Our Pakistani youth, as we know, love to ride motorcycles. With this in mind, motorcycle companies have launched countless motorcycles in Pakistan whose market is growing day by day. These companies have launched all types of motorcycles in Pakistan from 70cc to 150 motorcycles. And various companies have even launched heavy bikes. This motorcycle is a great convenience as well as the growing population of Pakistan and the rush on the roads sometimes causes accidents.

These companies have also launched the best features along with motorcycles i.e. automatic bikes and modified bikes are being launched in the market. These bikes are bought by a large number of young people. Because the cost of a 70cc motorcycle is very reasonable. Middle-class people love to ride a 70cc motorcycle. Because its petrol average is very good and the ride is ride. Every year a beautiful model of this bike comes in the market which is bought by a large number of people. Most of the youngsters take off the original tank caps of the motorcycle to beautify the motorcycle and put on the tank modifier of the modified design which gives the motorcycle a perfect and beautiful shape. And most of the time young people make the mistake of stumbling on a motorcycle. A motorcycle is a ride that must be ridden.



There is no doubt that motorcycling is not popular in Pakistan. A large number of people prefer motorcycling. Because the cost of a 70cc motorcycle is so high, people like this bike Young people in rural areas are also doing business on their motorcycles, selling some things and such businesses are being done on motorcycles in our villages. The tank of this motorcycle has a capacity of 15 liters of petrol and the average per liter is 22 km. And these bikes have a reserve system.

Youngsters on these motorcycles can adjust in their own way. The speed of these motorcycles is up to 120 kmph but these bikes have to be 60 kmph keeping in view the Pakistani road and rush. In this box the company has introduced the best features in which now 70cc motorcycle has also been introduced in the self start market. Self-Start Motorcycle is Best for the Elderly. These automatic bikes are fitted with tire tube laces so that the bikes are not at risk of puncture. The inbox, like the rest of the bikes, has a lock and lights horn and a beautiful shape with tank top and excellent seat and side mirrors. Young people sometimes take off the side glasses of their bikes, which adds to the beauty of the bike. The mechanics who make these bikes are everywhere. The price of these bikes in the Pakistani market starts from 44000 and then the price goes up with the quality of the motorcycle companies.


This is a tea company as you know tea has launched the best and cheapest things in Pakistan. China has brought a motorcycle automatic and that too at a very reasonable price and these motorcycles are very popular in the market. The price of the motorcycle is very reasonable and the features of the motorcycle are excellent and the motorcycle is automatic ie self-start. People who can’t afford a car are eager to buy a motorcycle, so I think this is the cheapest automatic motorcycle. Will be the best for Because the petrol average of this motorcycle is very good and the motorcycle look is very good. This motorcycle company has introduced its showrooms in different cities across Pakistan. Now you can definitely choose the motorcycle of your choice by visiting the noise room and also buying the motorcycle at a very reasonable price. And you can choose the best personal ride for you.


Along with the company tag, the prices of motorcycles go up. People love these motorcycles. These motorcycles are electric motorcycles as well as petrol-powered motorcycles. They travel 60 km on a motorbike and travel 40 km on a single charge. You can place a direct order with the company to buy these bikes and the company will deliver the motorcycle to you in a few days. Or you can order these inboxes from the showroom. You can also get these bikes in installments by depositing some payments in advance so that you can continue to pay on the remaining monthly installments. As soon as the price of the motorcycle is paid, you can convert the motorcycle to your name and keep the letter and copy of the motorcycle in your possession. You cannot have a motorcycle in your name until the installments have been paid. As soon as the price of the motorcycle is clear the company will give you the papers and copy the letter in your name so that the motorcycle will be your personal property. All the motorcycle companies operating in Pakistan provide motorcycle installments to their customers and the installments run for one and a half years.


These companies bring the best features in motorcycles and they can now ride their best at very reasonable rates at very reasonable prices. The company provides automatic motorcycles as well as the best motorcycle rides to motorcycle enthusiasts and provides them with the best rides. This company is one of the most famous motorcycle companies. You will enjoy riding this company’s motorcycle very much. This motorcycle company is very popular among the people because of its excellent features and people love this motorcycle. This motorcycle is a self-starting motorcycle as well as a kick-start motorcycle. And you can enjoy a wonderful motorcycle.

The company also provides motorcycles to its customers in installments and also provides motorcycles to its customers in installments of up to one and half years. A large number of people are attracted to these motorcycles. They buy motorcycles in installments and arrange the best rides for themselves. The capacity of the petrol tank in this motorcycle is 9 liters. You can carry 9 liters of petrol at a time in this motorcycle. The average per liter of this motorcycle is very high. This motorcycle is one of the motorcycles that can be ridden on the road. This motorcycle is very popular in the motorcycle market.



This motorcycle has the best beautiful body as well as the best motorcycle in terms of petrol average. This motorcycle is an automatic motorcycle. There are 5 racecars of this motorcycle and this motorcycle is 125cc. The race of this motorcycle can go up to the speed of 180 km per hour. All spare parts of this motorcycle can be easily purchased from Pakistani Auto Motors Bike Workshop. If this motorcycle has suffered a technical malfunction, now there are motorbike mechanics everywhere in Pakistan. Young people love this motorcycle. The body shape of this motorcycle is very beautiful and the best.

This motorcycle is very reasonably priced. It is also very good in terms of average. It travels 22 kilometers in a liter and walks on the road with excellent growth.This motorcycle is available in all the showrooms of Pakistan Yamha. And the price of this motorcycle is very reasonable. This net payment goes up to 136000 and also goes up to 146000 or 1500000 on installments. Gentlemen riding this motorcycle must take care that the motorcycle has a plastic body, drive it very carefully and enjoy the smooth drive of this motorcycle. This motorcycle is very visible due to its body shape and remains the center of attention of the people.The YBR has a self-starting motorcycle and has five racing gears. People love this motorcycle. This motorcycle is built in a heavy bike style with only one person in it. People love to buy this motorcycle and enjoy its great drive and great features.


This is the second generation of YBR motorcycle and the features of this motorcycle are very visible and excellent. This motorcycle is made with the best shape and beautiful environment. The tank capacity of this motorcycle is 15 liters and its petrol average is very strong. The youngsters buy this motorcycle with great enthusiasm and make the motorcycle more visible by modifying it. This motorcycle is an automatic motorcycle. It consists of five gear races. The speed limit of this motorcycle is up to 180 kmph. This motorcycle is made with the best features and the best beautiful design. Before riding this motorcycle, make sure that the body of the motorcycle is a plastic body.

YAMAHA YBR125 G price in pakistan

Right now there are some spare parts of this motorcycle which are very difficult to find in the market so it is very important to keep yourself safe as well as value your ride. This motorcycle goes from 164000 to 175000 according to Pakistani rate. You can buy this motorcycle from the company’s showroom on net payment and installment facility. The company gives us one and half year time in which we pay the price of the motorcycle through installments. And the company provides us with motorcycle papers. This motorcycle is very beautiful and the center of attention of the people.

3. HONDA CB 125 F

This is a new generation bike from Honda company. This motorcycle has been uploaded with the best features with the best beautiful body. This motorcycle is excellent in terms of driving. The petrol capacity in the tank of this motorcycle is 15 liters and the average liter of this motorcycle is 23 kilometers. The speed goes up to 180 kmph but the motorcycle should be driven with caution as the company has a good relationship with the people of Pakistan for the last few years. People love Honda motorcycles. The Honda Company has introduced this generation special for the youth. For those youth who are looking for travel and entertainment, this bike is very comfortable and the best average and very reasonable price.The price of this motorcycle ranges from 163500 to 175500 in Pakistan. This company provides motorcycles to its customers in the best installments. There are showrooms of Honda motorcycles all over Pakistan and all the spare parts of this motorcycle can be easily found in the market. You can customize this motorcycle.


YAMAHA YBR 125 (ESD) price in pakistan

This motorcycle is one of the new generations of YBR. This generation is very popular among the youth and because of its beautiful body and excellent features, people love this motorcycle in the market and the motorcycle attracts people’s attention because of its beauty. The rest of the features are the same. These motorcycles range from 156,000 to 170,000 according to Pakistani rates. And these motorcycles are very popular among the people because of their excellent features.

5 . HONDA CG 125

HONDA CG 125 price in pakistan

The Honda C125 is in a simple shape but it is a durable and excellent motorcycle. This motorcycle has been introduced to the public with the features of Self Start. It travels the road with a very smooth drive and for the people of Pakistan, the price of this motorcycle ranges from 135000 to 145000. Can buy from the showroom.


In this article, you have learned about the prices and features of automatic 70cc bikes to 125cc bikes. If you want to know more about the motorcycle, visit the nearest motorcycle showroom. The representative of the company will guide you in the best way. Precautions must be read before riding a motorcycle and adhering to them must be followed by riding a motorcycle. Use a helmet when driving a motorcycle

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