In this article you will be given complete information about electric stoves and complete information about these stoves, how these stoves are set, how to work on these stoves, etc. etc. These stoves are among the best houses in our society. Are settled because our society is now quite modern. Our society is moving towards modernity to a great extent so people are now paying attention to it because as our young generation is grooming, they also need the same environment. These stoves are very modern and very beautiful.

The electric stove is an excellent addition to the kitchen equipment. It has been introduced in Pakistani brands in a new design and in a new way. Now Pakistani women also have the same desire have the best beautiful stove in the kitchen with the best beautiful utensils, then for the first time in Pakistan a new design electric stove is being introduced which you set when setting up your kitchen and what your Makes the kitchen modern and beautiful.

Today the way of life of our society has become very modern. People prefer modernity so they have to arrange the house according to the minds of the young generation so that they can learn at home and take interest in learning. Learn to work with passion. For the kitchen layout all the utensils are set to modern design and the stove is set up and the electric stove is set to suit the kitchen which is according to the color of the kitchen and the best beautiful design and modern colors in the stove.

Are present It is beautiful to look at and costs more to buy than a normal stove. One of the changes that is taking place in the society is that our young generation considers artificial and weak things as modernity and these things are more expensive and have time to move. But To teach the young generation, parents have to set the kitchens in their homes according to their minds. One of the modern kitchen settings is the setting of electric stove.


To light this stove, you have to switch the stove which has to be connected to the electric board from which this stove gets electricity and generates heat inside you. You can prepare anything on this stove. Can do Just like gas stoves used to have two clicks, they had to be rotated to increase or decrease the fire, similarly, this electric stove also had two regulators which would increase or decrease the temperature of the stove. Food is prepared very quickly on these stoves as there is a problem of load shedding in our Pakistan, so this stove can be fitted with gas that you can also make curry by burning the stove on electric gas. This stove is a bit more expensive to buy than a normal stove.

These stoves have a very modern style and are very sophisticated. They are operated with great care. Older women are afraid to run these stoves and the new generation keeps sharing the best food on these stoves with their families. These stoves continue to reflect modernism as well as the beauty of kitchens. Now a large number of people in almost all cities have introduced electric stoves in their homes and the process of cooking on them is underway. A large number of people are now very anxious when setting up their homes, how to give a modern style to the house, then after visiting the best houses, they come up with ideas and beautify their homes and kitchens.


When cooking on an electric stove, they create the perfect happy atmosphere in your home. Then the food is put on the table and the whole family eats. While there are advantages to this electric stove, there are also some disadvantages of this stove which we should not ignore and should be careful so as to avoid accidents. Are Modernity is on its side but caution is required

After cooking on these stoves, make sure to clean the stove and keep the stove clean in the best possible way. When leaving the kitchen, carefully turn off the electric switch and gas wall of the stove to prevent any accident in the house.

When working on an electric stove, keep your head down and prepare food very carefully and sit down to eat with your family in the best environment

The price of these electric stoves in Pakistan is lower than other stoves and U stoves are more beautiful and modern. When working on these stoves, pay full attention to your work so that no mistake can cause any accident.

If the cooking speed of this stove is low then do not rush to speed it up but work on the stove with ease and comfort so that the food becomes delicious and tasty and no accident will happen which will cause trouble to all the family.

List of the Best Electric Stoves & Prices in Pakistan

You may be asking yourself if an electric stove is the best option for your home. Different factors such as price, features and size can make one type of stove more appealing than another. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best electric stoves on the market. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly model or something with more bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered! So read on to find the perfect electric stove for your needs.‚Äč

Electric Stove Price in Pakistan

What’s the best electric stove price in pakistan? It really depends on your needs and what you are looking for. In this blog post, we will list some of the best electric stoves that are currently available in the market and their respective prices.

Electric Cooking StovePrice in Pakistan
Annex Deluxe electric hot plate stove (AG-3065)Rs.5000 to 8000
WestPoint Hot Plate electric stove (WF-272)Rs.8000 to 9000
Philips Premium Induction cooker (HD4932/00)Rs.100,00 to 120,00
Geepas Induction Electric stove (GIC33013)Rs.100,00 to120,00
Homage induction stove (HIC-401)Rs.150,00 to160,00
Homage Induction electric stove (HC201)Rs.160,00 to 189,90
West Point electric stove (WF-146)Rs.180,00 to 200,00


This is the best beautiful stove that allows you to cook four meals at a time. The cooking speed on these stoves is definitely slow but the food is very tasty and delicious. These stoves vary in their brands and designs as well as their prices. This stove has elegance in the kitchen as well as modernity according to the minds of the young generation. A large number of people now buy this stove and keep their house in their kitchen. Nowadays parents try to adapt their minds to the new generation and arrange the house in such a way that the new generation can sit at home and learn their chores and create interest in themselves so parents now consider themselves modernities. This stove is pushing them to one side. One of the modern stoves cooks on these stoves, but the aroma and taste of the food are incomparable. HIC-401 Price in Rs.15,700.00


This stove is very modern and beautiful. This stove has two cooking facilities at a time and this stove controls the automatic temperature and the food made on it is very tasty. This stove is not so expensive but due to the design color and other features, the price of this stove differs from each other. Is. This stove enhances the beauty of the kitchen and creates a perfect atmosphere in the kitchen according to the minds of the young generation and then it also enhances the beauty of the kitchen due to its beautiful colors and beautiful design.

This stove also has low cooking speed but these stoves make the food very tasty and delicious because the temperature of these stoves is automatic and it keeps changing its temperature depending on the food Because people like it. Hot Plate WF-272 Price is Rs.8,010.00


This stove is a Pakistani invention. This stove has been made very beautiful and very stylish. A large number of people and a large number of the young generation are anxious to set this stove in the kitchen This stove keeps changing the temperature automatically. Only one meal can be made on this stove at a time and this stove is an electric stove as well as a gas stove. This stove is beautifully designed so that when this stove is set in the kitchen it will further enhance the beauty of the kitchen. The food made on this stove takes time but the food becomes very tasty and tasty. A large number of Pakistani people are installing these stoves in their homes and giving their kitchens the best modern style.


This is a very beautiful type of modern stove made with advanced technology. It enhances the beauty of your kitchen as well as the stove that attracts people. This stove also changes its temperature automatically. Only one stove at a time The same dish can be made and is perfect for those who like modernism, for the beauty of their kitchens and for modernism. The rate of this stove is very reasonable and it changes the rate along with its design and beauty. This stove has the capacity to cook one at a time and this stove makes the kitchen very modern with immense addition to the beauty of the kitchen.


This stove has been made very beautiful. This stove is an electric stove. Now modernism is spreading in this society. Beautiful stoves have been introduced for beautiful kitchens and great information has been given about these stoves. This stove will be used to make only one meal at a time. A large number of people are now installing these stoves in the kitchens of their homes because according to the generation, people are slowly tilting their homes. They are enhancing the beauty of the kitchen and home by setting it in the kitchen. These stoves are a bit cheaper than these stoves and these stoves have a lot of beauty and sophistication. People buy these stoves in large numbers and set them up in their homes. Geepas GIC33013 Induction Cooker price is Rs.8,500


Seeing the growing system in modernity, various companies have now started making kitchen utensils quite modern like kitchen utensils, etc. Kitchens that stoves are now modern. A large number of people have installed these new electric stoves in their homes and have decorated the kitchens with the best beautiful kitchens and the best beautiful utensils with the best system. Beautiful stoves are adjustable in the kitchen. The beauty of the kitchen is enhanced. This stove can make only one dish at a time. These stoves are very beautiful and small stoves have to be placed in the electric board so that these stoves keep increasing or decreasing their heat. Only one thing is cooked on these stoves at a time. Sanford Infrared Electric Cooker, 2200W, SF-5195IC price is Rs.15,000.00.


In this article, you will learn about electric stoves. These stoves are cheaper and more beautiful than other stoves. These stoves add to the beauty of the kitchen as soon as they are installed in the kitchen and these stoves are now very popular in our society. Are set in the kitchen Because now the parents are pushing themselves towards the children and the children are taking their parents towards the modern age. These stoves are electric stoves. The food on these stoves is made at very low speed but The food that is made on the stoves is very tasty and tasty. You have to work on these stoves very carefully because most of the people when you are working on these stoves at home, pay all your attention to these stoves.

We have given you information about electric stoves in this article. You can install electric stoves in the kitchens of your homes to make the kitchen environment in your home beautiful and modern. These stoves are cheaper than these ordinary stoves and very beautiful and designed. Now a lot of people are installing these electric stoves in the kitchens of their homes to keep the kitchens clean and modern like their homes.

There are advantages to these stoves but there are some disadvantages as well. It is better to pay full attention to work when you start working on these stoves so that an accident can be avoided. The price of these stoves varies depending on the design and beauty of the stoves. These stoves are available in both large and sixth sizes but they come in pretty small sizes. After adjusting these stoves, the kitchen looks very beautiful and offers a modern look. These stoves range from one cooking stove to eight cooking stoves at a time. Their price varies depending on their design, size, and beauty. Most of the people in the new kitchens now have the same electric stoves set up so that the kitchens look as beautiful as the whole house.

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