mobile phone.

You can easily judge the current condition of your stolen mobile phone in following methods.


You deliver the code of 15 number IMEI to the 8484


You can very easy and simply login to web page of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Android App

You can easily investigate the current condition of your stolen mobile phone through the Android application (DVS).

When your stolen mobile phone is blocked then the sequent SMS will display on your screen regard to your stolen mobile phone IMEI.

“To block IMEI number of your stolen digital telephone device (Complaint to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority against theft, loss or misuse)”

Kindly Remember: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is Authorized through very simple way bounded blocking the mobile phones. If you are want to trace/ track your stolen mobile phones then you firstly should communicate the district level police station or communicate with the law administration departments. Kindly also know of this fact that wrong information or reporting is genuinely a authorized crime in Pakistan and government will be handle you with the rule of law.

How To Check The IMEI Of Your Phone

For the purpose that you have no knowledge or no experience about in which method you can easily received the IMEI code or number of your mobile phone then you do not feel any anxiety. It is very acute and genuine method. It is easily to be achieved through a number of method that is explained below:

(1) You just dial *#06# from your keypad of your mobile phone.

(2) It is displayed on your mobile phone box.

(3) After this you go to the settings and click on about phone option and then click on status and after this IMEI information will displayed on your screen.

(4) You discard the back cover and also battery of your mobile phone. The IMEI number or code also write within the battery portion, this method is beneficial for those mobile phones whose batteries can be discard from the phone at the time of requirement.

(5) For the IOS mobile phones just visit the Settings and then click on General option and after this click on About.

So, you can easily and through the simple way blocked your stolen or misplaced mobile phones with the help of the all given above methods. At any point or any time in Pakistan when you face like these unhappy scenes appear to your own life then you can simply and very fastly  proposed handed over a objection.

When your mobile phone is blocked then anyone can’t mismanaged the whole information that is available on your mobile device. When your information to be keep safe and sound then you may take expiration respire of comfort.

In addition, DIRBS means Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System has been presented to facilitate the people by Pakistan Telecom Authority for the purpose of block and to determinate those mobile devices which are not registered and pirated mobile phones.

In the nearly time, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been started a service of sending messages (SMS) to every person which use the mobile phone for the purpose of authenticate their mobile phone, likely to after the date of 20 October exclusively identified or authenticate mobile phone consumer’s mobile phones will be activate and those consumers who do not verify their mobile phones will be blocked.

Therefore to avoid from the blocking of your mobile phone from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, you must register your mobile phone as soon as possible.

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