Unlock SIM Card Without Any Puk Code ?

Sometimes it happens to us that we put it on our mobile SIM because of our privacy and sometimes it happens that we forget the code that you have only three chances to enter. If this happens then your SIM will be blocked and if you don’t even know the pack of your SIM and then what you have to do then you don’t have to worry at all. You will teach people how to unlock SIM card without if you have your PIN then your SIM gets locked then there is no need we are going to mention you in this article in which Are below and you can change your PIN code accordingly. 

But before that we will give you some details like increase your knowledge. It often happens with us that we activate the code on our mobile phone to meet our needs. We are there for the safety of our mobile phone. We use PIN codes while we put many such codes on our mobiles so that we have our privacy. We use PIN codes for the safety of our mobile phones. So that our privacy is with us and no one else can use it, but it doesn’t happen that we remember our code forever.


We sometimes forget our court in our minds and there are a lot of problems going on. In view of this we forget it which causes us a lot of problems so we need to be our nation. Save to a place where whenever a code gets on our mobile, we see it from the place where we have hidden it, check it and use it on our mobile, but it is human nature to do something. Doesn’t care about things that’s why he has these problems again but now you guys don’t have to worry we are going to share with you a way that if you forget yourself. 

So here’s a way you can easily activate and apply a code. Because the Puk code is a resource that comes from inside your mobile phone or is written on one of your boxes but if you don’t want to use it you forgot you need it Let us show you how to activate yourself without all these things and easily use the code using it and get out of all these things while fulfilling all your needs. First of all, it is important that you read all the things in this article carefully. If you read all the things in this article carefully, you will know one thing at a time and your knowledge will also increase. That’s why you need to read the entire list of this article carefully.


If you have access to the data on the SIM card, your phone will have a SIM card in the bin, but if you repeatedly insert it incorrectly, you may not be able to try the SIM anymore. If one of them is yours, then you can make millions with more effort of SIM card and you can also rearrange it, such as also called personal ego korea code, using it you can usually do but You must have a passport, but if you do not currently have this code, we will provide you with another option. I’m getting a question from a lot of people that if we want to bypass without the code then how can we do without it if you ask me I’ll unlock you all We have already covered two topics related to this. 

The first is how to take a bath without your SIM card and the second is how to get a customer service. How can you Puk code without calling.You can check it out yourself. In this post we will tell you how to unlock any mobile phone without SIM pickup code. Here we will show you some It may seem old but it will work if you are lucky and first you do not need to install some things. These are the methods commonly used by mobile shop keepers and you can use it. 

You do not need to do this because we will tell you about some of the things in this article for free that you can put a new code on your mobile phone in any way because As the world has progressed, so have many things that we can change. Because we choose such a court for some safety of our mobile and we forget but don’t need to worry but it is also important that we don’t need a court but call the company to find a way. Once the iPhone was installed, it was very difficult to do it again, but you don’t have to worry, Miraj will tell you in this article some of the things you can do to activate your nation The following are some of the key features that can be used to create new code and use it easily.


The Easy way To The Retrieved Puk Code?

Now you guys have the easiest way to call your network provider and for the pickup code and you will have one to give back your pickup code and you use to unlock your sim Because when you forget, you use such things because in order for something to fail, it has to be second to none. So now you can use anything in your mobile app in any way. There’s no need to do four things just you have to use this method and secondly you don’t even have to install any such thing just we will tell you a method.You need to use the method that you can use to remove your SIM and you can easily activate your mobile phone without Puk Code.


Where Can Find My Puk Sim code?

The best place you can find is when you come to the puk code. If you come to the pack and identify it, the current court will see it as hungry. If there are network providers, you will also find When you search for your account on any website, you get it, just like when we buy our new mobile phone, it contains its IMEI code or something like that. Do for everything and you puk code have seen a lot of your puk code on your profile details. And where your number is listed, you can also be attached to this site. We are yours and you can also register and post on their email as this is their official website. You can also register and find out by visiting this website because when people will tell you all about themselves it is possible or provide you an update. The following is the link to the website.




All you have to do is log in your ID or register with your email. I just select and manage at the top and then you will see the option to unlock the SIM to use it. Here are some ways you can use it in your mobile and you can activate and reactivate your SIM card without puk code.


Step No.1: The Pick up your Hand Mobile into your hand & the insert your Sim car it


Step No.2: The Switched your Mobile for two to three minutes


Step No.3: Remove to the SIM & put it back again


Step No.4: Turn on Mobile & enter this code as Puk code *22233421#


Step No.5: Now you will be asked to the enter new Puk code & you can type any code *234#


How To The Unlock PUK Code On Mobile Phone If The Locked?

If you have access to the data on the SIM card, then the SIM card on your phone is disabled, but you may try again by inserting it incorrectly. If you use it four times, then don’t use it again and again as it can be harmful for you, so you can use your phone carrier. To achieve this, work with the best strategy. We have given you some guidance at the top and we will do something for you at the bottom.


Locking SIM Card?

You can also give the SIM card a setting to prevent people from accessing saved contacts such as Jats without your permission. They can physically be your phone and then play the card. It is a passcode or biometric itself. Do a search on the phone because this SIM is designed to protect existing data. Phone not Android phone. You can use the settings in the settings. Tap the settings app on your home screen and then click Security. Everyone uses it to go to the founders.

 They send the SIM code app to lock the card. And select SIM card Normally you need to make the current default SIM as you get the links in your phone from the carrier although you can also change it with your code. And when you go to the settings of your mobile, you choose the code yourself. When you go into the settings, go to the beauty of the SIM card and open it, then you see an option in front of you. If you do, then you have tuition to activate the coat. You activate the code of your choice and then when you use it enough, the person forgets. Sometimes the person chooses such a coat. Lets forget which but we showed you the way you can deactivate through it. And if someone needs to give preference to Lock on an iPhone and can contact him on their website or not to contact via email then let me tell you a way you can activate it through this way. 


How To The Lock Up An iPhone?

The iPhone’s slide to unlock features prevents screen elements from being enabled, but it doesn’t protect your phone if you worry about others. You may need to consider adding a password to the iPhone 5 or 5S if you can, or you may have to enter a passport to reset or unlock your blower, although already Supports four-digit passwords on the default settings and but you can also decipher a fingerprint if you have a complex alphabetical passport as you prepare it. Has a password that allows you to set your mobile phone’s password. If your mobile phone does not have a fingerprint password, then it is easy to break it. When your mobile phone has two types of passwords, then it becomes very difficult to break it.


  • Go to Settings & the General Passport from mobile home screen & go to meaning of your iPhone 5S program settings and select ID & the Passport and the Fingerprint or Security Method is added to the menu to the access your phone. And select fingerprint or touch id to go to but you will still need to configure it as it is so you will need to select it additionally.
  • Optionally you will put a simple passport on the left to allow a complex password. When you leave this option, all you need to do is create a four-tear password.
  • To enable the feature, you will turn on and quote the pass quote and will be encouraged to select the passport. If you turn off the pass, you will already be able to, but you will have to change the score. You can also change them when you have a ticket. If you have the first password that you have, you can easily change it by going to its settings immediately, but if you have forgotten your password. Then it is very difficult to change it, so write or save it in a place where if you forget the password, then choose it.
  • Enter your preferred password and go to the next one and type it as long and as complex as you can. I don not want you to the have any troubles
  • Re-enter such a password and hold the password entered and the next time you try to unlock the phone you will be prompted with this code and again you will then apply it on your mobile then open your mobile. Will be able to open and turn off your mobile is your benefit.



When we choose our SIM card to hide our privacy, we sometimes forget ourselves, then we move on to things like unlocking our privacy passwords. In the same way, many things have re-emerged and in the best way in the field of IT, we have also provided a lot of things to the people in the best way. In the same way, we have also given you a way to break the SIM card without a book code. You’ve shared with people so we can easily activate and insert our SIM card.Thanks.

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