There are a lot of Universities in Pakistan which give education and degrees to their students. Some universities come’s in top 12 list due to their education system, and good services like study, transport, best teachers. Some universities are profession in medical, commerce and some in Engineering fields.

In this article we will give you information about engineering universities which ranks comes in top 12 list. This list based on course quality, teaching quality, research and important other factors.

Some universities teach many fields of engineering like electrical engineering, chemical engineering, software engineering, telecommunication and industrial engineering, bio-medical engineering. The list of top 12 engineering universities which offer all fields of engineering are given below. 


Here is the list of top 12 engineering Universities

1.National university of science and technology (NUST) Islamabad


National university of science and technology comes top of list and got first rank university in engineering fields according HEC (higher education commission). The main campus of NUST university in Islamabad and other campuses in Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Risalpur. This university has specialized in electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering department and also well aware of business department.

2.Pakistan institute of engineering and applied science (PIEAS) Islamabad


It is the best university of Pakistan which offering engineering programs in bachelor’s, Master, M.Phil. and PHD level. The specific disciplines of PIEAS engineering, natural science and formal science. This university also offers short courses for engineering.
The main campus of this university in Lethrar road, Islamabad. It is the public research university for engineering and nuclear technology. This university has second rank in HEC Pakistan. It was established in 2000 as public sector and got many civil rewards.
Here is a link of  PIEAS site you can visit for more information.

3.University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore


University of Engineering and Technology has the 3rd best university in Pakistan according HEC ranking. It is the most popular and oldest best university in Pakistan. This university was established with the name of Mughal Pura Technical college and within some years convert into university due to their best services. The main campuses of UET is in Lahore and other campuses in Faisalabad, The kala-sha-Kaku campus, and the Rachna campus.
UET specialized in science, technology, engineering and in mathematical courses. It is the public sector and best engineering university in Pakistan.
Here is a link of UET Lahore site  you can visit for more information.

4.Ghulam Ishaq khan institute of engineering science and technology (GIKI) KPK


This university has got 5th rank from HEC and it was founded in 1993 by the president of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan that’s why this university name relate with the name of presented of Pakistan. GIKI located in Swabi, KPK and fully furnished residential campuses.
This university specialized in Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.
Here is a link GIKI site you can visit for more information.

5.Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology


Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology is a public sector university. This university specialized in science, engineering, mathematics and technology. QET main campus located in the urban neighborhood of Nawabshah, Sindh, the other campuses of this university located in. Quaid e awam got 7th number according HEC rank.

6.Institute of space technology (IST) Islamabad


Institute of Space technology established in 2002 and offer best engineering programs in Pakistan like astronomy, aerospace, and astronautics engineering. This university has 6th number of Rank from HEC. It is located in G.T road Islamabad and offers many graduate and undergraduate programs. 
Here is a link of IST site you can visit for more information.

7.Air university (AU) Islamabad


The Air University was established in 2002 in Islamabad. This university is under the supervision of board of Government and chief of air staff Pakistan air force. This university offers undergraduate and post graduate programs in medical, computer science, engineering, Cyber security, and humanities. It is the top ten university ranked by higher education commission of Pakistan.  
Here is a link of AU site  you can visit for more information.

8.Mehran university of engineering and technology (MUET) Sindh


Mehran university of Engineering and technology is a public research university and establish in July 2016. MUET situated in Jamshoro, Sindh. MUET offers electrical, mechanical engineering and computer science programs. MUET received 8th rank from higher education commission. 
Here is a link of MUET site you can visit for more information.

9.NED university of engineering and technology Karachi


NED university of engineering and technology is the oldest engineering university in Pakistan and established in 1921. It is reputable public university and located in Karachi, Sindh of Pakistan. 
This university complete name is Nadirshaw Edulijee Dinshaw (NED) university of engineering and technology. This university has 9th rank in Pakistan which given from higher education commission. 

10.University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar


University of Engineering and Technology provides high quality of engineering programs. It is located in Peshawar province in KPK city. This university established in 2002 with the name of Khyber Pakhtun Khan Engineering university but after some years this name changed into University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. This university specialized in computer science engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and offer many other programs. you can visit for more information. Official website.

11.University of Gujrat (UOG) Gujrat


University of Gujrat is the biggest university of Pakistan and offers many programs in all fields. UOG located in Gujrat city of Pakistan. This university offers medical, engineering, commerce programs and interior art and all other programs. The best part of this university is providing transport to all over Punjab. The university increase their popularity very fast and with in few years. UOG structure building is very beautiful. This university started from 2004 and has many campuses all over cities of Pakistan. The main campus of UOG in Gujrat and sub campuses in all cities of Punjab like Sialkot, Gujrat Gujranwala, Lahore. It is international university and provides high level of teaching programs.

12.Sir Syed University of Engineering and technology (SSUET) Karachi

This university name is found in honored of Indian Muslim Philosopher Sir Syed Ahmed khan. This university was located in Urban area of Karachi, Sindh. SSUET offers bachelor, master and doctorial levels. This university was based in 1993 and passed act of all charter formalities in 1995. This is the best engineering university in Pakistan. HEC give 12th rank SSUET university. 

FAQ (Frequently asked question)

1.Which university is best for engineering?

There are many universities in Pakistan which offers engineering programs but the best universities are located in Lahore, Islamabad and university of Gujrat is the best for engineering and medical fields. I hope so after some year UOG will come in top 5 universities. 

2.How many types of engineering?

  • There are a huge quantity of engineering and all are specialized. The main four categories of engineering which are
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

3.What is the best field in engineering?

  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • now a days, software engineering has much scope in Pakistan but the other fields also have own importance and need.
In this article we give you best 12 universities which offer engineering programs and their features. If you face any query or need further guidance you can visit our website or connect us on our email address. 
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