How to Withdraw Money From Trust Wallet



In this article, you will come to know how to withdraw money
from Trust Wallet to a Bank account.

Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can save your
BEP2 and ERC20 tokens. It is simply the way of earning money. In Trust Wallet
you invest your money in multiple tokens, then you can withdraw your profit.
This is the only way to withdraw money from Trust Wallet to your Bank account.

You can also cash out from Trust Wallet to your bank
account. The simple way to cash out is explained below:



1- Firstly change all your coins or tokens into a smart
chain on Trust Wallet.

2- If you want to withdraw money from the trust wallet then
you need to create an account of Binance. If you don’t have an account of
Binance then create an account.

3- After creating a new account you need to sign in to your
Binance account. Tap Wallet then goes to the spot.

4- Tap to deposit, choose BNB and copy the Wallet address of

5- Then open the Trust Wallet application and move to the smart

6- Click on send, paste BEP20 Wallet address under,
recipient address and enter your amount.

7- In the next step click on continue and a new withdraw
appears then tap to send. While this will show you your balance to your Binance


In the second part, we will understand that how we can
withdraw money from Binance to a Bank account.

If u wish to withdraw funds directly to your Bank account
then follow the instructions below. But there are some restrictions that this
is applicable only for Desktop not on Android applications.


1- Click on Wallet then go to Fiat and spot.

2- Your funds should be available in BUSD, now click to

3- Sign in to your Binance account and convert BNB (or any
coin you have) to BUSD.

4-First of all click the fiat, then select USD currency.
After this select the silver gate bank that is SWIFT. Then enter the amount and
click to continue.

5- In your new tab, enter the beneficiary account number,
Bank name, SWIFT/BIC code, and beneficiary address then click on confirm the withdrawal.



While withdrawing via Binance Fiat exchange, you will have
to pay 30 BUSD fees.

If you are not willing to pay the fee then you can withdraw
to your Bank via P2P.


Here’s how can we exclude money from our Trust Wallet Bank

1- Make your Binance account and follow the token’s address.

2- Then send this token from Trust Wallet to Binance.

3- Sell it on Binance.

4- Withdraw your cash from your Bank.

Here we shall discuss these steps in detail.


STEP 1: After creating an account on the topmost currency
exchange. A Binance account is most preferable because it supports more than 60
currencies. Furthermore, it also supports your credit cards, debit cards, Bank
transfer, and cash balance. After creating an account and logging in you will
be there on the dashboard. Click ‘Wallet’ followed by ‘Fiat and spot’ then
click here, you will receive your own ‘Fiat and spot’ Wallet.

Then your currency from your Trust Wallet will be cash out
and click on deposit.

For example, if you have your BNB on Trust Wallet and you
agree to cash it out, follow to ‘BNB’ and click on to deposit. Soon after you
will land on your Wallet.

Exclude your currency from Wallet and send it to Binance for
sale. Here you need to copy your cryptocurrency address. Once the ‘coin’ field
is selected, the currency you want to deposit. Then copy your BNB address and
MEMO. If you are going to deposit Ethereum, then MEMO is not necessary.



Now after copying your currency address from Binance, you
should open your Trust Wallet. In which you have to send the cryptocurrency you
want to exclude from Trust Wallet to Binance. In this way, you can sell your
currency from Fiat money.

Now top on cryptocurrency. If you do not have BNB, then
convert your token into BNB first otherwise you can not cash out. You can do it
on decentralized exchange as Pancake swap using DAaap browser on Trust Wallet.
On landing BNB Wallet you will receive multiple icons including ‘send’
‘receive’ ‘copy’ and more. Here you have to send it to Binance.

Here tap on ‘send’ to send your BNB to Binance. After
sending, you will receive sending page. Here you will find ‘Recipient address’
‘BNB amount’ and ‘MEMO’. Initially, you should paste your BNB address on the ‘Recipient
address’ field.

In the next step enter the amount of BNB to Binance on the ‘BNB
amount’ field. Then sending the value of BNB will be shown under the field (e.g
$ 48.00). After then paste your ‘MEMO’ and tap on next. Upon taping you will
receive a confirmation page where you can withdrawal. This will take at least
30 to 60 minutes.



First, click the link, you will find the ‘Buy and sell
cryptocurrency’ page. If you want to sell then select the cryptocurrency you
want to sell. Then enter your amount of BNB. Next, select your Fiat currency
and you will receive a field (e.g USD and EUR). Select the confirmation page
and confirm your sale.


Now sold your cryptocurrency to Fiat currency (e.g EUR).
Here you can get your money from your bank. In the next step click on ‘Wallet’
by following ‘Fiat and spot’ then click ‘withdrawal’ at top of the page. Then
click on the ‘Withdraw Fiat’ button. You will find the Fiat withdrawal page. On
the ‘currency’ field, select your currency (e.g EUR). Next, select the payment
method. The payment methods are ‘Bank transfer’ (SEPA) and bankcard (VISA). On
the other hand, enter your amount of money on the ‘amount field’.

Lastly, select your bank account that you will be able to
send currency and click on ‘continue’. At this stage complete your security
verification and money will be sent automatically to your bank account.

You will shortly receive the money within 30 to 60 minutes. Here
you have completely understood how to exclude money from your Trust Wallet

Before going to describe, I want to tell you that the Trust
Wallet by Binance is a reliable and authorized Wallet where you can store or
sell cryptocurrency whenever you want.

Here are a trustable and reliable couple of methods that you
can follow. You can exclude your token to centralized exchange for selling to
Fiat currency.


Swapping to the stable coin:

By Swapping here you can get advantages or benefits of
current market prices and you can easily know the actual price. These stable
coins you can easily withdrawal into the most reliable exchanges as Binance or


Here are few steps for Swapping crypto for stable coins.

1- Press ‘DEX’ at bottom of your page.

2- Select the token you are going to swap under the ‘swap’

3- Select the stab-coin and enter your amount.

4- Confirm it.

If you want to cash out your crypto from Trust Wallet then
follow these steps:

1- Press the ‘Wallet’ tab at bottom of the page.

2- Select the cryptocurrency that you are going to send and
press the ‘send’.

3- Press the Wallet that you are sending and copy the
‘receive’ or ‘deposit’ address.

4- Paste the address into ‘recipient address’.

5- Enter the amount or press ‘MAX’.

6- Press ‘Next’.

7- Carefully check out the details and ‘confirm’ your

Here you should know that you have to pay the transaction
cost for withdrawing.


How to convert crypto into cash:

Once your currency has withdrawn (cryptocurrency or stable coins)
to centralized exchange with Fiat market. If you belong to UK or Europe then
you can swap your token for GBP/Euros first.

1- You have to select ‘Market’ and this is available at top
of the page.

2- Ask or search for Fiat currency.

3- Press ‘Trade’

4- Scroll down slowly and select the ‘Buy’ tab and enter

5- Press the ‘Amount’ and select the right percentage of
your balance.

6- Click ‘Buy’ so that this will complete and your crypto
has sold for your Fiat currency.

7- Immediately go to ‘Wallet’ and select ‘Fiat and spot’
this will find you at top of the page.

8- Find your Fiat currency and select ‘Withdraw’.

9- Enter the amount which you are going to withdraw and must
read the remaining instructions according to a method that you have chosen.
Once complete you have crushed out.


I hope this article will be beneficial for readers. Both
methods are described in a very simple way that can be easily understood by
anyone. If everything turns all right then share this beneficial article with
other Trust Wallet users. If you feel any difficulty while understanding this
article related to trust wallet then ask a question in the comment box and our
team will answer your valuable question.

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