How to Check Huroob Status with Iqama on MOL and MOI

 This is a very simple procedure to check the Huroob condition online.
Follow the steps below to check the status of accommodation. Open the Ministry
of Interior website: MOI website. Enter the residence number and enter the
captcha code and then click View. how to check huroob.


The Director General of the Passport Office refrained from saying that black
nationals who left Saudi Arabia for Executive Center and did not return within
the validity of their visa would face a three-year ban if they did not get a
renewed passport. He will have to face many difficulties. It is better for him
to renew his passport.


How to check huroob

Huroob is an Arabic word meaning to disappear from work without telling your
sponsor and to run away from work. Letters are a serious term in the literal
sense of Saudi Arabian law. It is better for you to improve your passport and
make sure you can do your job in the Arab government.


Saudi Arabia will ban foreign nationals working in 177 occupations and social
development Saudi Arabia has announced that it will work north of 117 in the
worker and engineering sector affecting January 2021 Will be banned and in
case of ban any illegal act will be punished severely for which he will be
responsible. It is better to keep this policy of the government in view in
view of the show. Be made


The standard of living is high in Saudi Arabia because the cost of living is
work. In many departments such as government jobs, people working to do their
job, cooking, it is very common to add all these services. These things depend
on your preferences. Many enjoy the historical way of life and come and enjoy
life on their own. It is a common thing for workers in Saudi Arabia to have a
little trouble Yes, they are easy


What is Huroob &  Khurooj?


When a sponsor runs away, he or she submits an online report on the person’s
whereabouts. The government can now check Aroob Shams Tate online on the
website. For the convenience of the people, they have designed an online
website from which we can submit a website request for you.


This process occurs when an immigrant runs away from their sponsor or photo or
company and they report it and they are considered a criminal and the
immigrant is considered a criminal. He can face jail so this is the basic
intro. Hopefully you are good enough to understand the situation and if anyone
can arrest and imprison him and order him to be deported.


In view of this action, the infidel informs his government about this person
and the government is forced to arrest him and in the same case he can work
while living in this country and he can hide from the people. The government
will deport him and arrest him and put him in jail and cancer of his papers
and deport him for five years. In view of which he cannot return to this
country again, in which case you may return to this country after five years.
In case of homosexuality.


How to check Iqama Huroob status MOL &MOI


When a worker leaves his / her supporter without his / her permission, he /
she can run away without any permission. You can enter your application in


1. Under MOL and MOII you can submit your application on the online website

2. You can enter this app request by visiting the website

3. In case of submission of application, the government will take action after
reading the supplement



1. Check Iqama Huroob on ministry of labor website

In the event that a worker leaves his / her sponsor without his / her
permission, the sponsor may allow him / her to be arrested. We will take this
into consideration and if there is any kind of problem, then go to the
government website and submit the application and your application will be
approved and forwarded to you. Action will be taken and the government will
give justice to the people keeping in view the minutes of justice


2. Check Iqama Huroob on ministry of interior website

Ministry of Home Affairs Write and enter the residence number of the website
of the Ministry of Home Affairs and click on the link provided on it then your
application will be listed on the website and then your application will be
processed accordingly. You can do more with yourself in mind


This means that you are on leave or absent from work without permission and
you will also have to pay a fine of one thousand riyals to the Government of
Saudi Arabia for revoking the status of your residence permit. If the decree
is not submitted, the person may be imprisoned and deported to another
country, meaning that he may be deported to his home country and may not be
able to carry out his duties while living in that country, as this is a
government policy. He has to pay a fine of one thousand rupees


3. How to check Iqama Huroob with Absher Account?


  1. Click here to login here with your password and username if you are
    unable to do so and you can only use the site and not

  2. Hope you understand the Saudi government’s check-in methods. Remember that
    if you cross your chest for more than fifteen days, it will create a lot of
    trouble. It will cost you a lot of money and time. It will take a lot of
    time for you and time can lead to severe punishment. You can easily take off
    the status of your lover by going to the good news of heaven. This is a good
    way. It will be very easy for you.

  3. Don’t think that you can talk to your work and it will not cause any
    hindrance. If you run away and your sponsor does not pay, the punishment is
    more important than you. They will have to pay a fine of 5,000 riyals for
    the first time. And the third time it could be ten thousand and fifteen
    thousand so chances are you will make sure that if you break any reform and
    policy you will pay them as letters then Gold you Punished severely



How to remove Huroob & khurooj?

You can now talk to your sponsor about your situation, talk to him or her
about money or other conditions, and have a sincerity plan and try to defend
yourself, and you can also report the demise to the departments. There are a
lot of agents or consultants who can help you solve your problem. Hello in
every literature of all matters now but they can help you in solving your
problem. Receive money as a fee to help


I hope this method will help you a lot in resolving your issue but in the end
I would advise you to resolve your case legally. The Saudi government has
strict rules regarding residency and by force This method is full. In my
opinion, it is to please your sponsor at any cost. May Allah make you

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