Top Best Taxtile Companies In Pakistan?

International brands working with local textile mills in Pakistan including H&M and Lewas and brands like Nike and Adidas and Puma and Target etc. are also doing their work in textile business in Pakistan. 38% and Faisalabad with 28% share and 464 in Karachi and 316 textile units in Punjab and 116 in Sindh. The textile industry is called the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Because textile is a job without which many things are left unfinished. The textile sector contributes 8.5% to Pakistan’s GDP. About forty-five percent of the labor force and 38 percent of the manufacturing workers are employed.


About Pakistan and China and India is the fourth largest producer of cotton in Asia with the third largest spinning capacity and contributes five per cent to the global spinning capabilities. The textile industry is the backbone of the country. In addition, it forms a large and new committee to decide and implement such a strategy. In which the textile business industry can truly benefit was established in five and then not many of them strategy was implemented and it was modified to offer the best quality fabrics. Also pay attention to the provision of all equipment to be upgraded and human resources will be managed and the best relationship is established with them. Play an important role in development.

Textile mills are an important part of Pakistan. Without them, the country is not complete. If we do not have textile mills in our country, we will have to buy very expensive cloth. When we buy from other countries, our GDP But it will also make a difference and the situation in our country can be very different, so all these things are taken into account, all these things are reviewed and moved forward. In this regard, if there is no textile mill in Pakistan, we will Will buy cloth from other countries which will cause a lot of loss because when the most expensive cloth in our country no one will benefit from it but it will lose.

Because when a person goes to a shop to buy cloth, it becomes more expensive for a common man to buy cloth from other countries, so when the country came into existence, textile mills were also established at that time. Gone because India became a state in Asian countries and then Pakistan and India became separate states and separate industries were established in these two countries in which textile companies also play an important role. 

On this page we will tell you about the top 10 textile mills of Pakistan which will also increase your knowledge and you will also learn about textile mills because they have an important role in Pakistan. They will make their own cloth in them, then the country will benefit. If you do, we will not be harmed by it. Therefore, we have a country through our country which is dependent on agriculture.


Since our country is an agricultural country and our country is far ahead in terms of agriculture because the country in which agriculture is self-sufficient does not have a shortage of cloth because in our country cotton is produced in abundance when a farmer Sells it then it gets ready in textile mills then when it goes to textile mills there is preference for fabric in which good brands are made which come in the market and we buy it If there is a shortage of cotton in our country.

Then we have to buy things from other countries. Then we find every branding expensive which we can’t buy. Go and sell from where this cotton goes to textile and go there and it is ready. When the cloth is made from there, we will tell you all the details on how much you get in each province because it is in every province. There are some textile mills in every city of Pakistan which makes it easy for people and also to make clothes everyday. A shopkeeper goes to a market here.

From where people choose it easily and it is also easy for people to buy because Pakistan makes its own cloth and most importantly we will tell you about the good textile mills of Pakistan in this post. If you read all the teachers on this page, you will know that all the details are below.We have a list of Pakistan’s textile industry. Most of the textiles produced in Pakistan are based on cotton and it is the most widely used fabric. Pakistani textile industry is famous all over the world. Working Time The following is a brief overview of Pakistan’s textile companies. You can check it out.


History Of Pakistan Taxtile Industry?

The beginning of Indian textiles is thought of as the Indus Valley Civilization in modern Pakistan as Indian textiles were already known then later Pakistan-India is thought of as a separate country where people use domestic cotton to make clothes. Historically, the Indus Valley Week has significant trade with the rest of the world and is engaged in it. For example, Silk Rome in the region and Egypt and the United Kingdom and Indonesia are considered famous.


Significance Of Pakistan Taxtile Companies?

Pakistan’s textile sector has become the heart and soul of this nation since independence. Pakistan’s largest manufacturing industry has exported 3.5 billion in 2018 and 2017. Pakistan is the eighth 8.5 Gdp the textile sector employs about 45% of the total labor force in the country. In 2017 and 2018, the exports of the textile sector increased by 4 4.4 billion. Pakistan is also the third largest consumer of cotton in the world. 

There are one hundred and sixty four textile mills in Pakistan, five percent of which are owned by Christians. Textiles have a total processing capacity of 5.2 billion square meters. International brands working with local textile mills in Pakistan are present. Brands like H&M and Adidas and Puma are currently operating in Pakistan with textile business accounting for 38% and Faisalabad with a type share of Rs. There are 116 textile units operating in Sindh. Their exports are mainly threatened by regional rivals as the governments of these countries support their textile industry more than the government of Pakistan. Support for textile security Pakistan has approved Rs 185 million for the development fund and Pakistan provides 40% bank credit.

Textile manufacturing became a central part of Pakistan’s industrialization in the 1950s, shortly after the independence of the British Raj in South Asia. In 1975, the Pakistani government established the Cotton Export Corporation of Pakistan. The role of CIC was diminished by its participation in the establishment, which was a barrier to private manufacturing, and by 1988 and 1989 the private manufacturing general was able to buy and sell in both domestic and foreign markets. The number of textile mills in Pakistan had increased from three to more than two thousand in one year. There are 423 textile industries operating in the country. At present almost all the man-made and natural or textile supply in Pakistan is eye shades including cotton jeevan and others on high cost of raw material and operational lead time. Pakistan has a great advantage because of its beneficial effects.


Production Of Pakistan Taxtile Companies?

There are currently 6 main sectors of textile production in Pakistan. We are sharing with you below.


1. Spinning

2. Weaving

3. Processing

4. Printing

5. Garment manufacturing

6. Filament yarn manufacturing


Cotton is the largest segment of textile production. Loved in fiber and eight traction phones and jute. It includes the following.



Cotton harvesting is probably the most important segment of Pakistan textile industry which consists of 521 units and so on because when cotton is produced in Pakistan it immediately sells to farmers and then it goes into textile because It is very well done and is also widely manufactured.


Synthetic Fibers:

Synthetic fibers are nylon and polio dominates the art market. There are currently five major synthetic fiber producers in Pakistan with a total capacity of 63,600 tons per year.


Filament Yarn:

There are three types of filament yarn. It is also produced in Pakistan. It contains an acetate ian taga and nylon taga and nylon filament taga. It is said to be the sixth unit in the country to perform its function. You are benefiting the country and the nation by working on it in the best way and you are getting it yourself.


Artificial Silk:

It resembles silk, but with low cost of production, there are about 9,000 in the country, mainly in Karachi, Faisalabad and Gujranwala, and Jalalpur Jattan, as well as in FATA.



Products made from wool include water forms and fabrics and blankets and cleaners are also added to it and then sold in the market.



Jute  and textiles are mainly used for packing agricultural products such as cereals and rice and the production of the product in 2009 or 2010 was around one lakh. At that time the country benefited a lot and so on In the days to come, Pakistan will benefit from a lot of products


Textile Industry Production Technology & The Skill Development?

The Textile Institute plays its role in promoting the best of expertise and technological impact through various trainings and state-of-the-art knowledge sharing platforms in Pakistan such as Lahore in Manchester and the local section of the UK. Learn and understand and then grow their business when they see this technology and buy it and then establish this technology in any of their problems and then the technology of this product in big cities like Lahore and Karachi. Is used and then the fabric is best prepared.


List Of Textile Industry In The Pakistan


1. Fateh Textile Mills?

Fateh Textile Mills was established in 1952 and as it has been providing quality services to its best customers across Pakistan, it has also included the largest textile mills in Pakistan. The company also became a public limited company. The company is also listed on the Karachi Exchange Jang. Textile Mills Limited is producing 60 millions fabrics. And there are already a lot of customers abroad who have a choice and when this company was started in the beginning, its owner spent a lot on it and designed it in the best way and then specializes in it to this day. 

Now it has proved to be the best for the people and people like her clothes very much and choose this company. When there is a fabric in the market which has ready-made fabrics and bed sheets, people like this company’s fabric very much and its purchase is also excellent and it is working profitably which makes it easier for people to buy it. They also buy it from and the employees of the company and all the workers and employers in it will also benefit from it and its country Pakistan will also benefit from it because it is happening when its in other countries. The cloth is sown which benefits the country of Pakistan.


2. Chenab Limited

ChenabTextile Mills Ltd is considered to be one of the leading saints of quality textile products manufactured and exported throughout Pakistan which is from the high textile of Pakistan and is very much loved by the people. Chaneb Taxtile Ltd. was established in 1975. Has been working since then and has been working to provide the best services to customers. It has covered the entire market sink and is providing all kinds of services such as dealing with products and vendors and with vertical integration. Performing excellent work with all units to provide services fabric is processed in millimeters more than that and it has also been converted into a house from which people can use their clothes Exhibit and make the best profit.


3. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited?

Gul Ahmed is considered to be the best textile industry in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest and most famous brands in Pakistan. One of the famous brands is their brand. Now it is supported by Garments. In 1953 he entered the field of textile manufacturing. He developed rapidly and expanded his business in a short period of time. The company was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1970 due to its great identity and rapidity. Gul Ahmed has successfully achieved an amazing position in the textile industry of the world. Even today this company is well known and is doing its job well. Because when you sell good things and set good standards, people like what you have. Similarly, Gul Ahmed Company did its job well while maintaining its quality and people still do it today. Appreciate this company and love its clothes.


4. Husein Industries Limited?

Since 1951, the industry has been working to provide amazing services across Pakistan. They are doing their best to grow their business and that is why Pakistan has the most. As a result of becoming one of the growing textile saints he has established the midnight of various valuable customers all over the world due to his strong leadership. All necessary steps are taken to ensure that quality products are direct to the number of customers, so the main focus of this textile industry is to provide the best quality of copper food to its customers. Buyers should like this fabric. They should choose the fabric that did not face any kind of hassle. It only benefits the company but they say that we prefer good fabric so that people can buy our fabric. Like and sell it in the market at a good rate.


5. Kohinoor Mills Limited?

Koh-e-Noor Textile is considered to be one of the most profitable and progressive organizations in Pakistan which manufactures and manufactures mercury all over Pakistan. Started but has finally ended up being one of the most famous textile saints of Pakistan. He has also been involved in power generation. He has been working with great respect and prestige among the big players in the field of textiles. Besides, Koh-e-Noor is currently employed in Urdu and his mission is based on quality. The purpose is to sell the product so that they can earn and eliminate the satisfied customer so that everyone who buys the clothes of this company can benefit from it.


6. Nishat Mills Limited?

Nishat Mills Ltd. was established in 1991 and since then they have been providing the best services keeping in mind the modern trends and demands of the modern age which is also the most modern facilities of power generation. One of them is working on a sewing unit and the other is doing an excellent job on power generation. They also have a very strong balance sheet and the export business is in this industry. Has become a red bone that has made it very easy for him to be at the forefront among other competing textile saints.


7. Fazal Cloth Mills?

Fazal Clothing Sunnah was established in 1966. Since then, it has worked to sell quality and best products to its customers. There are also support branches. It is currently doing its job well all over Pakistan. They set up their first unit in Muzaffargarh in 1972. The company is also listed in the stock exchanges in major cities like Lahore and Karachi and it is providing the best fabric to its customers while maintaining its quality. They have established a good standard and are making a good friend and they like it very much and their purchase is also excellent and in Pakistan they are doing their job in the best way.


8. National Silk & Rayon Mills Limited?

National Silk & Ryan Mills is currently providing its services in the most successful and efficient way in Pakistan. The company is also working to make its work better. Was established. It chose the best fabric for the best quality of its customers and in the company it produces the best cotton wool and sells it in the market in the best way when it is their company. When they are sold in the market, their demand also increases because when they meet the good quality, it is obvious that people will recognize your quality and will like you, which makes you famous It will happen and buying and selling will also increase.



9. Safa Textile Limited?

Safa taxtile Ltd the company produces a very famous and well-known brand. It is currently operating in Karachi. It is using state-of-the-art machinery to provide product finishing contacts and is also used internationally. Is being made and its features are providing the best quality in providing the best quality of clothing. It has introduced its brand in other countries in the best way to give priority to its own clothes and at that time this company is the best way. Has been doing its job of getting people to meet the best standards and even today people continue to buy and sell clothes and people because when you work at good quality your buying and selling It will increase day by day.


10. The Crescent Textile Mills Limited?

Crescent Textile Mills Ltd. provides the best quality fabrics to its valued customers in Pakistan and is doing its job in the best possible way at the moment. If you have a product or something you need from them, you can contact their company directly and buy clothes from them because they have worked hard to improve it and improve their quality. Whenever the brand of this company is sold in the market, they do a lot of damage to it and their clothes are featured and they sell in the market by making the best way for them.



Pakistan is mostly dependent on agriculture and cotton is produced in the best way in pakistan. If you want to check the quality of the mills, you can do so by checking all the teachers of these textile mills as they say that this company is the one who sells cloth to its customers at the best quality and good rates at the best quality. Sell ​​clothes on and now if you guys are interested you can choose these textile mills if you guys have any questions you can contact And you guys can go to their official website and ask them any kind of question and the most important thing is that if you still don’t understand anything then you can go to all the details above. Read well and then you will understand all the details of these companies. Thanks.

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