How to delete a Tik Tok account

Below we will detail how to permanently delete your Tik Tok account , in order to make sure that its managers delete all your data and all the content that you have been able to upload while using the popular music app . Luckily, Tik Tok offers all the facilities so that we can easily remove our profile and its associated content , unlike other social networks such as Facebook , where the process is much more complicated . Therefore, we will explain how to delete your Tik Tok account step by step.

How to delete your Tik Tok account?

The first thing we must be clear about is that by deleting our Tik Tok account we will do it forever and we will not be able to recover it in any way, including the videos uploaded or the purchases we have made; Of course, after deleting the account we will have only a few days to recover it if we change our mind, but once those days have elapsed, it will be impossible.

Thus, once we delete our Tik Tok account we will have up to 30 days to recover it , since our profile will be inactive but not deleted; During those days nobody will be able to see our profile, although if you log in during those 30 days you will automatically recover your account and it will be operational again.

Steps to delete your Tik Tok account:

The first step is to access the Tik Tok app with the account you want to delete ; Once you are in that profile, click on the Me icon , located in the lower right corner of the screen, in the shape of a person.
This will take you to the main page of your Tik Tok profile, where you can view and edit your publications. Now click on the three ellipsis icon located in the upper right corner of the screen to access the app settings.
Now you will enter the Tik Tok Privacy and Settings menu where you can configure numerous aspects of your profile; now click on the Manage account entry , located first in the list in the Account section.
Now you just have to click on the Delete account option , located in the lower central part of the screen; You will access a new screen in which you will have to identify yourself by entering your account password and then click on the Continue option .

Finally, you will access the general Confirmation screen , where the consequences of deleting a Tik Tok account are detailed; To finish, click on the Delete account button , located in the lower central part of the screen. And so you will have deleted your Tik Tok account; Remember that you have 30 days to recover it if you wish.


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