How to pay E Challan via Jazz Cash Account and Easy Paisa Account

Sometimes traffic police did challan because of faulty driving or improper parking. Sometimes banks are closed. You need to pay challan instantly. If someone violated the laws of traffic police they will send you a challan number to your registered phone number. Because cameras are fitted on every road. If you are living in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Gujranwala then be ready for challan because now technology is installed on every road.

Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa account are providing the service of paying challan online. Now Pakistan is moving towards technology. The old version of challans is not acceptable. Nowadays digital challans are acceptable. It is good to step from traffic police.
In this informative article, I will discuss how to pay challan with Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash account.

Method of paying challan:

It is very easy to pay for da digital challan from a mobile phone. Because mobile phones took a revolution in the lives of people. Communication become easy because of mobile phones. Pakistani citizens can pay challan by using the service of jazz Cash and Easy Paisa.
I will discuss methods of paying challan with these two wallets. I will also discuss how to check several challans online against your vehicle. But first of all, you should know how to check the challan number. Then you will be able to pay challan.

Checking of Challan Online:

  • First of all, you need to click on the link given below.
  • Then you will be redirected to the official website of traffic challan. Where you will be easily accessed to complete information.
  • First of all, write the plate number of vehicles in a given space. Always write the correct plate number.
  • Them enter CNIC number in given space. Always write CNIC number without dashes.
  • Then click on I am not a robot tab. Sometimes they will ask you for the filling of a captcha. Fill the captcha properly.
  • After completing this process then click on the search button.
  • You will see complete details about your challan on screen. Where challan number and vehicle number will be displayed.

How to pay E Challan Online:

We can pay challan by using Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa.

Payment of E Challan by using Easy Paisa account:

If you want to pay E Challan then use the easy Paisa account. Because it is a very easy method and you do not need to pay a processing fee for this purpose. It is 100% authentic. Please follow the below-mentioned steps. Please do not miss a single step.

  • First of all download the Easy Paisa application from Google Play Store.
  • Then log in to the Easy Paisa application by providing a mobile number and secret 5 digits pin.
  • Then click on the Bill Payment tab.
  • After this click on the Government fees tab.
  • Then select your City. Keep in mind select a city where you got a challan. If you were traveling in Lahore and you violate traffic rules then you will select Lahore City.
  • After this, you need to enter the challan number in the given space. The Challan number must be 18 digits. Please write an accurate challan number. Otherwise, you will lose your money.
  • Then click on the Next button and enter the 5 digits secret pin of the Easy Paisa account.
  • Keep in mind fee of challan should be available in the Easy Paisa account.

Payment of E Challan by using Jazz Cash account:

If you want to pay E Challan we can use the Jazz Cash account method. This method is also simple and the same as the method of Easy Paisa. Please follow the below-mentioned steps below. Do not miss any step. Otherwise, you will lose your payment.

  • First of all download and install the Jazz Cash application from the Google play store.
  • Then login to the application by providing the necessary information. Add correct mobile number and 4 digits secret pin.
  • First of all, open the Jazz Cash application and click on the view all button.
  • Then select the traffic challan button in the government payment section.
  • After this select your desired region.
    There are two regions i.e Islamabad traffic police and Punjab traffic challan.
  • After this add challan ID. Challan ID consists of unique 18 digits.
  • Then click on the Next button on the jazz Cash application.
  • Complete details will be displayed on the screen. On-screen date and several vehicles will be displayed.
  • After this click on confirm button.
  • After this write 4 digits secret pin of jazz Cash in a given space.
  • Then you will see the receipt of the traffic challan.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation message.
  • You can also save the receipt of challan in your gallery.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Question Number 1: Can we cancel a payment after adding a secret pin?

Answer: No, after paying the challan fee we can not cancel the payment.

Question Number 2: Is this digital service is available in small cities?

Answer: Yes, people of small cities can pay challan by using online methods but cameras are not fitted on roads of these cities.

Question Number 3: Is this service is only available in Lahore?

Answer: Yes, this service is available in Lahore City.

Question Number 4: In which cities do people pay challan because of modern technology?


  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Gujranwala
  • Multan
  • Bahawalpur

Question Number 5: Can we pay the challan fee in installments?

Answer: No, we can’t pay the challan fee in installments. We need to pay full payment.

Advantages of online Pay E Challan:

  • It is a very quick method.
  • It is a faster option.
  • It saves a lot of time.


  • We need an active internet connection for this purpose.
  • Common people are unable to do this process.


In this whole article, I discussed how to pay E Challan via jazz Cash and Easy Paisa. I discussed this process in a very simple and easy language. If you feel any difficulty while playing the challan fee then ask questions in the comment box. Our team will solve your problem related to the payment of E Challan.

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