Nts test preparation – dogar publishers nts books free download pdf

NTS (national testing service) best books in Pakistan. NTS is the test which is taken by Government for different purposes. NTS in the initially stage given for study purposes to take admission in different universities like medical students give test to take admission in medical collages or universities and many other fields. This test starts as usual from graduation standard to onward classes.

The other purposes of NTS is given for jobs in different institutions like government teaching field, sui gas department, Wapda (electricity) offices and for government banking jobs like State bank or national bank, but the important thing you must take highest marks in NTS test average marks for study purpose and for getting jobs. NTS test have 100 MCQ’s just which include some part of general knowledge, current affairs, Islamic, English, Urdu, general science and more part of your related subject. If you giving NTS test for any job then you must take highest marks from all candidates appearing in test within district or province for availing job. 
The most important thing which mostly need many candidates to find the best books for preparation of NTs test, so in this article we will give you information about best book companies and authors which reading them you can pass or get highest marks in NTS. The further detail is given below.

1.Dogar brothers – dogar publishers nts books free download pdf

Dogar brothers is the best company for NTS test preparation. This company established in 1949, and the oldest company in the history of Pakistan. The company providing Higher education textbooks, competitive Exams, guides and test preparation solutions.
Dogar brother books have a large quantity of publishing in Pakistan and Dogar brother books sale at national and international level. So this is best book for NTS test preparation.you can buy book on offical dogar website.NTS GAT General guide Book By Dogar Publisher.

List of best dogar books for nts test – nts test preparation

These all books can be easily downloaded from the internet or purchased from a bookstore near you.
  • { Elementary School Teacher) Guide by Dogar}
  • {High School Teacher Guide by Dogar Brothers}
  • {SST Biology/Chemistry guide by Dogar Brothers}
  • {nat ie Complete Guide ,NTS With Online Module}
  • {Junior School Teacher Guide by Dogar Brothers}
  • {Primary School Teacher Guide by Dogar Brothers}
  • { IM Complete NTS Guide With Online Preparation Module}
  • {nta gat”general”guide book by dogar publisher.pdf free download}
  • {nts GUIDE Book pdf}
  • {ICT Book for GAT General Maths}
  • {GRE Big Book pdf download}
  • {GMAT Problem Solving}
  • {GAT Analytical Reasoning pdf}
  • {english grammar test pdf free download}
  • {English Grammar and Vocabulary For Cambridge Advances and proficiency}
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