How to register mobile in PTA


If your phone is not registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. And you want to register your mobile then you are in right place. In this informative article, I will discuss about how to register a mobile phone in the Pakistan telecommunication authority. I will also discuss about taxes and complete information about PTA. If your mobile is imported and your mobile phone is not registered with PTA then your mobile phone will be blocked and no sim card will be working on mobile. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the department in Pakistan that is working for the registration and tracking of mobile phone devices in Pakistan. PTA is a regulatory authority that is working in Pakistan. If your phone will be registered with PTA then it will be easier easy for PTA for tracking. 


Objective of registration:

1- To stop the smuggling of mobile phones.

2- To track criminals by using the IMEI number of mobile phones.

3- If you buy a new cell phone from the mobile shop or any other franchise always check the original stamp and sticker of PTA on the box of the cell phone. 

4- You can register your first device free of cost against your CNIC number. If you are the owner of more than two devices then you need to pay government tax for this process. 


PTA Registration Fee or Taxes 

PTA registration fees depend upon the worth of the mobile phones and the model of your mobile phone. Tax is calculated in US dollars and payable in the form of Pakistani rupees.

Here I have provided your table of the details of the taxes in Pakistani rupees.

Mobile Phones having C&F value (US Dollars)

Fixed-Rate (Amount in PKR)

Up to 30


Above 30 and up to 100

Above 100 and up to 200


 Above 200 and up to 350
Above 350 and up to 500


Mobile Phones having C&F value (US Dollars)

Fixed-Rate (Amount in PKR)

Up to 500



How to check the IMEI number of mobile phones?

1- Dial #06# has from your mobile phone and you will get the IMEI number of mobile.
2- Open the settings of your mobile phone. Click on About Phone. Mobile IMEI number will be available there.
3- If you have the original box of your new phone. You can see the IMEI number of the mobile phone on the backside of the box. IMEI number is printed on the back of the box of your mobile phone.

What is DIRBS?

  • At the start of 2018, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority introduced a mobile registration system. Everyone needed to register for a mobile phone. 
  • DIRBS stands for 
  • Device Identification Registration Blocking System. 
  • If devices are registered with PTA such devices are considered legal. Non registered devices are considered illegal. 
  • Sim card is not working in illegal devices. 

How to register a mobile phone in PTA?

Method 1: Registration of mobile phones online by using the portal of DIRBS.
If you want to register your mobile online at your home then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. First of all, you need to visit the official website of DIRBS. 
2- After visiting the official website of DIRBS you need to create your account.
3- For creating an account if you need a working email address along with your CNIC number. You can also provide your passport number if you are a foreigner if you have dual nationality. You also need a contact number.
4- Providing above mentioned details you need to create a username and password for this whole process on the official website of DIRBS.
5- After creating an account you need to login on to the portal after DIRBS by providing login details.
6- After log in you need to apply for COC.
7- For this, you need to mobile number IMEI number of imported mobile and CNIC number of the applicant.
8- After this, you need to sleep nationality if you are dual nationality International travelers if you are local for foreigners.
9- After falling above mentioned steps you will get a confirmation email and message on your registered email address and contact number.
10- After this whole process you need to pay tax and as you know that text depends upon the worth of your mobile.
NOTE: You can also pay your duty taxes by using online banking.
MCB Bank next to Bank of Pakistan allied Bank and other banks is offering facilities paying online taxes for PTA registration. After clearing your online tax payment you will receive a confirmation message written one to three days.

Method 2 Registration of mobile at Airport:

1- If you want international travel and you are returning to your homeroom for a country and you want to stay for at least 60 days and you want to transfer local things on your mobile.
2- Often entering Pakistan You need to visit the customs counter at the airport.
3- Then you need to provide basic information that is passport number you will see and I see the number and if you are Pakistan International if you are foreigners then you need to give them passport number.
4- After registering at the customs counter receive a confirmation message whether your mobile phone is meeting the criteria for registering with PTA or not.
5- After this process, a certificate of compliance COC will be generated, and slip Taxes will be also generated automatically.
6- You can pay taxes on the spot or later.
7- What you need to pay your tax within 7 days after the generation of automatic slip taxes and COC.
8- And if you don’t pay your taxes then you need to again apply for its registration at the customs office of the airport.
9- And if you are international travelers and you need to run your local sim for more than 60 days then this whole process is scored for you otherwise this process is not for you.

Method 3 Registration of Dual Sim mobile phones

If you’re using a mobile phone having double the same slots then there’s a problem for you because you need to register your mobile phone with both Sims.
And each sim has a separate IMEI number.
And for this process, you need to follow the process of registering through an online portal or you can also register your dual same mobile phone at the airport by visiting the office of the question department.

Importance of IMEI number in Pakistan

International mobile equipment identity number is a 15 digit unique code for every mobile phone. If you are IMEI number will be blocked then you will be unable to use your network sim on your mobile phone and you will be unable to receive or make a call to anyone. And if your mobile phone is stolen then you can also trace your mobile phone by providing a valid IMEI number to the PTA and then they will tell you about the location of your mobile phone.

The contact number of PTA:

PTA launched a customer support service in 2020. User can add their complaints. This service is available throughout the week. The timing is 9 am to 9 pm. A toll-free number is given below.
Call- 0800-55055

Benefits of registration:

1- Police can easily track the criminal by the record of the mobile phone.
2- Protect Pakistan from the evil of smuggling.
3- The public will pay tax which is beneficial for Pakistan.
(Frequently Asked Questions) :
FAQ 1 : The number of phones registered by a single person?

5 mobile phones can be registered.

FAQ 2 : Is first phone registration is free or not?

Yes, first phone registration is free for everyone.

FAQ 3 : Is registration of mobile phone is same for all mobile phones?

Yes, registration of mobile phones is the same for all brands and models of phone.

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