If we look for the Affiliate sites in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan then Daraz Pakistan is on the highest rank. It is the superlative room to generate income if you are not on cyphering website or a blogger then this affiliate scheme will aid you to generate income online for free.
One of the innovators in the online market, Daraz, is an e-business store that bids greater than ten (10) million goods in more than twenty (20) groups. You can discover all on their online store that includes household appliances, electrical devices, foodstuffs, health, and beauty as well as baby stuff and much more. The store carries two (2) million parcels every single month and has its outlets in Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 

daraz affiliate

Their client centrical guidelines concerning instant home delivery, irritation-free return as well as reimbursement, client sustenance, and additional have ended Daraz the preferred online shopping spot of countless clients. They have a dynamic affiliate marketing package in place that permits blog or website holders to monetize their circulation. The Daraz affiliate program is the foremost and superlative plan in the online e-business plus logistics group that wages a well-paid commission on each fruitful transaction. You must sign up for the Daraz affiliate program if you can raise their goods and alter them to fruitful deals.

How to Start daraz affiliate program

The idea as an associate or affiliate you encourage, sponsor or promote our goods and acquire a commission with each order, deal, or sale.

Who can join daraz affiliate?

Everyone with an individual blog, website or just having any social media account (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) can join.
  • Join affiliate program
  • Discover product or good
  • Encourage, Promote or sponsor the product
  • Pathway transactions, deals, or sales
  • Get commissions
Commissions & Payments
  • You can get commission up to eleven (11) percent (%).
  • You can only acquire a commission if the client purchases or buy the product within one month or thirty (30) days of clicking.
  • Payment will be done through bank transfer.
  • Quality commission conceivable.
  • Complete sustenance from our squad at any point.
  • Steady, systematic promotions result in earning more cash.
  • Via quality click interface having an informal summary of your payments.


Daraz Pakistan has opened a link of registrations for its trades database termed as D-Force. The package will permit anybody to a partnership with Daraz Pakistan and resell their goods to their networks primarily those who are not still online or have restricted access to the net and get a prominent commission. The database is open for all persons who intend to generate some additional money as Daraz Pakistan is scheduling to wage them a profit on each sale of a good or product that is existing on Daraz.
  • To get the support of the Daraz Pakistan Affiliate Program, you prerequisite to fill out the application or submission form plus choose Advertisement as Daraz Pakistan.
  • If you do not have a website with a domain you can also select free platforms (such as WordPress or Blogger) for your website segment. Your site should have a minimum of twenty (20) premium quality articles or editorials with virtuous audience or traffic for the attainment of the approved application.
  • If your application is approved, log in to your site as well as arrange advertisement for your site or blog to the gross commission, and your control panel or dashboard assists you to view audience or traffic and clicks frequency.
  • Afterward, open advertisement media and then choose the advertisement type and then circulate it on your blog or website.
  • Afterward, you can acquire cash through Bank Transfer or a check as per Daraz policy.
  • Payment Sequence 
  • Earlier than 20th once-a-month on waged dealings by the publicist or promoter.
Terms and Conditions
  • Deals or sales will be chased or traced from Voucher used.
  • Commissioners might not tender on any of the Daraz Pakistan terms or conditions in rewarded search advertisements (such as Google Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements, and Google PPC, etc.).
  • Commissioners might not utilize the Daraz Pakistan name or any of its disparities in pop-ups.
  • Commissioners might not endorse Daraz Pakistan in any sexually unambiguous things, fierce resources, or any illegitimate actions.
  • Any sort of partisan, contentious, and devastating data, film, as well as hashtags, must not be utilized for product promotion.
  • Alterations from any product that they obligate product order with will be all forbidden.
  • The alterations for this proposal are credited to commissioners grounded on improvement from their exclusive code. To acquire your exclusive code, contact us at Live Chat.
  • Fashion, Style, and Accessories
  • Games and Toys
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Microelectronics
  • This bid tracks or traces sales on voucher credit.
  • Dependent on CPS (Cost Per Sale)
Still, if you did not obtain the endorsement or approval mail then this means that your not succeeding in the necessities of the Daraz Pakistan affiliate program as stated beyond.
What is the Daraz Pakistan Affiliate System?
The Daraz Pakistan Affiliate System permits partners such as Bloggers, Review sites, Social Media Influencer, Coupon sites, Information sites, to gross commission via referring customers to Daraz. Partners can make a commission for each sale directed from their stage to Daraz over the member links.
How to Participate in the Daraz Pakistan Affiliate System or Program?
  • The first step is to register yourself.
  • The team will evaluate and approve or reject your application.
  • As your application is approved, log in to your account.
  • View all offers as well as commissions declared on your dashboard.
How it (Daraz Pakistan Affiliate Program) Works?
  • If you previously have an account, Login or track the overhead mentioned stages.
  • Explore for Daraz underneath find and browse option to acquire info regarding terms and conditions as well as commissions.
  • To encourage, sponsor or promote Daraz Voucher Code, demand and acquire special code through Live Chat.
  • Some bids necessitate endorsement beforehand you twitch sponsoring. Select ‘Request Approval‘ if concerned, we will evaluate and accept your application.
  • Acquire tracking links.
  • Copy or demand creatives for your code.
  • Interpret report to view conversions.
Here we have it guys! If you have any queries regarding how to start the Daraz affiliate program? You can list it in a comment section underneath.
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