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As you know that this is a very fast era. The world has done so much progress in the field of Information technology. Now doing a business or earning money is not a problem. Nowadays you see that every single person has their mobile even children have their tabs or mobiles. The laptop is also available in every second home. All this advancement get flourished through the use of the internet. Nowadays the internet facility is 24/ 7. The Internet has contracted the whole world into a global village. It means that by the way of the internet all people in the world are connected through their mobile phones and laptops. The internet has removed all the physical gaps.

 Now you are just one click away from your loved ones. This is not only limited to the connection between the people but also has done advancement in the field of business. Due to this advancement, the term e-business has come up. Now people are doing world-class business via the internet. They are handling their business at home. This has made it the world easy to earn a good livelihood. People are earning a lot of money from the internet via many websites, apps, and many other things. 

Now we will discuss the online typing job opportunities in Pakistan. 



As you know that Pakistan is a developing country. It has the most population of middle-class families. Nowadays getting a good education from the best sectors is very much difficult. Students need some part-time business to meet their expenses. The loss of part-time job was wastage of te of students and they pay very less attention to their studies. But nowadays the online world has made the life of students easy. Now students can earn online money by sitting at their homes or hostels. They can now run an online business that not only meets their expenses but also save their golden time of studies. They get less stress. 


Online earning is the easiest and comfortable job for students. This can be done easily by any person. Nowadays many people prefer the home business. They want online business whether it is online typing, graphics designing, or web development. 


Most people ask that we are unaware of the computer skills or we don’t know much about the computer. But need not worry you simply have some knowledge of Microsoft skills which I think almost nine out of ten persons know. And MS skills are taught to every student in his school life so it is not difficult for students. 

Now we will discuss how does online work can be done. 


The online typing job is related to data entry. This data entry can be done by putting the data into the Spreadsheets or any other documents, or it can be any customer’s system that is frequently using that type of keyboard. So the students who think that they are good at typing having excellent keyboard typing skills, done work more accurately, and manage the work to done it in the given deadline. Then I must say that you should choose typing or data entry as your online career. This can prove a solid career for you. 

The advantage of the data entry job is that you get opportunities of getting the physical job of this type in many big companies with big and handsome pay amounts. Big companies hire you for this position. 


If any person has a typing speed between 55 to 90 words per minute should apply for the online typist job. It is a great opportunity for such people. Typing should be accurate. Most work of typists is related to the reports of daily work, correspondence, or any type of data they should put into the specific type of format. 


If you get this skill very well and fantastic then you must try for it. You can have more money per hour with this skill. 


What is an online Typing JOB? 


Online typing job is kind of job that you can put data into some documents or spreadsheet with using keys on keyboards and tablets. You can also use a speech converter if you are not good at typing. If you consider that you are not a good typist then you can polish this skill by the time with more typing on daily basis. 



Many people answer that they wanted to work at home. And this can be done by those people who have fewer expenses. This helps people in overcoming the stress because they do work at home in a healthier and comfortable environment and they feel better.


Staples quoted that those who are working at home by doing online work are feeling less stress about 25 percent less strain than others. You can create a comfortable environment.


Nowadays fake websites are working so it becomes so much difficult to judge which website is suitable for online work.


You people thought that the advertisements, form filling or by clicking on some links can give you online work but these are fake.




Most people think that both things are the same. They consider online typing as a category of data entry job.

In an online typing job, you have to work online on the internet. All the data entry or any procedure should be done online by using the internet. They have to enter the data in spreadsheets and documents online.

While the simple data entry job means that you work at any office as a clerk. You have to do all your work at your office and you enter the desired data into a computer system whether on spreadsheets or any other document. This data can be of any type as it can be text, images, or audio files.

Now based on internet data entry job has been divided into two categories :

  • Online data entry job
  • offline data entry job

You can read our article on data entry jobs in Pakistan. In that article, you will know all the details of data entry jobs in Pakistan. You will know about the requirements, skills and capabilities require for that job. 

Now we will discuss the Online typing Jobs in Pakistan.



Now we will discuss the career of online typing jobs in Pakistan. Below we are providing you with some of the best websites which are nowadays providing online typing jobs in Pakistan 2023 for students



As most of the people in this country belong to Middle-class families, many students are not able to invest online. But need not worry. Now we will discuss that how a student can earn a lot of money through online typing without investment in Pakistan. A student can earn a handsome amount without investment and can get daily payment. Free registration is available for such jobs.


Now we are here to provide you the best websites that are providing Golden opportunities for students who wanted to get work of online typing without investment. They can join it with free registration. No investment is required. 


We always try to give you the best content and authentic information. Here are the best websites for this kind of work.

The websites are :



Note: I am not sure that these websites are paying it to their clients but before joining it you must confirm or verify it thanks. 

I am sure that the information or websites I provided are authentic but if you think that some of them are not working then let us know we will try to remove them or improve them. You can ask your queries or you can give suggestions regarding this portion in the comment box so that we can improve it. 



Now we are providing you with the personal recommendations that we think that you must try for it. If you wanted to do online typing jobs then we will suggest that you should join a freelancing platform. These freelancing platforms are requiring hard work but I am sure and with the full belief I tell you that these are not fake and will protect you from scammers.

Nowadays many online jobs are available such as ad watching or many others. All these jobs are fake and scams. I am sorry to say but these websites’ jobs usually give you losses with the big loss of time wastage.

The websites which I am personally recommending to you are the best sites. These are safe and secure so you should join these platforms if you wanted to earn through online typing jobs.

The websites are the following :


These few websites are the best websites for online typing jobs. Students must avail their offers. 

If you wanted to know about the websites for the best online earning in Pakistan without investment then you must read this article. 

Now after starting your online business then people wanted to know that how they can get paid through those national and international websites which are providing online typing jobs to them.



Most foreign countries use pay pal for their transactions and money transfers of payments. For accepting international payments from the international website then you get it from very limited options. As you don’t have pay pal so for accepting your international payments you must use some other methods like Payoneer etc.

So the best method for receiving payments from international websites is Payoneer.

Payoneer is best because they allow its user to use or accept the payments through credit cards, efficiently processed the transactions done through the Payoneer, you can then deposit it, and then you can keep these payments in your bank accounts.

Note: You can click the link given below to create your Payoneer account. We have provided the link to the video which will help you out in creating your Payoneer account. This video is for those who do not know how to create a Payoneer account.

The link is following :



 QUESTION 1: How can we earn money through online typing jobs in Pakistan?

Yes, you can earn money online by typing in Pakistan through different platforms. These freelancing platforms are the best platforms that are making a better livelihood for many Pakistanis. You can get an online typing job through the following platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancers. The benefit of these platforms is that they are not fake or scams. These platforms are reliable and secure. They didn’t do any kind of scam especially regarding the payments of its clients. Before joining these or any other websites you must have to verify whether these are scams or not. This helps you out in getting easy online typing work.


QUESTION 2: how much a typist can earn from online typing jobs in Pakistan? 

It depends upon the nature of the website whether it is a national website or an international website. It also depends on the website or the platform location and it also depends on its client location. Then they will pay accordingly. Nowadays freelancers and Upwork are more paying than Fiverr. Competition among these platforms is very high toughness. For 500 words $5 is the nowadays common rate running in Pakistan on these platforms. People charge around this amount in Pakistan. 


QUESTION 3: Does we can earn money online by typing at homes? 

Yes, you can make money by online typing jobs at your home. For this purpose, you must have a fast internet service or connection. Secondly, you must have your computer or laptop for typing. If you have these things available at your home then you must do an online typing job. This will help you out in maintaining your burdensome routine and your workload. 



As we already discussed there are two types of typing jobs. This can be an online typing job or this can be an offline typing job. In an offline typing job you simply have to put data into spreadsheets or documents without the use of the internet. This can be done at home but mostly you can do this job at the office as a clerk. 

We have provided as much information as we can regarding the online typing jobs in Pakistan. This information is base on a hundred percent accurate information regarding these jobs. This basic information will help you out in finding the real and best online typing jobs in Pakistan. By doing these online typing jobs you can improve your life standard. These can also be done as a part-time job even at your home on yours. 

If you are interested or if you have some experience of the online typing job then you can give us suggestions regarding our content by leaving a comment in the comment box. This can help us to improve our content. We will also give credit or contribution to you if you give your content. We will add your name to our post. 

We hope that the information we provided will help you out in finding online typing jobs in Pakistan. We also hope that it will help you in improving your livelihood, especially for students. If you like the information we provided in this article then kindly share it with your friends and family.

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