How To Calculate Fitrana Amount Of Ramadan Sharif

In the whole world, Islam is a very peaceful religion than the other all religions. Basically Islam is a religion that provides the brotherhood and kind-heartedness for the all Muslims that live in the any part of the world. The religion of Islam makes the quality of being doable for the each person resources in the whole world with the help of various kinds of Islamic rules and regulations for example Zakat.

Fitrana Pakistan

With the help of Zakat, the religion of Islam has one more mandatory payment for the purpose of supporting the deserving people of the society which is known as Sadqah-e-Fitr. The Sadqah-e-Fitr in the Islam is also famously recognized as Fitrana and the amount of Fitrana is actually the charity money mandatory for the all Muslims in the whole world to be must paid in the lasting of the month of Ramadan Sharif. And this is very more valuable thing to recognize the fact of how fo you figure out the amount of Fitrana on the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr in advance and through this way you can  very easily pay this amount of Fitrana to those people who are deserving and poor in the society.

When the Ramadan is to be in the lasting days or in the third ashra, the very famously recognized as Fitrana which is also known Sadqa-al-Fitr is basically the charity amount which means an activity that benefits the public at large and all the Muslims in the whole world are responsible to be paid this charity amount to the those people who are needy or poorest and the other thing is not necessary to pay the Sadqah-e-Fitr whether they keep the fast of the Ramadan Sharif or not eligible to keep the fast of the Ramadan Sharif.

Fitrana pakistan price

Actually all the Muslims are try to take up the blessings as much from the Almighty Allah in the month of Ramadan Sharif. The Sadqah-e-Fitr which we pay to the needy and poor people in Ramadan Sharif is basically describing as the ways of thanks the Almighty Allah for the purpose of this very beloved month of Ramadan Sharif which he give to the all Muslims in the world. The people whose are very needy and poor in our society can also enjoy and rejoice the revelling of Eid-ul-Fitr due to this amount of Sadqa through purchasing the clothes, food items, shoes and others give them happiness things for the personal, their children, wife and their parents. We as a Muslim responsibility to give the preference of our society poor people for the Fitrana amount before the Eid-ul-Fitr and also to participate them in our personal happiness occasions. In this way Allah Almighty is also be glad from your great work for the needy people.

So, according to the ruling of Islam, it is very necessary for the all Muslims to pay out thSadqah-e-Fitr to the poor people in their society when they are wanted before the Namaz-e- Eid-ul-Fitr and through this way those needy people can do the arrangements by this happy occasion. The Fitrana can be give to the needy people by the leader of each family on the concern of all the members of family. If you are facing the problem or you are in confusion how to figure out the Fitrana or the total amount of Fitrana which you are paid to the needy people on the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr then we are provide you all information about the Fitrana and Fitrana amount on this page in full details.

As Allah Almighty provides unlimited blessings for the all Muslims and for Non Muslims in the whole world. The Fitrana on the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr is made compulsory by the Almighty Allah for the all Muslims of whole world and the amount that the all Muslims pay on the Eid-ul-fitr occasion to the needy people is very short and therefore this is not too much weary load for the any Muslim in the whole world those are desired to pay out the Fitrana amount. 

Hadees Sharif:

It is stated by Ibn Umar Allah’s Apostle PBUH has made up the Sadaqa-tul-Fitr mandatory, (and this was), either one Sa’ of barley or one Sa’ of dates (and its act of paying money was mandatory) on the youth generation and on the aged persons and on those people who are free included on the those people who are servants.

How Many Amount Of Fitrana To Be Paid In Ramadan Sharif

The lowest amount of Fitrana on the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr which is declared according to the Islamic rules in the Islamic books from the Almighty Allah to be paid by the all Muslims in the whole world in which the all little childs are also added is to be the equivel in the amount of 2.25 kilograms of flour, rice or the others in demand food items and these items price will be 200 Rupees in Pakistan.

 If Allah Almighty has a blessed the unlimited kindness on any Muslim and Allah Almighty has give lots of wealth in this world and this Muslim is desired to give the more amount of Fitrana rather than the described amount of Fitrana from the Allah Almighty then that’s Muslim also paid the amount of Fitrana to the needy people in their society which he’s desired. Islam does not restrict the any Muslim in the whole world about the fact of amount of Fitrana. If a Muslim paid as many amount of Fitrana give to the poor and needy people then Allah Almighty also will show the happiness due to his action and Allah give him more money because of this kindness work.

Capability Of Fitrana

You can not pay the amount of Fitrana to the every Muslim because this amount is only give to the that people which are very poor and needy in the society. So, we as a Muslim always make the thing very clear to provide the amount of Fitrana to only deserving people in your society. The people which are to be capable of Fitrana amount on the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr in the society are the absolute similar as the which people those you can pay the amount of Fitrana to them given below:

1.The poor people which have the earning of their families is very short

2.The needy people which are to be in the not well or not good position

3.The controllers f the zakat who are give out

4.Those kinds of Muslims who are new in a society

5.The servants people and locked up people

6.Those people who are in the state of dues

7.Those people who are to be stranded or they are touring from one place to another along some kind of resources.

So, we are fully insured that you are definitely recognized the method or source through you can easily and simply figure out the amount of Fitrana which to be paid for the deserving people in your society in the month of Ramadan Sharif on this web page. You always do this work of pay the amount of Fitrana to the poor people before the Namaz of Eid-ul-fitr to make these deserving people Eid-ul-fitr also enjoyable and exceptional compared to your own happiness on this wonderful and very big occasion.

It’s easy to calculate your Fitrana amount for Ramadan. Simply multiply the number of days you will be fasting by the recommended daily rate. For example, if you are fasting for 30 days, you would multiply 30 by the recommended equivalent of 2.25kg of flour, rice, or other staple food, amounting to Rs.200 This would give you a total of numbers for your Fitrana amount for the month.

If you are unsure of how much to give, there are many online calculators that can help you determine the correct amount. Simply enter your information and the number of days you will be fasting, and the calculator will do the rest.

Once you have determined your Fitrana amount, be sure to set aside the money so you can pay it when Ramadan begins. This will ensure that you are not caught off guard when the time comes to pay your Fitrana.

With these tips, calculating your Fitrana amount for Ramadan will be a breeze. Be sure to start setting aside the money now so you can be prepared when the time comes. Ramadan Mubarak!

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