Live tracker all network database systems detail:


How are you, friends? Hope you will be fine. In this topic, I will talk about Pakistan all mobile network data systems. This is a simple system to get knowledge about any mobile number. I will help you to use this system free of cost. It looks like this would be a complex or complicated system but that’s not right it is an easy and convenient system to withdraw some information. This world has become a global village. Everything is on a single touch. Either it is relating to information, business, finance, education, defense, cyber security, groceries, projects, management, jobs, and everything you can imagine and think about. So on this topic, I will tell you about a mobile tracker system and what its method to use and what is it?

Now the question is what is the All network database tracker system!

The answer is here to your question.

“This is a system by using which we can track any mobile number detail and its location as well by just putting its number in the input box”

This is not just a normal informative topic is also useful as well. By using this you can find the following things on your mobile 

-Mobile number detail with




-and also the detail relating to the activity of the relevant number.

With every new year, this system got better. This becomes latest with the time. This is the best system to get information. Method or way is too simple to use like you only have to put the 11 digit number of any Pakistani mobile network details to the search bar on the page or website of the live tracker online system. You will get the information I already mentioned above like 

. Name of user

.Address of the user 

.Area of the location of that number

.other details like CNIC

This detailed system works all over the country including all the provinces of Pakistan. 

– Other uses and features of the mobile tracker online database system.

We can find much of the information relating to other aspects of this field.

This can provide many other details as well other than the number of details I.e

-Cell  Number Details: As I mentioned above we can find the detail of mobile by only typing the number on which it is operating. so these were few details.


Number details on CNIC; the second feature is that we can find the details that how many mobile numbers are registered on one CNIC number? Like in Pakistan you can register at least 5 mobile numbers on one CNIC. And you can find information about the CNIC registry on the mobile number. If anyone wants to check the details of CNIC number registers, he can use an app or webpage to find the details 

In detail, it will tell you about the networks and their sim registry. This is also the easiest way to find the details and also give the exact information you need to know and want to find.   So, Again simple method to use the webpage only you have to do is to fill the CNIC of the person you want to find. In the end, you will get your answer with details


Identity card is normal photos available:

Now in this, you can also find a normal picture of the CNIC. This is also helping the app in many ways.


All mobile network CDR(Call and message history):

This is also helpful on many other days like I already mentioned but in this regard, the most helpful feature is you can find all the details regarding calls from that number to the other number and all the SMS details like How many. Sms have been received and send to the other number from that number in criminal activity this app is very helpful to trace down that individual. So this is another feature with another excellent availability. Put the number and get details.


IMEI search and track down:

I. This webpage is also a pleasing feature like you can track the suspected number and also can find its IMEI, this stand for

” international mobile equipment identity”

So this is it’s all the features related to this. This is related to the country communication system like to the ‘PTA’ Pakistan telecom association .


All network Pinpoint Location:

As we can understand by its name this indicates the details of the location, so this is a feature to find out the information or details of the network so this is a helpful feature with proper function. So by using this you can find the exact location of any mobile network where does it is located and is present. So this is a helpful feature with real benefit


-Nadra details of that number :

So this is also mentioned that we can also find CNIC  the number we are operating or dealing with no pending or time gap you can find the detail of the ‘Nadra’ of that number.

With all Nadra details, you can easily spot the number and network. In short, we can withdraw any information relating to the NADRA  of that number. Like what his permanent and temporary address is and many other details like this.


-CNIC colored copy available:

On this system, we can also get a colored copy of the chic of that person. With all the chic details we can fulfill our requirement to search out that person and find out his details. So this is all we have by using this system.


-Family tree is available on this system:

It is a system in which we track the family network and relationship of the suspected person like it is a system of branches in which a relevant person has its pedigree. like we can find about the brand father and father and in case if he has a son so this got a detailed thing on it which can be tracked and found out so it is the availability according to that so this is all. So this is all we have by using a family tree.


Vehicle and motorbike information:

By using this network you can easily find out the car and bike. Only you have to do is install a GPS device in that vehicle which is necessary to run this process. When you have your GPS installed you can track down all the locations previous and present of that car. This is a great opportunity and chance to find out. Like mobile location, it also locates the vehicles in which GPS is installed. With many other opportunities, you can also avail yourself of one.


-CNIC registered mobile number detail:

Through this app, we can find out which number is registered on which CNIC. For example, if we talk about a Clinic number containing digits like 34101…….

Now we can find by a message which number is registered. We have to do is to message the CNIC number on the number like “668” within a second you will find the details of the number on the network 

Like zong 0,0


Telenor 0,0

Warid 0,0

So this was all the detail relating to the network data and its tracking this is how you can solve your problems by simply using this system and webpage so this is it.


How to use mobile number live tracker online:

This is the easiest thing to follow and to do in this field. This is a helpful app with simple procedures to use and follow. You only have to enter the mobile number that is attached to the satellite to the search bar on the website or webpage. There will be a search box site for your number. Just go to this and put your information there. This system depends upon the mobile you want to track and the software provides the best tracking to the location of the mobile from the internet. but there are few requirements like suspected mobile have to be connected on the moment to the internet or another connection is supposed to be. And if mobile is powered off or not in connection then it is not possible to track that down. But when mobile or phone got the connection back after a time then it will be possible to track that down. This technique is used worldwide by different security services like




And other security services which are related to stopping that crime rate.


-Locating the mobile phone:

So her if we talk about address or location it would be easy to track that mobile by using its location information. With no time you can find the location of the mobile or person by using google mapping. This is what you are dealing with. You can track your mobile by using the same Gmail ID on two devices you own you can track mobile by using a laptop and can track laptop by using the mobile. So this is is the perfect way to spot the resin using his number on his mobile.

I think this is the most effective and working system which doesn’t cost you anything except few seconds. You can resolve many of your issues relating to cyber.



-Steps follow to use the tracking system:

Check your number, identification, and cell number of the individual to be entered or find. Then after completing all your requirements you only have to put that in their place.

There are get steps to follow for that purpose so that we can solve our problem

  • There are no payments it’s free of cost means don’t require any type of money for this purpose, so be aware there is no payment related to the tracking system. So avoid it anyway.
  • -Click on the number of the person you want to track if it is an address, CNIC details, location, or anything just types that on the website or page then you will find it.
  • -before you accessed the system you have to clear the robot test means to test either you a robot or not, so like this you can find all the problems.
  • -Again keep in mind it is free of any cast and free to use 100 percent. So you can use that.
  • So the location of the cell number may involve the process of so we can find it after the system. But the security of every person is important to follow and we can’t hack anyone’s details.

Track Any sim Data Check



-All network sim information by sending information to the code “668”:

To know something about the sim and to get its information we have to find the CNIC and then send that to the tracker system after this you will get information about what you have on your CNIC. Therefore you will get the exact information about your current situation. You will get the network detail with the number of sims that are registered on this CNIC. All you have to do is to send the message to the short cord-like 668 on the message. You have to send a blank message to this code within few seconds you will get a detailed message about the number and type of network to the end.

  • .Jazz and warid network have code 668
  • .Zong has a message code 668
  • .Telenor operates on the shortcode 668
  • .Ufone has its shortcode and sends details on the 668


So these are the code with the relevant information. One click and then you will get the detail of the sim registry.

-Check the online tracker system of the PTA data system on 668:

To get this thing done what you have to do is mentioned below which you can easily find out and do about it

-First, you have to go to the network website name 

CNIC sims. Pk

On the official website and this is about the information withdrawal basics

-Enter your CNIC number in the respective search site on the website and then search it.

-after few seconds the information about your cell number and its registry will vertically appear on the site. It is as simple as you are filling your college admission form. This is all because of the network and its assistance. So it is easy to follow steps and it’s trustworthy as well.

-it will include all the activated and running sim numbers they have.


Merits of the system:

This system as I already mentioned is unique in many ways few years before it was really difficult to find or extract such information relating to this. But with innovation and betterment, it has become easy to sort out such a problem like that. It contains easy steps with easy solutions and also it is easy to follow. In the end, you have all the information you wanted to extract and find out this is what we are facing and dealing with so it is what it is. The short and comprehensive procedure with the best way to find out the best options. If I talk about the example then you will get one. Like someone, if you won’t don’t know about the information relating to the sim activity and registry, location, address, activity, and other all those things you want to know. For example, you want to track someone down all you have to do is to get yourself exact information about the exact number then you will get what you want.



If I conclude this topic it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best cyber security services systems. It has most of its benefits.

– Tracking a car

-tracking a mobile number.

-find the CNIC

-find out the family tree.

-find out the address and location of the person.

This was all we can find out and many more things you can find out with time and need you to have. So it was all about the topic of security and services and security. So this is what we have here. I was honored to present you this topic and thanks for you to read this.

Plz, share this with your fellows and friends.

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So to get further detail you need to visit us and follow us. At this time it is a big problem for anyone like a boy or girl to face a cyber threat. If someone is warning you or someone is treating you to do something. Then you can find out about him just by inserting his or her number and then you can sort out the problem. This is all you can do to solve your problems and to stop someone to blackmail him. This is the same system that is used and utilized by the security services to crack down the criminals. Like if someone is blackmailing you or hacking your account then you can use this. Like if you have a problem like someone is scamming with you and you have no idea who he is then this will be the best solution to the problem just follow the instructions and get it done. No further delay to this now. Get it done.

So don’t tease anyone and don’t try to make a mess it is what it is. If we do so then we will get punished for that.

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