In this article, we will show you how you can apply online at FIA. There are thousands of annual seats in FIA and you apply for these seats and become part of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA). If it is in a federal department then its salaries have a good budget. A large number of people and a large number of students apply in this department and are selected in these forces based on their abilities.

These forces are among the best in Pakistan. A large number of people like these forces for themselves and apply to these forces based on their educational qualifications. When this department offers job offers, many young people of Pakistan apply in this department and this department Depending on their different scales, they seek different educational qualifications. A young person who meets the required education of this department steps on the remaining steps of this department and the FIA ​​department gets the job opportunity. Let us tell you how you can apply to this FIA department online.


When this department offers jobs in its various departments, a large number of people apply in this department keeping in view their qualifications and skills learned in their educational journey. A large number of people sit at computer shops in their homes Apply to this department on your computer in the best way When a large number of people apply to this department, the department accepts the requests of the people till a certain date. After this date, the department does not accept these requests on its website and you can You can apply for a job in the department and get the best job opportunities for yourself When people submit their applications, the department will keep them in one place Creates merit lists of applications and uploads them on their official website where after viewing the merit lists people go to the current FIA department along with their original credentials.

Existing clerical staff receive this information from you When you submit your credentials, the department verifies these credentials in a few days and after the verification is completed, those who meet the merit of this department are called for interviews when a large number of people are called for interviews. When she arrives at the FIA ​​office, the officers present there conduct timely interviews with the current candidates and answer questions based on their academic credentials and signal them to leave quietly When candidates are out of the room giving interviews to find out whether we are selected or not, the department conducts a test after taking interviews keeping in view the abilities of all the youth.

This department takes tests from the youth. The youth who successfully pass this test are selected in the race held in this department. In this department, when the candidates are called for a race, after running a few meters in a short time, the youngsters are told who has cleared the race and who is left in the race. The department further sends you for job interviews and training on the best jobs and after completing the training, the youth Charges your post. Because this department is a federal department, the salaries of the federal departments will be increased soon, so the young people are very happy to get a job in the FIA ​​department.

In our society where most of the educated youth are away from these social media activities, they do not know how we can apply for a job in FIA and get the best job opportunity for ourselves to apply for a job in FIA department. You visit this existing website on your laptop or computer system or mobile phones and get the best job opportunity for yourself. By visiting this website you can get job opportunities according to your educational qualifications in the best way and earn a job in a respectable field for yourself. A large number of people apply to any department of the FIA ​​department on this website and enjoy the best practices of this department. A large number of people applied for FIA seats in the 2023 session and FIA.

Tests are conducted and interviews are conducted. When you apply for these jobs in the best possible way, you are offered jobs according to your educational qualifications. The FIA ​​department offers the best jobs in its department, from matriculation to master’s degree, and because of the excellent job offers, a large number of young people have been submitting job applications to the FIA ​​department. When you open the FIA ​​website to apply, this website may be a little slow because it is busy, but you can wait and see. The best jobs offer and are selected based on their educational qualifications.


We are teaching you the best way to apply online through FIA department, so please read this article carefully and then apply carefully in this department. You have been given a link to apply in this department. You are the best. You can open this website by clicking on this link and you can apply to the FIA ​​department on this website in the best way for you. Gives opportunity If you apply for these best job offers from the official website of this department considering your educational qualifications in the best way then after a short wait you will find a page on this website about the best job details and job-related education.

Everything would come out And from these pages you can apply for the job according to your education in the best way and you can serve your country and nation in the best way with these jobs. On this website, you will find the best jobs for the upper ants. There are jobs from matriculation to master’s degree and you can apply for the job according to your education. After opening the page of this website, all the seats of the FIA ​​department come in front of you. Looking at your education, when you click on these seats, you get a click on that page and you can help this click in the best way. Apply for a job at the FIA ​​and send the best pictures of your credentials to this website and apply in the best way. Sends the form that is required for every applicant candidate and you fill out the form to get the best job.

And with the help of these forms, you can give your complete information in the best way for yourself In view of the rising unemployment in this society, a large number of young people keep on searching. And apply for the job. When the FIA ​​department looks at the job form, they take a test and set a date for the preparation of this test and take the test in the best way when a large number of young people test Numbers much more than this test system Let’s go ahead and work hard in the best way. Let’s find out what documents are required to apply and how many of them are sent to these websites. A large number of people apply to the FIA ​​department from these excellent websites and get the best job top.

1..If you apply on an unregistered website, the application form will not reach the FIA, so try to go to a computer shop where the application form for FIA recruitment is being filled. Fill in your application form and you Bring your Certificate of Education and National Identity Card with you so that you do not face any hassle while applying. When you apply in the best way, your form will be received by the FIA ​​department soon and you will be taken to the next step. Will be called.

2..When you apply, you receive a code from the FIA ​​website that you enter on the current website and you receive an option clicker message that after reading you are satisfied that your application form has been received by the FIA ​​department. Done and when the merit list appears you meet the FIA ​​department’s merit list then you receive your confirmation message via email address which after reading you start preparing for the next step.

3..Five minutes after you apply, you receive a code on your mobile number when you are called for an interview call or test. Then you show the supervising supervisor or superintendent there a message, after which they confirm the message and you are allowed to proceed to the examination room or interview. Remember when you apply to the FIA ​​department website. You will have to wait five to ten minutes for the otp code to arrive and when you receive the message you will save the message.

4..When you apply for FIA by email or on FIA’s official website when you have submitted your complete reports and set your documents, then submit your documents by clicking on the submit option on the screen. When these documents are submitted, you receive a message in five. You enter a password, which your file department receives through the FIA ​​website. And when the FIA ​​sees the application forms on their website, they send their merit list to all the members via email.

5..When you receive a message after submitting, you should save these messages so that you do not face any hassle when you are called for the test with the help of e-mail and you can easily access these websites. You can apply for the job through FIA. If you face any problem while applying in this way, you can check the registration of these websites.

When you apply for a job with the help of an official website, it is very important that you have the best and fastest internet so that you can apply for the best way on the website with the help of this fastest internet. These official websites work at very low speeds because they are busy. Whenever and wherever these websites are open you will see an FIA logo on these websites which after reading and viewing you will see different pages of this website.

As we open and fill out these pages we walk deeper into the website where you receive a form and you fill out the form and in the best possible way copy your ID card and your email address and You fill out these application forms with your best name. When these forms are completed, you fill out these forms When the forms are submitted, you receive a confirmation message in five minutes and when you type the code received in this message on your search word, your forms are received by the FIA ​​department from where they are sent to your mobile. Send a PIN code to when you go for a race or test. Show the current supervisor or superintendent the code that allows you to attend these papers, then carefully save the code you receive. Do this so that you can avoid any trouble.


These are the jobs that you can apply for in the year 2023 from middle to master’s degree and the procedure to get these jobs is the same as you have been told. This job has the best environment and the best salaries and You can have a better life by getting these jobs There are all kinds of jobs in this department. In this FIA department, you see people doing jobs from sweepers to lawyers and inspectors and you live the best life with the best jobs and the best facilities when you apply for this page. When you open it, the first page shows you the best jobs.

Your search on various websites to get information about these jobs and then on the official website of FIA you can find the job considering your education. If you meet the FIA ​​Department standards, the FIA ​​Department will give you a date for the job interview. Depending on your academic ability, the officers ask you questions and answers so that you do not face any difficulty in answering and when you pass the interview you are trained to do jobs in FIA which It is very important that you are informed about this training and you are sent to the training school of FIA department for some time and when you complete that training period then the job for which you have applied The job is given to you and you start working in the FIA ​​department as an FIA employee.

The FIA ​​is a federal agency, so its employees are provided with the best salaries and even the best facilities so that you can do your job in the best possible way. There are two types of FIA jobs. There are some departments in this department who wear uniforms and there are some departments who live without uniforms. Let us know without wasting time on what education basis you can apply for which seats in the FIA ​​department and we will give you all the information considering their salaries and scales and positions so that when you apply in FIA. If you do, you will not face any difficulties and you will do it in the best way and easily Apply for jobs in various FIA departments from FI A’s official website.


The post of Additional Director in FIA Department is a very big post. For this, your education should be at least M.Phil. After that you can apply for this post and there are chances to get this job. By the way, to get a post of this level, people come after passing the CSS exams and then get these posts and enjoy these posts based on their qualifications. This is the best post of FIA department.


The post of Deputy Director in the FIA ​​Department is a top post. A large number of people take competitive exams to get this post. And we work day and night to get these famous best post, so for this post, it is very important that you have higher education. This is also one of the best and strongest position of FIA department.


This is the best and strongest post of FIA department. To get this post you must have minimum education of LLB and after getting this education you can get this post in the best way by passing competitive exams in the best way. And with the best of your posts, you can make a difference in society.


This is one of the best posts in the FIA ​​department. To apply for this post, you need to have a law education so that you can apply for this post in the best way. A large number of people. Prepare from and get this post by giving competition papers and select the best position job for you.


The post of Assistant Director Legal Department is one of the big posts of FIA. A large number of people work hard to get this post. In order to get this post, you must have M.Phil education. You need to have the best confidence and the best language skills to be able to do this post in the best way so that you can oil your job in the best way.


This position of Inspector Law is very important in the FIA ​​department. To get this position you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and then you can get this position. Pakistani youth work hard to get this position. This position is of 17 scales. This position has an excellent authority. They have a large number of people apply for this position. Some people fulfill this position on merit and their You get this job after training.


Some youngsters apply for this excellent post sub-inspector based on their master’s degree. This post is the best post of FIA and people work hard to get this post. I have to drive traffic and then qualify for this post.


This is also the best post of the FIA department and a large number of people work hard for this post. To get this post you must have an educational qualification BA. As a training school. So that you can learn the best way about this post so that when you take charge of this post you will not have any problem in working.


This is also the best job of the FIA ​​department. A large number of people apply for this job and this job is the best. For this job, you must have educational qualifications. In order to take charge of this job you first have to train for some time after which you take charge of this job and you perform your duties in the best way.


This is the best job of FIA. People do this job with great enthusiasm and apply for the job in the best way. When you select the best job then you take some time training in the training school for the best job facility so that you Give time to the job in a good way.


These are the jobs of the FIA department that you can get after the competition papers. Now Pakistani youth are preparing the competition papers with the best effort to get most of the jobs so that they can attempt these papers in the best way and the best. Get Position Jobs When you open a website and see that there are a lot of jobs on the website, you are happy and start applying. In this age of lane competition, every person is looking for a job. A large number of people apply for jobs in the FIA ​​department through these websites online. Some people who have passed the competition paper are the best.

Are selected for the best position and those who have master’s degree level and below constable and clerk or Applying for the post of Deputy Messenger, they get these jobs after going through the best tough and strict environment. The deputy courier and clerical staff do not train for the job but everyone from constables to inspectors after a period of training after which they are promoted to their positions and perform their services. A large number of people appreciate their services and Like the work of The FIA ​​department does not have an inspector’s uniform but the sub-inspector is in uniform and performs his services in the best possible way. What you have learned about these posts are posts that come from training and higher education.

Matriculation and middle-level jobs also come in FIA, which includes cleaning and tidying in the fourth grade. The FIA ​​Department also provides these employees with more basic services with good salaries and because of this people also apply for these jobs. These jobs are not interviewed and these jobs are given to untrained people in these jobs. There is an excellent monthly salary and annual graduation fund and pension facilities Retired from FIA IV, he is still receiving half salary from the Government of Pakistan and is living his life in the best possible way.


When applying for the job of FIA inspector, you must keep in mind that to apply for this post, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in education and when you apply for an inspector from a website or a computer shop. When you go to work, you carry your ID card and your original documents with you, because these documents are required when you apply. OTT code is given. When you insert this code on your mobile, all your biodata is opened and you are added to this FIA application list. For a few days after that, you are informed through a message that your date has been sent to the head office.

When I have an interview, you arrive at the head office on the due date. After a few moments of your confirmation, you are allowed to enter the office and you wait in the waiting room for your interview and when you have been interviewed. When it’s your turn, you walk into the office. The officer in the chair looks at you and asks you to sit down. He then asks you for your CV and documents and when you show them your documents, the officer asks you questions according to your academic ability.

You submit it to the head clerk’s office and they give you a date for the race test. You practice running on a daily basis.As the race date approaches, your practice is well established and you are well-prepared for the race. And when the race is complete, if you are successful, you are given a date for the test and you prepare for the test and on the appointed date when you take the test and pass the test with the best performance, you get an interview. Later you are selected as an inspector in FIA but you are not given immediate charge.

First you are sent to training school for some time training and you train there for some time. Remember if you make any mistake during the training. If you do, you are rejected So do your training in the best way. When you pass the training in the best way, you get the training certificate and when you submit this certificate in the best way in the head office of FIA, in a few days your division of Pakistan. I am assigned and you are given the benefits of this job in the best possible way The FIA ​​is very popular among the people as it is a federal agency as it provides its employees with the best facilities with the best salaries so that the employees can do the best job. This is the best job of FIA. It is a government agency and this position is of 17 scale.

FIA job is full time. It is not. First-time part time FIA ​​duties are full-time and full charge of one division under FIA inspector. Occurs from airport security to the investigation of ordinary citizens. When people enter the country from abroad through the FIA, they are investigated so that our country is safe from any danger.FIA seats come every year and millions of students submit application forms every year but those who meet the merit are given jobs in FIA. There are some FIA ​​departments where you are given charge without any training. Goes Young FIA personnel wear uniforms and there are some positions where they do not have uniforms


This article teaches you how to apply for FIA online in the best way. It tells you how a large number of people apply for FIA and how they charge their jobs in the FIA department millions every year. Students apply through the FIA’s official website and look for the best job for themselves. Gives When a number of young people applied to these websites, they made some mistakes due to lack of information, due to which they do not receive the message from FIA and they give up hope.

Hope to use this article to apply online in your FIA If you would like more information, please visit the FIA ​​website. There you will find the best information In this article you have learned about the complete job of FIA and how to apply them in order. A large number of people want to learn how to apply online. Here’s how you can apply for a job-related job at the FIA ​​from the official website based on your qualifications. In this article you will find detailed information about job selection and interviews, how you apply, how you receive calling letters or call messages and how you prepare for this job.

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