How to join Punjab Police as ASP, DSP, ASI, and Sub Inspector 2024?


The discussion of this article is for those, who want to take admission in the following specialty as ASP, DSP, ASI, and sub-inspector. Punjab Police produce new forces every year on the basis of study exams and physical fitness tests. The Skilled teachers from the Police side, provide their best skills just for to face the terrorist activities in Punjab.

The Punjab Police has recently allowed or authorized a new highly skilled force named “Dolphin force”. This is a highly technical skilled force.

Most of the persons has a dream or desire to have a job in Punjab Police, starting from ASI to onward. This is the level that every person can improve the scale of the job.

After completing the ASI level, the person jumps to Sub Inspector Post and then reaches to Inspector Post and so on.

Right after passing ASI and Sub Inspector post, then in the very next step, the person goes for the PPSC exam which is conducted soon after the job announcement.

When we talk about above rank jobs and for inspector, then he/she has to clear the PMS exam. PPSC also conducts PMS exams.

The total criteria are based upon merit and eligibility or capability of candidates just for to move forward. So if you want to join Punjab Police then must follow some requirements and joining criteria given by the Punjab Police profession.


Eligibility criteria for joining Punjab Police as an ASP:


Here the question arises that what does ASP stand for?

It stands for Additional Superintendent of Police.

Federal Public service Commission (FPSC) selects the ASP.

The FPSC links with the Central Superior Commission of the federal board and is high level board.

This federal board takes exams for the ASP post selection on 17th grade.

For joining the ASP post, this requires graduation along with CSS passed examination are essential for this 17th-grade job. Once a person completes his graduation and CSS exam, then he can confidently apply for ASP post. The Police department then send him for training. When this person completes his training then he can easily join Police department as an ASP and can start his job.


Eligibility criteria for joining Punjab Police as a DSP:

The DSP stands for Deputy Superintendent of Police. It’s eligibility criteria is same as for ASP.

A DSP is also selected by Federal Public service Commission (FPSC), person should pass the Central Service Commission, after this he has to pass the competitive test training.

Right after completing the training the eligible person can join this department.


Eligibility criteria for joining Punjab Police as an ASI:

ASI abbreviation stands for Assistant Sub Inspector, having a BPS scale 09 in the Police department. Federal Public service Commission (FPSC) also take selection for ASI. The basic requirements of this is that:

1- Clear intermediate exams. 

2- Hight should be in the range of 5 to 6 inches. 

3- Age limit is 18 to 25 years. 

The selection procedure involves 4 basic steps as:

1- Written Test. 

2- Interview. 

3- Medical fitness. 

4- Test of training for learning the duties. 

If a person clears all these steps then he is confidently eligible for the Police department. 


Eligibility criteria for joining Punjab Police as Sub Inspector:

Eligibility for Sub Inspector depends upon, Graduation from a recognized university at the minimum second division. For this post, the  BPS 14 scale is assigned. 

The age of candidates should be in ranges of 20 to 25 and onwards. Domicile is a must. The height of candidates should be in ranges of 5 to 7 inches and for females, the height ranges are 5 feet to 2 inches. 

The chest dimensions of males should be 33 inches to 34.5 inches. The visual distant without glasses for both males and females should be 6/9. Candidates can apply by giving medical fitness reports and other documents as intermediate result card along with Domicile. In case of any physical disability or any internal ailment, the forms will be rejected by the Police department. Different sorts of test are conducted by Police department before joining this field. 


How to join Punjab Police:

The test for Punjab Police is made up of different subjects as General knowledge test of Current affairs, Islamic studies, Everyday science, Ethics, Analogies, Similarities, Relationship concepts, and Arithmetic problem solving, etc.

After this, the department provides the Quantitative/computer test, which includes decimals, fractions, basic computer skills, square roots, Profit and loss sums, averages, and percentages. 

This General knowledge-based test is given to candidates just to judge the abilities of candidates. 


How to become a Police officer in Pakistan:

The main duty of Police is to apply for law and order in community. Police officers are the scavengers of this community. Their main work is to protect the people or citizens from enemies. There are some types of the Police department as Crime investigation department, traffic control police and Dolphin police etc. It is your choice that which field you will choose. The police department selects a talented and powerful person, for protecting the citizens. If your choice is to become a Police officer then you should have enough education for applying this and if you want to become a higher-level officer then you should have Bachelor’s degree. 

If someone wants to join the Police force, then this requires complete physical as well as mental fitness. You have skills decision making at right time as a Police officer just to deal the difficult situations. The qualification criteria have been discussed in the above detail. 


Salary of Punjab Police:

A very challenging career starts soon after joining this field. You learn the different challenges of life with a handsome salary. Due to their tough work, the government of Pakistan has increased the salary of all Police men because Police eradicate the terrorists and save us from internal and external enemies. So my opinion is, to join these opportunities of jobs in Police department. 

On the basis of the temperament of the job, the Police have further alienated into a number of sub-heads as. 

  • Highway patrolling police. 
  • Crime Exploration police. 
  • Elite police. 
  • Muhafiz squades. 
  • Anti terrorist squads. 
  • District police. 
  • Salt away Constabulary. 



Age        17 to 25 years. 

Chest     32 to 33 1/2

Height    5 feets to 8 Inches. 

Quali.     Matric. 



When I talk about the reputation of the Police then it seems to deter because the army given them the work is known as “dirty work”. Their works involve rigging elections, crushing political dissent, and convincing opponent to disappear. 



The human rights commission of Pakistan reveals the news that there are hundreds of cases of extra-judicial police killings. The basic reason for this is that the police take the court decisions into their own hands because of the inefficient court system which allows them to go free. Whatever Police has won the sympathy from the public, about to the poll of 3500 Pakistanis, in which 42 has approved for police force. 



I am hopeful that this explanation is sufficient for those who are interested in the Police department. We tried hard to give entire information regarding the admission criteria as well as the categories of Police jobs. Our aim is to provide the best details to those who are sincere in getting jobs in the department of Police. If you guys like our efforts then it’s our request to share this site with others. So that everyone can get true information. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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