This article will give you complete information about Instagram, how you can share your photos and videos on Instagram and make beautiful and excellent editing of your photos and videos. This application is similar to Facebook and this application is an advanced application of Facebook. Like you guys upload your photos and videos on your Facebook id but Facebook does not allow you to edit photos and videos but you can make your photos and videos beautiful and best by editing on Instagram and this The app can upload videos of 30 seconds or less. This story will stay on your account for about 24 hours, after which this story will disappear from your account.

This application does not allow you to save your story until you go to the timeline and save your story and remember that when you upload a story, it uploads your other story up to 30 seconds. One of the best options in this app is that you can edit your photos and videos beautifully and through this app, people like and comment on your photos and videos on which you get a chance to become famous. In this article, we will teach you how to edit and upload videos and photos in the most beautiful way so that you can best put your photos and videos on Instagram story. As I told you, the Instagram story lasts for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Young boys and girls all over the world including Pakistan love this app and to make it popular among the people through this application they make the pictures and videos beautiful by clicking on the videos and photo editing option in this app. And Instagram users pass and like the best and the best comments on people’s photos and videos because of people’s photos and videos and follow your account. Follow and Like more so that you can put your photos and videos on the Instagram app in the best way and increase your fan following all over the world including Pakistan.

When you post your videos or photos on Instagram, the story stays on your Instagram account 24 hours a day and then disappears from the Instagram key page. Go to and post videos or photos of yourself like you upload photos and videos on Facebook and write the best caption on your post. Instagram users love the caption you write and copy the caption that gives you the best points. You create an Instagram account just like a Facebook account and you have the option to make this account a private account and a public account. Most of the time people keep their accounts private.

If you are a person who wants your releases to run on a daily basis and keep your account secure. In this article you will find complete information about Instagram, so don’t worry now, you can read this article in full for information about Instagram.


A lot of people use the button to post their stories on Instagram but this way you can’t edit your photos and videos to post on your stories which is why more people don’t like your videos if you like your videos. If you post by editing beautifully in the best way, then a large number of people will like and like your post which will increase your followers and you will become famous and very famous because of your excellent editing. When Instagram was newly introduced, people didn’t know how to crawl the app, which is why they left Instagram. But now people have learned to use Instagram.

Now people have learned to edit their videos and photos and post their videos on the Instagram page with the best beautiful editing and thousands of people like these videos and like and comment which makes your Instagram page.

But the followers grow and your account gets femininity In order to post on Instagram, you need to do the best beautiful editing of photos and videos and put your photos and videos on the story of the Instagram page as you have been told that less than 30 seconds or 30 seconds on the story page on Instagram. Time videos last up to 24 hours and keep circulating on your account and after 24 hours these videos disappear from your account.

If you want your photos and videos to be saved on your account, then you have to post your photos and videos on Instagram just like when we post our photos and videos on a Facebook page then our account page is saved. Are And Instagram, along with its great features, allows us to best save our data with our ID and save some of our old photos or videos that have been deleted from our mobile phones or laptops to us. The best way is to edit and re-post these images so that our old images are circulating on social media in a new way and a large number of people like these images and like and comment on them.

Facebook and Instagram are the most used apps all over the world. People have earned great income through these apps and gained the best fan following. Number and best Instagram users like your post. A large number of people create videos and photos of their work on their Facebook and Instagram accounts which are viewed and liked by a large number of people and ask you questions and answers about your work in the comments box and do your best. They are very popular because of their work skills and some of them are very popular because of their excellent looks.

They become very popular among the people because of their style and luxuries and the companies of different dresses promote their brands by giving the gift of being the best clothing brands for the promotion of their clothes. And some young people become so famous for their looks and style that people’s comments and likes make their monthly income so much that they want to improve themselves further and they can change their style and looks. I become very popular and a large number of people like and comment on their posts And some young people work to put a smile on people’s faces because of their natural talent. People are very happy because of their unique style and they like and comment on them.


Like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter apps, Instagram also gives income to its users, but in order to earn income, it is very important to have a number of followers when a large number of people will like and comment on your videos and your post. So you have to draw on your earned payments which will keep your expenses out This app is very easy to run and a large number of people like this app and post their photos and videos and make money from Instagram. Some people keep sharing posts about their work on their Instagram ID and some people and people about their work follow them and like their work and many companies see their work on Instagram. Invite to companies.

The big companies have set up their Instagram accounts and keep posting about their work which is liked by a large number of people. When you post videos about your work, these big companies offer you the best job in their company and you work as an officer in these companies and the series of videos on Instagram continues and in this way also the best. Keep making money and keep people informed about their work. A large number of people get the best jobs and get the best likes and comments because of these great videos. And there are a number of people on the Instagram page who have become famous on the Instagram page because of one of the best artists hidden inside.

When you edit and post your videos and photos on Instagram in the best way, a large number of people like your photos and videos and like and comment on these videos. Due to which they get good pay and they face a lot of public figures due to their likes and falls. There are a number of people on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube who post their lectures and are very popular among the people because of the comments on their lectures and earn good money for which they get dollars and they call them Pakistani. Or you can have a vadra in your country’s currency and take it like the best celery package You get the best packages on Instagram.


Most Instagram users write the best content rates for their account’s reputation and get a large number of comments on their accounts in the best possible way and it is true that some Instagram accounts, some Facebook accounts, and some YouTube accounts are doing digital marketing. And through their work, they are able to earn a good monthly and annual income A large number of people contact these people to advertise their account or their business, do digital marketing with them and make their account or business famous and by doing so they get paid at a good price and they get paid for it. I make the best use of it Sometimes these big companies post their company ads from their accounts.

Big hospitals and big schools and big companies digitally market their company to the accounts of these famous Instagram users and make their accounts and their business shine. There are also a large number of people on this Instagram page who are known on Instagram as the best content routers and write the best articles about people’s business and get the best pay. And their work is very popular among the people because of the excellent likes on the related post Based on which people give them work related to their work and they rate it in the best way.

A large number of people pay them the best pay and post about their work and they write the best content and send it to the people and they send it to their account in the best way and send their work and work related to their company. Shine well and earn the best income.


In this article, we have learned about your Instagram, how you can best post on your account, and make this post about people’s minds so that people will like your post and people will like you. Like and comment and follow you on your Instagram account When you have more following, you can earn better with this app, and your fan following will increase. Running jobs The video story that Instagram users upload to the story stays on the page for 30 seconds and after 24 hours this story disappears from your page.

This article tells you how you can save your videos and photos to your account and then edit them and post them back on your different accounts. You are also told how you can withdraw your earned payments from your accounts and convert them into Pakistani money. We hope you find this article informative about Instagram. A large number of people and young people are making money from Instagram and are financing it in the best way possible.

In this article, you have also learned about earning from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and also told you how you can share your post on your accounts and how people like your post. We hope you understand well.

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