List Of Top NGOs In Pakistan


Pakistan faced a lot of difficulties after independence but Pakistan overcame these difficulties due to hard work and struggle but even then the same difficulties continue to come in human life as well as many difficulties on our country. But the people with full cooperation solved these problems in the same way when the earthquake hit Pakistan which destroyed people’s homes and food and many other issues such as the problem of education and unemployment and People don’t get their due. There are some people in Pakistan who want to get rid of all these problems. They want to get rid of all these problems of their country Pakistan. They also cooperated fully.

And they are doing their best today. Many such problems continue to go on. Similarly, Pakistan has been a victim of these problems but some NGOs have overcome these problems and helped the people. Many easy life has been created in the country, so these NGOs did their job well, thanks to which many Pakistanis are living a peaceful life today. We will talk to you and tell you about them, how these NGOs are doing their job well in Pakistan and how they are helping people. We will share some important features with you.

Similarly, when the catastrophic earthquake hit the northern regions of Pakistan in 2005, it caused distress to the people of the country who were in dire need of food and shelter without food and shelter. Has started its own local campaign to help the people by standing up for them. In addition, the existing NGOs in Pakistan have been at the forefront of showing love and care to the most affected people. He helped people a lot and arranged for people to eat and drink and stay because many people lost their lives in the earthquake and many dear relatives and friends who lost their lives.NGOs and many such people in Pakistan who then helped the earthquake victims who helped those who survived the earthquake and gave them some shame to make a living like many such campaigns That these people were funded so that they could live their lives in their own way and NGOs helped them with hard work and cooperation.


In the summer of 2010, floods hit Pakistan, which was recorded as one of the worst for Pakistan. When the floods hit in the summer, Pakistan still faced many difficulties that affected about 200 million people. It destroyed homes and infrastructure crops and also deprived people of water for nutrition and caused many diseases. NGOs in Pakistan performed their services and did commendable work not only. NGOs but also the people stood side by side and showed that they can do anything for humanity in Pakistan. People stood side by side and helped them and provided them with ration water and NGOs also did their job. 

Helped a lot of people.And now that the people are facing some problems, NGOs in Karachi and Islamabad and all over Pakistan are setting a good example for the rest of the world to let people know that these NGOs are helping those who Those who need it deserve it. In this blog, we would also like to thank NGOs for their support during the difficult times of Pakistan and for helping the people in providing food to the people on a daily basis. Worked hard and took full advantage of the people and the corona virus also caused a lot of trouble to the people due to which people had unemployment and food and so on when people were deprived. 

So when the corona virus was locked down in Pakistan. So these NGOs helped a lot of people who benefited a lot from the people who could not afford the lockdown. We know that the government and the health care workers are working hard. But we also need to acknowledge these efforts of NGOs as they have worked hard to help people in lockdown with health and such care and food and to eradicate unemployment. Because of this effort we have been able to meet the needs of the people who have delivered food to the people at night to see that the people are sleeping peacefully. They have done their best to provide the best facilities to the people. And we should be very proud of Pakistan’s NGOs.


One of the most generous nations in the world is considered to be an NGO which was donating more than one percent of GDP to Pakistan. It helps people in difficult times. The people of Pakistan are in need of charity. Are always ready to help so that people can be helped and the idea of ​​charity has been implemented regularly in our religion and culture and people also help people with the intention of charity so that people can benefit fully. Coins tend to help Pakistani farms or other poor. Based on the Islamic point of view, Muslims continue to pay zakat and charity to benefit society and fulfill their obligations so that the poor get their due. May they also be able to live their lives to the fullest.

Islamabad is also a hub for non-profit and charitable organizations and thousands of non-profit organizations are working in Pakistan to reach out to millions of victorious and backward people. Therefore, there are field offices in Pakistan that help as soon as possible and are working to serve the people so that the needs of those who deserve a need can be met as some problems in Pakistan.As unemployment is common, the NGO still helps those who are doing their job or people are facing financial loss or loss of life in the form of floods or accidents. 

Recently, the world was very much affected by the corona virus and a very dangerous situation was also occurring in Pakistan. He should not face any kind of trouble and he should be able to lead his life easily.These NGOs mean that there are NGOs working for the sole purpose of ensuring community work and social welfare and there are numerous NGOs working in Pakistan including Including national and international organizations that are not getting the right to any accident or any difficulty or anything in Pakistan, this NGO is helping these people at the moment and we know about the best Geo U of Pakistan. Give some information to the people so that you also know that these NGOs are working in the best way to change the future of Pakistan.


1.JDC Foundation

When the Foundation Voice of Digital Pakistan Homewell on July 12, 2021 in Pakistan estimated that the ten best NGOs that are doing their job better in Pakistan, they should also be counted among these NGOs. Is also doing its job in the best possible way and is giving full support to the people. So he did his job in the best way possible and the community comes.On the people who lost their lives, on the people who had passed away, because of the earthquake, people had to eat a lot of their dear relatives and homes, then more than seventy thousand people had lost their lives who were saved and without Food and shelter were also released. In this way, the Pakistani people stood up for humanity and started a full-fledged campaign to help the people. 

NGOs in Pakistan are also the best way to love and care for the victims. He helped them so that they too could live their lives again. So these NGOs helped these people with their funds and helped them for food and shelter and when the floods came in 2010 due to the summer, Pakistan had to go through the worst period in which they lost their Crops were also lost and there are many such things they dug in which people faced a lot of troubles in which they also had to suffer from food and water and also suffered from diseases then here in Pakistan private He played his role and stood side by side and helped the people. Humanity is still alive in Pakistan which is doing its job in the best way for the people and now this foundation is affected by the corona virus. He also helped these people.This foundation even today when there is any kind of problem in Pakistan, they help the people a lot and take care of them if anyone has any reason to help the people even today and they have this problem.


2.Saylani Welfare Trust

It is doing its job well in welfare or distributing rations to the people in the city of Karachi. Even the roads there are not built properly and the houses are not built properly. This foundation takes care of these people as well and our minds only think of reaching the poorest places but it is working best to bring us to our favorite places and donate rations to these people at the moment. I appreciate their uninterrupted efforts. You can check the update directly through their official page and if you want to join, you can arrange a dinner with their help.

They can also donate money to further promote their mission as they are working to provide food to the poor in Karachi who have food problems or unemployment. This welfare works for the poor people and if you also want to work in it or help in any way, you can go to their official page and contact them and help them. You have also been able to reach out to these people with your donations so that they can help you with this welfare and your troubles so that you can live your life easily.And those who are also a pakistani citizen and this welfare food is delivered to these people and helps them so that they can live their life with ease.


3.Shahid Afridi Foundation

The foundation came into the system through Shahid Afridi, who is working on the construction of schools and sanatoriums in Pakistan. Its main purpose is to educate the people and those who are not getting an education. Deliver this education so that they too can become the future of Pakistan by getting education. People are promoting good behavior with education. Shahid Afridi’s phone was the worst in the world. “I want to win a remarkable deal in your cricket career and I want the services of all of you to help people in this and we have taken it a step further,” he said. To help the youth of Pakistan. So that even those of us who are not acquiring knowledge at the moment or want to acquire knowledge do not have money, so we can help them through this foundation or we can help them to get education.



4.Chhipa Welfare Association

People in Pakistan were facing a lot of difficulties due to floods and rains. Due to which people sacrificed their lives and when it rained heavily in Pakistan, their homes were destroyed, crops were severely damaged, the sky was financially damaged and their livelihoods were destroyed, the Welfare Association said. Ashen did his best to help those who have been deprived of food and other necessities so that they can live their lives because when the country was so badly affected by the coronavirus.This NGO helped these people to live their lives because there is no food that does not reach the people which is why people face a lot of things that make them anxious. Unemployment issues like this NGO can also solve people’s problems and if you also want to help people with can help people by visiting their official page. So that those who deserve it in the country of Pakistan can be helped and they can live a better life.


5.Edhi Foundation

The Edhi Foundation is a social worker who serves the nation when it comes to humanity. His organization is the result of the Edhi Foundation and the struggle for independence. The Eid Foundation Helped people with coronavirus The Edhi Foundation helped people to get the British to the hospital and drop them off at home and they didn’t just do emergency work.He also worked on ration water and helped the people as much as he could.Are helping and proving humanity all over pakistan and they are a scream for effort and helping deserving people.People who help deserving people so that they can live their lives easily while living in Pakistan. This foundation helps people who are sick and if you also want to work with the foundation. You can also help and work with them by visiting their official website and contacting them.



6.Aurat Foundation

The Women’s Foundation is considered to be one of the largest organizations working for the welfare of women in Pakistani society. It has its head office in Abad and in provincial capitals. It empowers women by providing maximum access to people’s education issues and institutions.And for women who are facing some kind of problem, this foundation helps those who are suffering from education and can’t afford the cost of education. Helped them to continue their education while living in Pakistan so that no citizen would face any difficulties while living in Pakistan so this foundation is working especially for women who have no They can also contact the Foundation and if you want to work with Vision, you can go to their website and work with them. Are free in pakistan will be able to help them.



7.Human Relief Foundation

The Foundation is considered an international and non-profit organization working to improve the plight of extremely vulnerable communities in Pakistan. It was started locally in 1991 with a social development program. It is working for the mission of promoting and empowering human beings so that everyone has the right to equal rights and can enjoy their lives in areas where there is some kind of distress. It helps people. It works for economics and creativity and education and health and sanitation, and it helps people build development programs and local buildings in Pakistan.So that people can live their lives easily without facing any kind of trouble. This foundation is doing its job in the best way and those who are facing any kind of trouble while living in Pakistan, this foundation will help them. Helps people and partners and complements their resources. If this NGO is working in Pakistan, it is working to help people and if you want to participate. So we can work with them because this foundation helps the poor so that they can live their lives easily because they also have the right to live.



8.Young People Parliament Of The Pakistan

Youth Parliament Some other unorganized NGOs in Pakistan are also working to broadcast young people and give democratic interests so that their singing can be done in the best way for the young generation. These are small skills in Pakistan. The Youth Parliament is working on Network Service in Pakistan and Civil in Pakistan. It is working on a non-political and non-contagious and non-spiritual request to educate the youth and educate the youth. They should be prepared for the future of Pakistan so that they can take Pakistan further while living in Pakistan so that a bright future can be established in Pakistan as well.This NGO helps young people to get education and knowledge in the best way so that they can become the bright future of Pakistan. So that they can do good deeds while living in Pakistan and brighten the name of Pakistan in the world and work for the development of Pakistan and if you also want to be associated with these NGOs or help people with them. If you want, you can help those who are poor and those who are deserving by visiting their official website and contacting them.



The NGO in Pakistan is working hard to serve the people and the NGO reaches out to the people for what they need, such as the provision of education and social goods and if there is any kind of relationship with someone in Pakistan. It has been supporting it in a non-partisan way and all these NGOs in Pakistan are doing their best to help and help the people who are living in Pakistan whenever there is a partition. When it came to people, people were facing a lot of difficulties which made people’s lives very difficult and people started being abused.Due to which these NGOs were established and helped the people due to which many NGOs are working in Pakistan today and working for the welfare of the people. Told a lot of interviewers who are doing their job well.Thanks.

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