Samsung is the world’s biggest mobile company which working in all over the
world.  A huge quantity like and uses Samsung mobile for different
purposes to contact with their family, friends and their loved ones. Through
Samsung mobile we can do video and audio calls, chats with each other, use
whattsapp and Facebook and many other apps which you can use and entertain.
But to use every app first of all you should make an account on Samsung
mobile. samsung account remove.

When you buy a new Samsung mobile you must create an account on Samsung mobile
to access Samsung apps. Without creating an account you cant use mobile
further but many times we create Samsung account use all apps and later we
want to give or sale our Samsung mobile to other person and want to remove our
registered account ID, backup our data but don’t know how to do this all but
you don’t worry we will give you all information about it.


In this article we will explain how you can create your Samsung account,
backup your data and how you can delete your Samsung account. The
further detail is given below.


How to create Samsung account? – samsung account remove

Create a Samsung account on mobile phone or tablet By creating a Samsung
account, you not only access to mobile apps like Samsung play and smart
thinks. But also, you can restore, backup and sync your data even if you
forget your ID or password you can recover it through Samsung features.

To make a Samsung account you must have an email I’d if you don’t have any
email, I’d then you can make new email I’d and password.

To make Samsung account on Samsung galaxy mobile or tablet follow these steps
given below.
  • Go to setting.
  • Click on create an account.
  • Enter your email or phone number with passport.
  • Now click on find ID with google, or create an account.

  • If you forget password of your email ID then click on forget password.
  • Then one link will be sent to your specified email address.
  • Now open your email ID and click on this link. 
  • By clicking on given link your account will be verified.
  • Now back and login your Samsung account from setting.

  • Now your Samsung account is registered on your Samsung Galaxy phone or

How to back up data from Samsung account ?

When anyone want to sale there Samsung phone or tablet, they want to back up
their date but they don’t know how to do this. Follow these steps to back up
your data from Samsung account.
  • Go to phone setting
  • Here search an option of “Accounts and backup” and click on it.

  • Now you will see two options separately “Accounts” and “Backup” then click
    on “back up” option.

  • Now your all data will be saved your Email ID which you enter at the time
    of registration Samsung account.

  • When you login this email Id in any device you can restore this all data
    from phone setting or email setting.

How to logout or delete Samsung account permanently ?

When you want to sale your Samsung mobile phone or tablet you should
delete your Samsung account after taking back up. How you can delete or
logout your Samsung account we will guide your completely step by step
just follows these steps given below.

how to delete Samsung account?

  • Go to setting of your phone
  • Here see an option “Accounts and backup” and click on it.

  • Now you see two option separately “Accounts” and “backup”, click on
    “Account” option.

  • Now you see an account (email Id) click on it. These email Id can be more
    than one (depends on you enter one or more in your phone).
  • Now click on account (Email Id) which you want to delete.

  • Click on personal information and further click on menu option
    vertical-three dots showing on upper right corner.
  • Now click on “remove account” or logout option-next to remove.
  • Next enter password of your Email ID.
  • Click on ok and now your account will be removed permanently.


How to reset your password ?

If you forget password of your Samsung account (email-ID) you can reset your
password by following these steps given below.

Where you enter password and you see your password is incorrect, here you will
see an option to reset password, click on reset password option and enter your
email or phone number associated with your Samsung account.

Now check your password sending by google on your entering email Id or phone
number and enter in Samsung account removal. After enter your password click
on remove and ok.
Now your account will be removed.



Here we given you all detail about Galaxy Samsung mobile and tablet like how
you can create Samsung account, back up your data, and delete your account and
how to reset password. But we suggest you before deleting your account first
take back up of all your important data then remove your account.

If you feel further any problem regarding this information you can visit our
website or contact us on our email address. Please share this latest
information with your family, friends and your loved one through Facebook,
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get benefit and solve their problems.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

1.How we can delete our Samsung account?

  • From phone setting click on account and back up 
  • Click on account and select your Samsung account

  • Click personal information and on vertical three dots on right upper
  • Now click on remove account and enter password.
  • Now tap ok and your account will be deleted permanently.

2.What happens if we remove Samsung account?

If you delete your Samsung account all information related your account like
downloads, history and other your personal data will be removed and no anyone
gets use it illegally.

3.How do I delete Samsung accountS20?

  • Same method given above

4.Can I have more than one Samsung account?

  • Yes, you can make more than one Samsung account from setting.

5. How can I change/add Samsung

  • Go to setting click on account and back up
  • Tap on account next click on add account
  • Here enter new email id and password.
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