8696 verification code Pakistan_HOW TO VERIFY WHATSAPP

To verify the phone number for whatsapp account, whatsapp usually sends an authentication SMS to verify your phone number so can you start your whatsapp.So your account verification code is 8696 which usually send you sms after you enter your account information.The user got access to the account as this code automatically conforms to the number ownership.

But a scam has been observed by PTA in Pakistan for the last few years.
Actually, to give security to the users a scam has been applied because many fraud people try to install WhatsApp on their own device and on their number section they give an unknown number.And in this way they ask the other common user of this number to give the code by calling on that number which they used to fraud.So they can misuse this service because they will make the account on your number if you have given the code to them.


When someone tries to register whatsapp account with your number, whatsapp will send you a push notifications to protect your account.And to keep your WhatsApp account safe never share your verification code with any one.

And if you ever receive this notification then be alert that someone has entered your phone number and is now requesting for code.This may also happen when someone attempts to take over your account or it may also happen if someone is registering his number but by mistake, he has typed your number.

You should not share your code with any one.If any one is trying to take over your account then they would need an sms verification code to do all this and that code will be received to your number.And if any user is trying to verify your number can not complete the verification process without this code that you have received and so this he would not be able to use your number on whatsapp.So it means that you would be in control of your WhatsApp account.

A: it must be notified that to identify the individual who is trying to verify your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp has not sufficient information.

b: messages are stored on your device because WhatsApp has the feature of END TO END ENCRYPTION, so if someone is trying to access your account would not be able to read your past messages.


If you suspect that someone is using your WhatsApp account or you have loose access to your WhatsApp account then refer to the article STOLEN ACCOUNT

if you have lost your cellphone or it has been stolen then see the article LOST AND STOLEN PHONES
To enhance the security of your account, enable TWO-STEP VERIFICATION and see the article about TWO-STEP VERIFICATION

And if you want more acount security tips then see the article ACOUNT SECURITY TIPS ARTICLE


For whatsapp account verification,the users of mobilink network often receive 8696 code that has been sent to their number.

And the fraud people who make illegal account by giving other people numbers they will send you fake code.

Like if you don’t have to create an account or you have not requested to create account then it is sure that it would be a fake code that has been sent on your number by fraud people to make illegal account by your number.


This is an optional feature that adds more security to our whatsapp account when we have registered with whatsapp and you will surely see the two step verification screen after you have registered your number.You would be able to learn in this article that how to step verification is enbled.

By enabling the two step verification,you will have an option to give your email address.It would give you a reset link in case if you have forgotten your pin.

Whatsapp will prompt you to periodically enter your pin and it is to help you to remember your pin.
Without disabling two step verification,there is not an option to disable this.

NOTE: 6 digit registration code that you receive through sms or call is totally different from two-step verification.


It is the first priority if WhatsApp to make alert its viewers that how frauds can insert your number in WhatsApp new account portal and how they can create a new account if by mistake or unfortunately you have given them the code that you have received through SMS or call. And that frauds would call you that they are from WhatsApp authorities or would say that they are from WhatsApp officials and then they ask you about the code that you have received. And it would be up to you that how you would remind that they are the black sheep who are going to misuse your number for their benefits in an illegal way.


Whatsapp users can receive different codes like 8696,4864,2445 and many others because every time it would not be from same code.And these would be surely scam codes so whatsapp advise it’s viewers that kindly delete such type of sms that contain these codes and all this is for your security benefits.Because if you want security privacy from whatsapp you would have to learn from whatsapp security points not from frauds.


So the conclusion is added at the end of every article that gives you like a summary of whole article that what is described in this article.

And the conclusion of this article is as follow in the following few words.

  • 8696 is the verification code which is sent to your number and then you would be registered with whatsapp.
  • And if the verification code is sent to you from other codes then you must be aware that it’s not from whatsapp but from other resources that want to use your WhatsApp acount for illegal purposes.
  • For the sake of security or for your satisfaction that your account is secure you can learn from many articles of different topics like
  • Stolen account
  • Lost and stolen phones
  • Two step verification
  • Acount security tips article

Two-step verification is also an additional and optional feature that secures your account.
Viral scam TRICKS learn you that how you should alert if anyone is trying to use your account illegally.
0ther codes if send you code then be alert that it’s not WhatsApp but some else resource that want to take the code send to your number.

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