How To Block Mobile On PTA?


As we all know that the tech revolution in Pakistan has played a very important role in pushing us towards a society where we are feeling incomplete without our smartphones. The way we live, work and communicate has changed. We are depressed about whether our smartphones have been stolen or lost. At times like this, we have to worry. 

That our lost phone is not being misused yes yes and even though the citizens police liaison company did a single thing to help the citizens of Pakistan to verify and retrieve the living phone in CPLC There is a record of more than one million IMEI numbers, all of which can be accessed and all of which can be accessed through a single website. Whenever such an unfortunate incident occurs, you have a stolen mobile. You can also choose the CPLC mobile block option to be unable to use smartphones that can help you track down a stolen phone. So today through this article we will address you all the people who have unfortunately lost their phones and this can help them to steal on the ground so that they can not repeat their mistake.


Because of this modern technology we have gained and lost in many conveniences. Whenever a good thing is introduced, it is doing the same or stealing a mobile phone and keeping it with the company. A lot of things have been introduced to solve this because if these things are not solved then there will be problems day after day. So many such things have been introduced but the way the world These people are also developing like this but you don’t have to worry because we will tell you all the details on this page so that you can find your mobile because if your mobile for any reason Has been lost or stolen by someone. So you can turn off your mobile phone in the form that the person cannot operate your mobile phone. We will tell you all the ways that will help you. Will share with you so that your mobile may be completely locked and it may be that you may find your mobile phone.


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has found a new way to block lost and stolen phones and live mobile phones, introducing a solar system and a system to find lost mobiles that could cause the new system to be stolen and snatched or lost. Consumers wishing to block mobile phones in case of departure have got ease and convenience. 


Block Your Lost Smartphone in Pakistan

Complainants can easily block the IMEI code of such head with PTA to prevent overuse as much as possible.  is an automated system and is integrated with PTA advanced identification and registration and blotting system. The stolen mobile phone and your report within 24 hours after the required verification. Mobile phone will be blocked. For more information available to users on their official website, it may be easier for you to file a blocking application with PTI through PTI’s online identification and management system. The controller support center number has also been issued by them which you can contact seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. Their mobile number is as follows and their website is as follows.

Phone Number:55055-0800


Complainant’s Withholding Request will receive the Complaint Reference Number on successful registration. If the phone is recovered, the Complainant will need to follow the procedure to block them via CMS and other required details. The reference number of the complaint must also be mentioned which will be given to them first in blocking the mobile phone. As the mobile phone is not blocked, the users will receive the station number and SMS and currently the stolen and snatched and lost mobile The phone will need to call the PTA toll free number. The number is as follows.


You can also contact this number and go to their official website and provide them all the details through which you can block your lost or stolen mobile if you ever fall prey to snatch. If so, you will know that running a stolen mobile phone can be a nuisance to me. It can be used accidentally. Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities, such as the PTA, commonly say that a report can be blocked in some way.So if you also have lost or stolen phone, you can follow the steps we will share with you and you can contact the bank through their decision website number. Here are the instructions you are sharing with people. You can block your mobile phone by following all these instructions.



PTA Guidelines To Report Misplaced And Stolen Mobiles?

If someone’s mobile phone is stolen or lost or misused, you will need to first ask your mobile network provider to block their SIM card so that their Mobile or SIM will be blocked and any information inside your mobile will be safe. The best way to do this is to block your mobile phone so that it has any kind of data. If you can’t go then it will happen that you will need to lodge a complaint with PTA if you do.Then your immediate regret will be sent to the helpline call or email which will block your phone tomorrow. It will work within 24 hours. Your lost or stolen mobile is blocked within 24 hours. This is a PTI guideline that your phone will be blocked within 24 hours after you contact them by email or any contact and lodge your complaint.


Different Ways To The Block Stolen Phone In Pakistan?

PTA has a number of ways in which they can call your stolen mobile phone or lost smartphone, but before you go to it, you need to know the IMEI number. If you have this number then your mobile phone will be blocked. We will tell you all the ways that will make it easier for you.



What Is The IMEI?

International Mobile Device Identification IMEI Brother is a unique number It has a GSM network to identify the right devices that are used to prevent access to a stolen network Is used because the IMI code is inside your mobile phone. When you pick up a new phone, it is also on the box. What kind of code is this so that we can find out if your mobile phone Register or you will be and we can also block your mobile phone through IMEI code. IMI code is a very important code which is written on your mobile and your box. If you do not know how to get IMEI code or number then you need not worry. It is very easy. It can be obtained in different ways. Here are some of them.


  • Dialing *#06# on your mobile phone dial pad
  • It is printed box & the device
  • Go to the settings & About phone & Status & IMEI Phone  Information
  • Remove back cover & the battery your mobile.You will find IMEI inside Battery compartment
  • Go to the Settings & The  General & About the Only applicable for IOS devices.


Details Required To Block Stolen Mobile Phone?

According to PTA new guidelines, what are the things you need to weigh and block a stolen phone? If you meet this requirement, it will be easier to block your mobile phone. Here are some tips to help you block your lost or stolen mobile phone by providing your detailed PTA.


1. Complainant Name

2. Complainant National Identity Card (CNIC)

3. Their is mother or father Complete Name

4. The date of incident

All IMEI numbers of stolen device & dual sim phones have two different IMEI numbers

5. Mobile number

& brand & Model & colour of mobile phone

6. Complainant Address

7. Complainant contact Number


What you need to note here is that the IMEI code stands for the identification of international mobile devices. This device is also printed on this packaging and you can also dial IME on your phone. You can find out the EI code IME Court You will open your mobile and when you go inside the dial, you will need to enter this code inside the dial. The code is as follows.


Dial *#06#

When you find out this IMEI code, we have given you a ticket. When you dial it on your phone, the IMI code will appear in front of you. This is our coat and block our mobile phone and therefore it is accessible until you go to snatch the phone, then for further guidance on the subject. Take a look at the guide which will help you to block your mobile phone.


The Procedure To The Block Stolen Or Lost Mobile Phone?

This time when you need to know the IMEI code, you can choose the best way to stop it which will be easier for you. I am sharing with you all the ways in turn. Here’s how to call your mobile phone with your IMEI code.


1. Through The Fax?

The first way you guys have it is that you can block your stolen or lost phone through sexy as well as because through fax you can also share with PTI company through which it is very easy. You can block your mobile. You can also block your mobile phone at 35683336-021 so that you can spread the word in providing IMEI number in fax and block your mobile phone via fax.



2. Through The Email?

Additionally, you can also get the blocking service via email. Complaints about stolen mobile phones via mail address can lead to IME block who is unable to use the lost phone. All you have to do is register your complaint with your IMEI number at this e-mail address. We will also give you the link to the following PTA official website or e-mail or you can If you send your e-mail above, you will need to enter the IMEI code of your lost mobile phone at the top of the e-mail, which will block your lost mobile phone. 


3. By The Calling?

You can also report your lost mobile or stolen phone from PTA by calling them with your complaint as it is your right as this company is for you. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen I can contact them and all their retailers we are sharing with you have the following instructions. You can also register your complaint and block your lost mobile phone as follows.



1. Online Complaint At CPLC


2. CPLC Citizen Police Liaison Committee

PH#: 021-35662222


3. Police & Rescue 15

PH#: 15


4. PTA Pakistan Telecom Authority

PH#: 0800-25625


5. Fax your complaint to CPLC 

PH#: 021-35683336


6. You can also send Email to PTA



4. Through The Mobile App?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can add a mobile app to your mobile phone to check the condition of your mobile phone. All you need to do is please note that PTI can only intercept your phone by anyone who has snatched it or you will need to contact the police and file your report. Will need to be done and the number of the police liaison company in your city is that you can also contact them on this number 1102 or 35662222-021 and 35682222-021.Reporting a stolen device is a punishable offense for filing a petition with government officials, so you will need to submit the correct application. If you submit your report, it is the policy of the government that you Strict action should be taken against you so whenever your mobile phone is lost or stolen, in any case, submit your complaint to the police to the PTA, as it is to your advantage if it is wrong If you submit it, instead of taking action against you, if you submit it correctly, that is the only benefit.



5. Through The Online Form?

The last way to block your lost or stolen phone is that you can also lodge a complaint online. You can also block your mobile through online complaint. To file a complaint you need to follow the simple steps outlined below.


  • First of all the head to official site of  CLCP
  • Open the mobile form available on site
  • After doing provide all necessary information there 4. The information spans & personal information & mobile information & the incident information
  • Then click to submit button & It will successfully file to the complaint
  • Later you will be informed about status &  your report through call & the text & email


So you need to adopt all the methods that can help to stop the loss of blood. Whenever such an unpleasant incident happens to you, then you are advised to block the complaint as soon as possible. As a result, no one can use the information on your mobile phone. It helps to keep your data safe and sound and submit your mobile complaint quickly and it is blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Introduces registered and unregistered phone complaint and blocking device complaint registration and token system which ensures the use of DIRBS mobile network non-devices.

Recently, PTI has started sending text messages to its customers stating that before the month of October 20, 2020 it was directed to register all its mobile phones, but now 2021 is underway. If you order your mobile phone from another country through one of your brothers or sisters, you will need to get it verified by PTI because in the month of October 2020, they texted everyone that you have all the mobile phones. Get the phone registered but now two thousand so whenever you take your mobile phone, you must check the registration of your mobile phone through its IMEI code, it is your duty.



How To Contact PTA To REPORT & The Block Stolen Mobile Phone?

We will share with you all the contact and address numbers of PTA with whom you can contact the Telecommunication Authority and lodge your complaint. All the details are available here. As follows



1. PTA Helpline Number?



2. Email?


3. Islamabad PTA Office?

PTA Headquarters Sector F- 5/1 In Islamabad


4. Rawalpindi PTA Zone?

House No. 161 Street 9 Chaklala Housing Scheme 3 Rawalpindi


5. Lahore PTA Zonal Office ?

 Director Enforcement PTA Zonal Office Adjacent Cantt &  Telephone Exchange 165- Abid Majeed Road Lahore Cantt


6. Karachi PTA Zonal Office?

Director Enforcement PTA Zonal Office Wireless Compound Opposite JPMC Rafiqui Shaheed Road Karachi


7.The Visiting Hours?

 Monday TO Thursday 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM & Friday 09:00 AM To 01:00 PM & 02:00 PM To 3:00 PM



Whenever you take your mobile phone, the first thing you need to do is check the registration of your mobile phone with the IMI code of your mobile phone. If you get a new mobile phone, check its box. IMEI is written to save it in a safe place because if you can, you can block your mobile phone with IMEI code and if you lodge a complaint, your mobile phone will be in the water. People can help if you lose your cell phone with people you have shared all those things with you people. Which allows you to block and provide people with their full address and email and all the things you can do to easily call and search your mobile phone by submitting your complaint. Thanks.

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