What is 420 position?

420 position is an unethical position this position is made ok different occasions. This position is made on the celebration of smoking day or smoking of cannabis. It is related to 20th April. Because many people celebrate different days on this date. 

When it comes to the term “420 positions,” there are a few different meanings that people might think of. But, one of the most popular definitions is when someone is talking about smoking weed. Specifically, 420 refers to 4:20 pm, which is often considered as the perfect time to smoke marijuana. Some people also believe that April 20th (4/20) is national weed day! Whether you’re a smoker or not, check out this list of the best 420 positions for getting high!

It has also different funny meanings. These meanings are according to the event and celebrations. 

What about 420 number?

Basically, it is the code of police. They used this code when someone is doing smoking of marijuana. This is also called an act of law. Police used this word while the conversation. 

According to England, they use this number for the birthday of Hitler. 4/20 is the birthday of Hitler. A famous ruler of England. 

This number also representing the famous song. Bob Daylans Song. 

This number is also representing the rainy day. 

Women used this word 420 as 12& 35. If you multiply 12 and 35 answers will be 420. 

But usually, it is used as a code for the smoking of marijuana.

Sometimes this word is used to order someone. 

Let’s go and smoke something. Smoke may be marijuana or any other drug.

420 Blaze It:

Different Myths are associated with this number.

It also means as “smoke some weed”.

This myth is widely used in the famous high school of San Rafael (city of California).

Many people trying to search about this Myth. But no body knows about exact meaning of this Myth. 

Here is list of few people who researched about this Myth. 

  • Reddix 
  • Noel
  • Jaffery 
  • Gravich

These all people search about this Myth but unfortunately, they don’t know about the actual meaning of this code. Because every country uses this word for different meanings. 

420 has different meanings in different areas. If they want to burn fire highly then they used this term. 

They also used this word when they are going to smoke the cannabis.


This term is derived from the word dubiety which has different meanings.

It is basically a slang word that has different meanings. Duby is also written as a doobie. This term is widely used for cigarettes of marijuana. This word is taken from Latin word. This word has meant giving rise to uncertainty in the life. This word has meaning questionable.

What is meant by Dube:

This term is used when you are driving and you will smoke weed.

Fat Doobie:

It is representing the products of restaurants. 

It is representing chicken fingers, rings of onion, mustard, honey, Collins forts, French fries, and mayonnaise. 

Doobie termed as joint:

It is referred as a roach in different countries. But it is mainly referred to in Australia and United States. This slang term is widely used in these two countries.

Doobie used for drug:

This term is widely used among the drug addicts. Marijuana cigarette is common cigarette among the people. People use this cigarette for enjoyment. You can say Doobie as a drug content. 

What is a stud?

It is basically a threaded rod that is widely used in engineering purposes. It is long rod and it is threaded from both sides. Threads are extendable. This is widely used for tension purpose. It is also called all-thread.

What is meant by Studded wall:

This term was used in ancient time. This is used for the personality of some one. It is used for flair. Flair is used for home. 


In this informative article I discussed about different meanings of 420 position according to different fields. I discussed this position in very simple language. If you feel any difficulty then ask question in comment box and we will try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this informative article.

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