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In this article we will tell you what is C leave, HRMS and SIS application and how you can apply for Cleave online through HRMS, so read this complete article and get your required detail related C leave.hrms punjab login


C leave

C leave is the casual which taken by government teachers due to some reasons. Two C leaves are allowed within one month, this leave is taken through HRMS online and accepted by Head teacher of the department and head teacher leave accepted by AEO (Assistant education officer). When your leave is accepted you will be notified through a conformation message and this message is send to your registered number which written in HRMS website and SIS application. Your application for C leave must be accepted with in 24 hours a day after 24 if your application is not responding then after 24 hours your application will be automatically forwarding to higher authority i.e. DEO. Online C leave starts government from 29 November 2019 for government teachers and education department officers.  


 HRMS (Human resource management system) is an official government website and used for all teachers and education department management and officers. Every government teaching, non-teaching staff and education department officer must fulfill their all personal and academic data and job duration history on this website. Here all academic and personal data of government education employees is saved and they can apply C leave from HRMS website. On this every government teacher has separate profile and login ID which made by himself/herself. This ID is login by user name and password. User name is your national identity card (CNIC) number and password is given by department. If you forget your password you can renew it from SIS (School information system) app. HRMS and SIS app has the same user name and password.

SIS app

SIS (school information system) app is an app where your all personal bio-data, academic record and government job history is available. This app is used for both government teachers and students of government school. This app also has a personal id of every govt teacher which have same user name and Password of HRMS. If you forget your password you can recover it through SIS app, SIS app has an option of forget password from where you can recover your password and get new.

How to apply leave on HRMS Punjab, HRMS casual leave in Urdu?

 Now we will tell how you can apply for C leave online procedure.
Complete procedure for applying C leave online 
  • Now we will tell you a complete procedure for applying C leave online through HRMS.
  • First you need to open HRMS official website by click on this link
  • You can also search HRMS website from google.


  • Like this page will show you
  • Now enter your user name with CNIC number and password same of SIS app.
  • Click on this ^ symbol and select your employee post which have different option like this
  • Teaching staff
  • Non-teaching staff
  • Supervisory staff
  • Department staff
  • File management
  • Select your post _teaching staff for government teachers, non-teaching for other staff like C.iv, chowkidar, and other. Other options for education department officers.
  • Now click on sign in option and your profile will be open on HRMS.
  • Now click on vertical three lines show on upper left corner (setting).
  • Now you will see three option.
  • My profile
  • Instruction
  • Leave request


  • Click on leave request to apply for leave.
  • Now fill form of leave application which have different option you must fill mentioned below.
  • Type of leave (C leave, mandatory leave or other)
  • leave required from (here write date from which date want to get leave)
  • leave required to (here write date till which date want to get leave).
  • No of days 
  • Purpose of leave
  • I will report back (write date which day come to school)
  • Form submission date (which date you apply for leave this option automatically written)
  • Now click on proceed for taking leave.
  • After proceed you will see your status “waiting for approval of HM”.
  • When your leave accepted or rejected by head teacher or AEO your status will be changed into accepted or rejected.

Features of C leave

  • After accepted C leave you will be safe from any issue.
  • If MEA or any other higher authority surprisingly visited in school in your absence you will be safe due to your online C leave.
  • No any one can be writing your absent illegally due to your C leave.
  • If you apply for C leave and your head teacher don’t accepted you can report to higher authority.

Terms and conditions:

  • You need to apply for C leave before one day or same day which date you want to get leave.
  • After applying for leave you need to notify their higher authority for accepted leave even, they get a conformation message from department.
  • You must fill there all personal bio data, academic record and job duration history in HRMS Website. after hiring in government education department.
  • When your leave accepted or rejected you will be notified through a conformation message.
  • If your leave is not responding with in 24 hours your application will be forwarding to higher authority like DEO.
  • C leave is availed of govt teachers, non-teaching staff, education department management and officers.
  • To sign in HRMS website you must aware your user name and password.
  • You must have internet facility or mobile date for applying C leave.
In this article we write complete procedure for applying online C leave on HRMS and according our suggestion you must apply for C leave before taking a leave. Your job will be secure and you will be facing no any problem in your presence. So must follow government rules and regulations for your security and safety.
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