List of Pharmaceutical Companies firms in Pakistan

 The pharmaceutical trade is crucial because it is a key provider of medical modernization. The value of pharmaceutical (Medicinal) companies and pharmacies (Dispensaries/ Medical Stores) cannot be excluded in any phase as these firms are generating all those medications/pills which have been making humans cure all types of diseases/illness/disorders etc.pharmaceutical companies in pakistan.


As You Know that there is nothing crucial than having good wellbeing/health and medicinal (pharmaceutical) firms are supporting majorly in this respect. It is a extremely tricky pitch of research/investigation as pharmacists/chemists have to manufacture medicines/drugs/pills with great attention so that no one would hurt from any harmful/toxic composition or unfavorable side effects.


Islamic Republic of Pakistan holds dignity in owning highly regarded & reputed pharmaceutical (medicinal) firms which have been working to conserve billions of souls throughout the year. With the period of time and improvement in research/examination with regard to health, various compositions of medications are spinning out of these firms and specialists/doctors are Formulating new medications to cure various illnesses/diseases.pharmaceutical companies in karachi

The pharmaceutical trade detects, acquires, creates, and promotes medical drugs for use as medications (medicines). Following are the leading pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan participating principally in health division:

Top List Of pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan

1.Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Limited

This firm is the portion of the global health-care agency. During 1948 Abbott commenced functions in Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a marketing assistant. The firm has steadily enlarged the employment strength of over 1500 staffs. Currently, two fabrication centers are situated at Karachi (Korangi & Landhi). The firm has been maintaining to use innovative invention to provide highpoint pharmaceutical stuffs and is recognized as the extremely trustworthy firm for its medicinal products.

2.GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) is a prolonged recognized financier (investor) in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Its inheritance firm Glaxo Laboratories Pakistan Limited in 1951, was the leading pharmaceutical (medicinal) organization to be recorded on the Karachi inventory exchange. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the company trades in anti-contagious (infective), breathing, injections/Vaccines, Oncology, hypersensitivity, Dermatological (skin cares products), Analgesics, Gastrointestinal (Gastric/Abdominal), Urology, Cardiovascular etc. The firm is rising with the improved research supporting at a huge scale with regard to healthcare and its extraordinary inventions/products are evidence to their struggles.

3.Sami Pharmaceutical Private Ltd

This firm has a secure faith that “Excellence in the finished products has to be established from the head start”. This firm introduced feature branded generics, some of which also take up prominent spots in their corresponding classifications. Sami Pharmaceutical Private Ltd take over medicines as a contest when international firms were dominatingly holding honor in the production of the medical drugs. Furthermore, SAMI is progressing with the examination and monitoring of improved goods (Products).

4.Getz Pharma Private Ltd

It’s value remarking that the oldest Food Company (Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Ltd) in Pakistan, is capturing Getz Pharma. In 1995, Getz Brothers & Co launches Getz Pharma. At that time only forty five individuals were hired and had a minor income support with no transnational campaigns. Currently Getz Pharma has the enhancement of a small production capacity to a world-class labeled universal medication firm with a worldwide ranking. The firm has been transformed with more than fifty seven hundred extremely competent people as personnel from all over the globe.


The internationally well-recognized pharmaceutical firm aiding considerably in the playing field of healthcare and agricultural science. The firm retains a fantastic reputation with a steady track record of securing recognition for its outstanding and valuable medicines to cure various diseases/illness. Additionally the firm has been competently performing research in the sphere of agricultural science & delivering broad variety of applicable commodities. They are participating well in discovering explanations to some of the main tasks associated to health field.

6.SPL (Searle Pakistan Ltd)

On 5th October 1965, this Firm was recognized in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This firm obtained a slight production facility in S.I.T.E. where fabrication of Lomotil, Aldactone, Probanthine, Ovulen, Hydryllin, Neomycin Sulfate and Diodoquin commenced. They assemble highly valuable medical products & maintaining examination/research and manufacturing of medicines while securing trust/faith.

7.Feroz-sons Laboratories

This well reputed firm leads  managing producers within the segment of cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology & herpetology with growing existence in the diabetes. It is the only organization in Islamic Republic of Pakistan maintaining contracts with a quantity of universal collaborators for dissemination, encouraging and co-invention of medicines/medicinal drugs.

8.Hilton Pharma Pvt Ltd

The firm is an adherent of the innovative group of corporations. Blending the pleasing standards of entrepreneurship, strict compliance, well-made work integrity, with recent true production procedures & with widespread variation of goods, Hilton Pharma has appeared as Pakistan’s leading nation wide pharmaceutical group.

9.Wyeth Pakistan Ltd

The organization (Wyeth Pakistan Ltd) is a famed organization launched in 1949 in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The manager is involved in engineering and marketing of research constructed entirely ethical specialisms and other medicinal products.

10.Pfizer Pakistan Ltd

This well recognized firm has been operating from a long duration in the health division in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The firm (Pfizer Pakistan Ltd) was inaugurated in 1959. Pfizer on 5th February 1959 (in the industrialized docks region of West Wharf) launched its first main plant. Originally the firm work in partnership with regional suppliers, but ultimately extended their dissemination system with the speedy production of manufactured goods in 1961.
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