Al Rajhi bank exchange rate Saudi riyal to Pakistan rupees:

A bank in Saudi Arabia, Al Rajhi Bank has recently announced that it will be exchanging the Pakistani rupees to the Saudi Riyal at a rate of Rs. 45.51 per 1 SAR (Saudi Riyal) for all customers who have an account with the bank and are living abroad. This is great news for people who are living overseas but still want their money back home in Pakistan!

The Saudi Riyal is worth Pakistan rupees, 50 SAR Riyal buys Pakistani rupees at interbank exchange rates.

SAR(Saudi           PKR(Pak

Riyal)                     rupees)

1SAR                   45.51PKR

5SAR                   227.54

10SAR                 455.09

25SAR                 1137.72

50SAR                 2257.44

Pakistan Rupee information:

1- PKR is the Pakistani currency code.

2- 586 is the numeric currency code of Pakistan.

3- Rupees, rupaya, and rupaye all are acceptable and are referred to terms.

4- Pakistani currency is PKR.

Saudi Riyal information:

1- SAR is the Saudi Arabia currency symbol.

2- 682 is the numeric code of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Riyal, and SAR.

3- The currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal.

Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee Conversion Rate. SAR- PKR exchange rate:

Here below is the Saudi Riyal exchange rates table. The table given below shows today’s exchange rate of SAR against the world’s major currencies.

Currency              1 SAR

Australian            0.371

Dollar                    AUD

Bahraini               0.101

Dinar                    BHD

Canadian            0.339

Dollar                   CAD

Euro                     0.238


Indian                 19.849

Rupee                 INR

Kuwaiti              0.081

Dinar                  KWD

New                  0.387

Zealand            NZD


Omani              0.103

Rial                    OMR

British             0.2

Pound             GBP


Qatari             0.971    

Rial                  QAR

Singapore      0.365

Dollar              SGD

UAE                 0.979

Dirham            AED

US                   0.267

Dollar             USD

Japanese      30.7

Yen                 JPY

Chinese         1.703

Yuan               CNY

Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate (SAR/PKR) today:

The Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchanging tools allows you to compare live inter-bank currency rate with comparable travel money exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets. 

1 SAR= 46.4824 PKR. 

Exchange rate today for SAR to PKR:

Below there is the exchange rate for the Pakistani rupee to Saudi Riyal. 

1 Saudi Riyal= 46.4824 PKR. 

1 SAR= 46.4824 PKR. 

Historical details and data for Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee

The historical period can be determined of SAR to PKR by using the prices below. 


1- 1 SAR= 46.6201 PKR. 


2- 1 SAR= 46.6974 PKR. 


3- 1 SAR= 46.6669 PKR. 


4- 1 SAR= 46.6685 PKR. 


5- 1 SAR= 46.6692 PKR. 


6- 1 SAR= 46.4352 PKR. 


7- 1 SAR= 46.6754 PKR. 

All you need to know about Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee money transfer:

Simply upon comparison, money transfer donors in one place to send cash or money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. Send money to your familiar upon comparison Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee remittance all exchange rates. Watch all remittance services and check all deals, promotions, and discount criteria. These providers allow other offers as transfers online and sending cash. 

When you transfer the money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, we provide 2 remittance services. 

MoneyGram, have more competitive rates for sending cash to Pakistan along with a value is 1 SAR= 46.3321 PKR. 

The next is Skrill Money transfer, which is considered the best Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate for cash transfer. 

According to Skrill Money transfer 1 SAR= 44.9299. 

What is the best way to transfer money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

Transferring money on an international level to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia can consider a challenging task because many other companies are willing to move or transfer the money overseas. You can trust on RemitFinder to select the best donor, who can give the value simultaneously confirming security and safety. 

Our cash transfer comparison engine compares exchange rates from a variety of foreign exchange providers just for to bring the best and possible options for your Saudi Riyal to PKR remittance. 

Every company heard on your platform level has been vetted by our management to ensure your safety, secure and reliable donors to aid you to transfer money to Pakistan. Our dealers also give exclusive offers as well as discounts to all customers so they can easily save their next cash or money transfer. Fortunately, you can take more benefits from these promotions so you familiar get the maximum amount in Pakistani Rupee. 

How to get best exchange rates for your money transfer from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

According to us, the foreign exchange rates are highly volatile and seems difficult to choose the best timing for your next transfer to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia. The other complexity is the multitude of choices, ranging from your bank for establishment the operators as WesterUnion and Moneygram, to a variety of companies and to multi-currency bank accounts. This will be considered more ideal if there was an automated way to update with versatile remittance. 

The first way you can debar the manual work to see and compare providers for your SAR to Pakistani Rupee money transfer is by signing up on RemitFinder on a daily basis rate alert. It is entirely free. We work hard for comparing different remittance companies and send all desired information you need. 

We are also hiring new workers from Saudi Arabia to the Pakistan corridor to provide you with more choices for your next PKR money transfer. In this way, you cannot miss out on additional ways to potentially save more. 

What is the cheapest way  for transferring money to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia?

There are a variety of ways to send money overseas, many come with steep fees later they hide huge charges, which will make a big dent in your money. Let’s explain an example. If you send money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan through a bank, you will get high charged transfer fees. This means both sender and recipient will pay high fees for bank wire transfers. 

The best and reliable way to find a cost-effective way for Saudi Arabia to PKR remittance is to compare different foreign exchange operators out there. But it is time-consuming because it is done manually. You may miss out on rates by other providers that you may not even be aware of. 

Use RemitFinder to see various remittance service providers on the screen to watch which companies are suitable and meet your selection procedure for getting the best Saudi Arabia to Pakistan exchange rates. 

Another thing is to reduce the cost and maximize the money is to take benefit of deals and discounts. 

How to send money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan via a bank?

Bank transfer is the most popular way to send or receive money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. In general, the banks charge much higher fees than other newer remittance companies that work on online operations. It also happens that the rate you want may not be the best from SAR to PKR exchange. The two possible ways that banks get too much advantage are high fees and below per exchange rates. Banks make money on remittance in the most popular way. Therefore, we offer that before taking the help of Saudi Arabia banks for your Pakistan money transfers, you can select other options. Through which you can get well-tolerated exchange rates. 

How to send money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan fast?

It can be a difficult experience if you urgently need to send or rush money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. 

First, you should know that how to pick the right payment way for converting SAR to PKR. Many remittance companies will allow you to pay by cash, with credit and debit cards, through bank transfer and via wire transfer, etc. The wire transfer and bank transfer can delay the transaction as compared to cash payments. Similarly, on the receiver side, your recipient has many ways to collect the Pakistani rupees. The payout choices involve direct bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile wallet, and mobile airtime top-up. Be aware that exchange rates on cash transactions may not be according to your wish and there is risk in handling cash of heavy amounts. Whatever, the mobile airtime top-up or bank deposit are the fastest ways. You can take help from them. 

Talk about foreign exchange transaction speed also depends upon some factors like compliance, transfer amount, this varies from provider to provider. 

Which are the best money transfer companies to send money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan?:

It is simply challenging to compare all companies. But if you have knowledge then it will aid you to take the right decision and you will earn a beneficial amount. Once you immediately start using these conditions, you can start to debar companies that do not match with your mindset. Finally, keep your eyes on discounts and promotions as they will maximize the PKR. 

Step by step guide to transfer money to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia:

There are a variety of possible ways to transfer Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee. Once you picked the right company for Saudi Arabia to Pakistan remittance transaction, you can follow the below steps:

1- Create an account at your selected operator. 

2- They will ask about your photo, ID, and address. 

3- Add your bank account for both sender in Saudi Arabia and receiver in Pakistan. 

4- Decide when you want to send money and transfer the amount. When you are ready, select the amount and start your transaction. 

5- You are pretty much done and the operator will take it on from here. 

6- Watch out, and see the progress of your transaction. 


Here, our entire focus is on sending money in the best easier way from SAR to PKR. All the relevant information is available in this article, by which you can clear your all ambiguities. We make sure to teach the difference between the easiest and hardest ways of transaction. We hope that you have learned much more new possible ways to send money from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan via multiple schemes. Like our efforts by sharing it with all familiars. Thanks a lot for seeing this page.

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