How to use and earn money from Tiktok app 


Tiktok is a mobile app which uses a huge population in Pakistan and in international countries. It uses many celebrities, actress even school and collage students to make their videos.


Tiktok is an app on which videos are made by using background music, movie songs, film dialogues and drama scenes. On Tiktok you can watch short videos, uploads and download. This app is using for entertainment but now it was become a source of income which has many ways, which we will explain in this article.

In the previous article we tell you how you can use, earn and withdraw from snack videos app and

In this article we will give you detail that how you can use Tiktok  app, earn money from it and how you can take withdraw from it. Hope this article will be very beneficial for Tiktok  users to use it and to earn money. 

Here we will explain

• History of Tiktok 

• How to download and use Tiktok

• How to make account on Tiktok

• How to earn money from Tiktok

• How to withdraw money fromTiktok 

• Conclusion

Now we discuss the detail of these points which was given below


History of Tiktok

Tiktok app was launched in China country in 2016 by Byte Dance in Beijing. With a year this app was much famous and almost one million people was using it, Billions of videos were watching on daily bases. After one year in 2017 this app was launched at international level in which Pakistan and many other countries are included. 



How to Download and use Tiktok

You can download this app from any referral link or from google play store. To download Tiktok  app from google play store follow the steps given below


  • Go to google play store
  • Type Tiktok in URL and click search
  • Now you see an option to download Tiktok
  • Click on this option and downloaded it
  • After some seconds, Tiktok app will be installed in your mobile phone
  • Now you can watch videos on Tiktok



How to make an account on Tikt0k app

To earn money and to upload any video on Tiktok app, you need to make or login their account on Tiktok  app. You can login their account on Tiktok  app by different ways which given below


1.Login through Facebook

When you click on login option then you see many options in which one option is login through Facebook which was so easy method. Then if you have Facebook account then click on this option and write their Facebook Email ID and password. Then your Tiktok  account will be made and logged in through Facebook.



2.Login Through Google account

The other method to login Tiktok  app is their google account. It was not a new account it was registered to your phone. When you purchase a new mobile and start it, then you must login through Google account, then it was the same account which can be used for Tiktok  app.

To login through Google account, you need to just click on this option “login through Google account” and with in some seconds your Tiktok app will be logged in with google account.



3.To put a referral code

The most important thing

When you logged in Tiktok  app, after that you need to copy paste the code of a person on which referral you join Tiktok , even you logged in through Facebook or through Google account. it will be beneficial for you and to your referral friend to earn coins for watching videos. 

Referral code option was given in Tiktok  bonus option.



How to earn money through Tiktok 

Tiktok  launched a new and fantastic thing to earn money which was very beneficial for their users and become their source of income. But many people don’t know that how to earn money through Tiktok  app, then we will tell you different methods to earn money in which some are very easy and useful for everyone. So, the list of different methods to earn money from Tiktok  was given below.

1. Sign up reward

2. To put a referral code

3. Invite friends

4. Share activity

5. Upload videos

6. Add related hashtag

7. Watch videos

8. Link Tiktok  account to other social media account

9. Cross promotion

10. Earn money from sponsors or brands deal

11. E-Commerce business or product selling

Now we will discuss the detail of these points which was given below one by one


1.Signup reward 

(Method to make a new account is given above)

The first and most important method to earn money is to make an account and signup on Tiktok  through a Facebook or through a google account. When you sign up a new account on Tiktok , you will be receive reward 20,000 coins at immediate base which will be 20 PKR (1000 coins =1 PKR)


Note: If you don’t make or login account on Tiktok  then remaining all earning methods will not work.




2.To put a referral code

When you logged in their Tiktok  account, the other step to put a referral code. When you put referral code, you will get 30,000 coins =30 PKR at the spot


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3.Invite friends

The third method to earn money is to invite friends, it was the biggest method to earn a lot of money. To invite friends, have a specific method in which

Share link ~ Downloads ~ get rewards

To invite an individual friends has 440 Rs which will be receive in some different terms like as

  • Join friend and uses your referral code = Get 60,000 coins 
  • Friend watch videos 3 days = Get 60,000 Coins
  • Friend watch videos 5 days = 120,000 Coins
  • Friend watch videos 7 days = 200,000 Coins
  • Total coins = 60,000+60,000+120,000+200,000=440,000
  • Total Rupees = 60+60+120+200 = 440 PKR
  • This reward of Rs=440 will be received you on every friend joining from your link and code.


Note: If you want to join us on Tiktok  then follow the link and code given below, after joining this you will get 20,000 coins at immediate bases


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4.Share Activity

The next method to earn money from Tiktok  app is to share activity which option was given in Tiktok  bonus. The option is used to share their link with their friend on daily bases and get coins 6000 = 6 Rs.

In this way you can earn 6 RS at daily bases.



5.Upload Videos

The next method to earn earning is to upload videos. This option is used every day and will be get 12000 coins = 12 Rs

In this way you can earn 12 Rs every day 


Note: In this way you earn just 12 Rs on daily bases even you upload one video or more videos.



6.Add related Hashtag

When you upload a video, then must write a related hashtag it will viral your video and you will earn money more and more on watching videos



7. Watch Videos

The next and most common method to earn money from Tiktok  is to watching videos. You can earn coin in different terms by watching videos which was given below.

Watch videos 5 mints = 1100 coins

Watch videos 15 mints = 3300 coins

Watch videos 25 mints = 8800 coins



8.Link Tiktok  account with other Social media account

On Tiktok  app has one option to attach Social media account like Instagram and YouTube channel.

In this way you can increase their followers and viewers on Instagram and YouTube videos and can increase their earning.



9.Cross Promotion

In this method you promote a channel of any other person who sponsored you like TV channel, You Tube channel or Tiktok  account and get money by dealing them. 



10.Earn money from sponsor and brand deals

If your followers list is high on Tiktok , then you can get a sponsor from any Top brand. When they sponsor you, they will offer some money packages to promote their products which can be big source of earning for you, and you can earn a lot of money in this way.

Tiktok  influencers can easily earn $50,000 to 100,000 at monthly bases by advertising of any brand or get any sponsors. 



11. E-Commerce business or product selling

Through Tiktok  you can do their own E-commerce business by their product selling and can increase their sale and earn profits.


 For example

For example, if you have any Garments or jewelry shops, then you advertise their products on Tiktok , which will increase their selling and their profits.




How to withdraw money from Tiktok 

If you want to take withdraw from Tiktok  app after earning some amount, follow the steps given below


  • Minimum amount to withdraw must be 20 RS
  • Open your Tiktok  app
  • Now click on Tiktok  bonus option which was showing on left upper corner on your mobile screen.
  • Now you will see Mobile top up option with an arrow “>”. click on this symbol.
  • Here you see Top UP option in red color, click on this option
  • Here two options= one is to write your phone number on which you want to take your payment. 

2nd select operator with an arrow symbol. Click on this symbol and select their phone network which was consist

• Jazz

• Telenor

• Ufone

• Warid

• Zong


  • Select any one which you use.
  • Now you will see Top-up plan amount option in which you will select amount plan which you want to withdraw
  • After selecting this you will see an option of conformation
  • Then click on this option
  • Now you withdraw amount will be go on processing
  • Then after 2-3 days you withdraw amount will be converting to your jazz cash or easy paisa account.





In this article we give you information that how you can use, download and earn money from Tiktok  app. We give you almost all earning methods from Tiktok  app which will be very beneficial for you.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, twitter and Instagram so that they can be enjoyed and facilitate. If you feel any query related this article or need extra guidance, please leave a comment in comment box, visit our website or contact us on our Email address given below.

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