• Need to identify how to get the NTN number? Formerly here is a comprehensive detail for you.
  • Visit FBR IRIS online portal 
  • Select Registration (for unregistered individuals only)
  • Insert all the particulars in the submission form 
  • Hit the submit key, the registration process is completed 
  • The subsequent action is to login to an account 
  • Edit the submission form (Insert all your particular, salary plus property facts and you will obtain NTN (National Tax #) in limited hours) 

If you have revenue in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan then you necessity pay the tolls or taxes. To recompense the tax you prerequisite an NTN (National Tax #). FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has ended it compulsory for every paid individual as well as business individual to wage the payable taxes or tolls. To wage these tolls in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, you prerequisite to register in the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) structure.

How to Get NTN Number - Register for Income Tax in Pakistan

Why do you prerequisite NTN (National Tax #)?

If you are accountable to pay any of the subsequent taxes or tolls: salary or income tax, estate tax, sales tax in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan then you essential have an NTN (National Tax #) approved by the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). This will style you a listed, taxpayer in the state. As a taxpayer, you may have some lawful rewards such that, you have to wage fewer automobile token tax, minimum tax amount on financial dealings, estate dealings, etc. amongst others conflicting to a non-tax payer.

Meanwhile, NTN (National Tax #) is compulsory for paying taxes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, then if you are a corporate proprietor, you will have to list it, nevertheless, if you are a waged worker then your company can create NTN (National Tax #) for you from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). Though, you have to folder the tax proceeds in FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) per annum regardless of your incomes or revenues.

How to acquire NTN (National Tax #) from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue)?

The procedure of obtaining an NTN is ended very relaxedly plus approximately digital these days. You do not prerequisite to visit FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) headquarters to acquire your NTN (National Tax #), relatively you can straightforwardly perform it currently online.

Memorize that if your salary is within the permissible and allocated bracket that of taxable revenue then you have to acquire NTN (National Tax #) from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). Therefore, if your salary is more than six (6) lacs Pakistani Rupees per annum then you are accountable to recompense the income tax or toll. Though, do not apprehension, as we will pace you over the unassuming stages of collecting NTN (National Tax #) from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue).

How to get ntn number in Pakistan

Before begin, you prerequisite to retain all the appropriate papers within your range to drive forward with the online procedure. You can also list NTN (National Tax #) with FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) by following an offline procedure plus substantially visiting the headquarters or via appointing experts.

Credentials prerequisite for Salaried Individuality’s NTN (National Tax #) Listing

  • Photocopy of legitimate CNIC
  • Photocopy of the lately paid electric bill (not older than three (3) months)
  • Most Recent pay slip
  • Telephone Numbers (Cellular Phone and Landline) 
  • Functional E-mail address
  • NTN (National Tax #) of Firm, headquarters address, as well as functional E-mail address

Credentials prerequisite for Business’s NTN (National Tax #) Listing

  • Photocopy of legitimate CNIC
  • Photocopy of a freshly paid electric bill of corporate site
  • Plain Letter Head of Corporate 
  • Estate documents or Leasing Contract (Leasing Contract written on stamp paper of Rs. 200)
  • Telephone Numbers (Mobile Phone and Landline), and functional E-mail address
  • Sort of Business

Crucial steps to be followed to get NTN Number

Step 1:Primarily you have to visit the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) IRIS online portal. A new screen will be found.

Step 2:Select Registration (for Unregistered Individual only). A dialogue check box will appear.

Step 3:Insert all the required data such as:

  • Basic info
  • CNIC without dashes 
  • Insert your full name devoid of prefix
  • Select prefix
  • Insert your First, Middle as well as Last name successively in the corresponding spaces
  • Insert Cell Phone # (Note: phone number should be listed on personal CNIC)
  • Insert E-mail address
  • Solve the Captcha and then hit the Submit button

Step 4: Surrounded by 5-10 minutes, the structure will transmit two (2) unique six (6) figure codes on a provided phone # as well as on an E-mail address. Insert these codes in the allotted spaces.

Step 5: Your account will be generated and you will obtain a code word and PIN from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) through SMS or e-mail mentioned. Log in to your account using those usernames and passwords sent by FBR (Federal Board Of Revenue).

Step 6: Once logged in to your account, select draft. You will find out a 181 submission form.

Step 7: Hit edit-key and you will find out various tags such as 

  • Personal Tab 
  • Business Tab 
  • Property Tab
  • Link Tab
  • Attachment tab
  • Bank Account tab
  • In the ‘Registration #’ area, insert your CNIC # with no dashes.
  • Insert the pin collected on your e-mail address or mobile phone.
  • Hit the Login key and the new screen will emerge.

Step 8: Select draft

  • Select registration then select Form or Statement
  • Select 181 registration form organized of your own accord. This area will be emphasized and an editing key will emerge.
  • Hit edit-key.
  • Select ‘Personal’ and a new screen will display.

Step 9: Select ‘Accounting Period From’.

  • House or Headquarters address is mandatory.
  • On the upper right corner, select plus key, and the property dialogue box will appear on the screen.

Step 10: Edit the corresponding fields.

  • Choose your UC (Union Council).
  • Select the 
  • District
  • Division
  • Country
  • State/Province
  • Land Area
  • Covered Area
  • Measurement Unit
  • Acquisition Date
  • Capacity 
  • Owner’s name
  • Insert the Percent (%) share not including a percent (%) mark.
  • Insert CNIC # of the owner.
  • Fill up the form accurately and hit the ‘OK’ button.
  • Insert the electric bill info via snapping plus (+) key.

  • Step 11: Select the values in Type and Choose. insert the reference # provided on the electric bill. Select Provider as well as connection date and hit ‘OK key’.
  • Repeat the steps if you intend to add up the data of several bills. 
  • If you own a corporation inserting the utility bill data is mandatory.
  • Select ‘Business’ and the new screen will display.

Step 12: A business dialogue box will appear. Select the values in mandatory fields.

Step 13: Hit search and then pick out from a catalog of activities you are engaged in.

Select Category, Grouping, Class, Subclass, Merchandise, and Opening Date.

Step 14: Select ‘Principal activity, if this is your fundamental activity of corporate. A new screen will appear.

  • If you have extra business add up it utilizing the identical procedure as explained above and select ‘OK’.
  • To insert a business address, click on ‘Select’ and insert the address.
  • To insert a new business address select ‘Add other property’. Enter the required information and click ‘OK’.
  • To edit the address adhere to the procedure of inserting the address stated beyond then select ‘OK’.

Step 15: Inserting bank account details is compulsory.

  • The Investment dialogue box will appear on the screen.
  • Select your account category in the ‘Type’ area and select the value in Form.
  • Insert your sixteen (16) digit bank account #.
  • Tick on the search tool opposite to ‘Institution’ and choose your bank name.
  • Pick the value in exchange.
  • Choose the preferred value in Capability.
  • Insert the percent (%) share not including the percent (%) mark.

Step 16: Tick on the knob at the right angle and a new screen will appear.

Involving an individual is obligatory.

To link an individual snap on ‘Link’.

Step 17: Insert the standards in capacity, percent (%) share as well as start date, and tick ‘OK’.

  • To attach the name tick on the hunt tool opposite on ‘Name’.
  • Attach the name and Registration # of that individual and tick on the search tool.
  • A catalog will be seen. Choose the preferred individual from that directory.
  • You cannot include one individual more than one stint.
  • After finishing click OK.
  • You have finalized the submission form. To be the sure thing you have provided the correct info read out the application form and verify that you have inserted the whole thing accurately.
  • If you need to gross the print of your info tick on print.
  • If you tick the ‘Submit’ key you cannot alter the data after that.
  • In circumstance, you want to verify and fill some area tick on the ‘Save’ key and save the info momentarily.
  • Do not tick ‘Submit’ except you are indisputable that the whole thing you have inserted is accurate.

Here we have it guys! If you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this editorial (How to get NTN (National Tax #) number?) then feel free to mention it in a comment section below.

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