Today In this Post We will tell you  how to activate hbl atm card If you have hbl atm card and you want to active your card then this post is only for you. just read complete post and active your card.

HBL was established in1941,moved to its operation to Pakistan in 1947 at the request of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. HBL was the first commercial bank of Pakistan .HBL was nationalized in 1974. 

Bank was privatized and management control was handed over to AKFED in February 2004 in the era of Pervaiz Musharraf. 

In April 2015 government of Pakistan divested its entire shareholding of 41.5 percent through privatization commission of Pakistan, makings HBL Pakistan largest private bank.

HBL bank has more than 1700 branches throughout the Pakistan. HBL bank has  presence in 25 countries.

HBL is serving more than 30 millions customer across three continents.

If you want to activate your HBL ATM card then read below mentioned steps.



How to activate HBL debit card ?

 HBL  is one of the most popular bank  in Pakistan. It has number of the branches all over the Pakistan whenever we open an account in HBL then HBL will issue debit card or ATM card to their account holders. Debit card used to withdraw money quickly on anytime at any place. HBL Bank offers different categories of debit cards. Gold silver and platinum ATM cards are famous categories. Customer can select any category of ATM card. If your HBL ATM card has been expired or lost then HBL Bank will provide you a new ATM card on your request.


Important points before Activation


Before using HBL ATM you need to activate ATM card. Many people don’t know how to activate HBL ATM card. Many methods are used for activation of HBL ATM card but the most popular and securable way is that HBL ATM card via ATM machine due to security reasons. HBL ATM card can use only when you activate it otherwise your ATM card will not work properly.

Followings steps are required to activate  HBL ATM card properly. Please follow below mentioned steps.


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How to activate HBL Atm card

  • First of all read the text on the ATM card you will see followings digits and Alphabets.
  • You will see 16 digit code on the front side of ATM card.
  • You will see issuing date of HBL ATM card and expiry date on the ATM card.
  • You will see name of account holder.
  • Then you have to send SMS to HBL through the same number that is registered with your bank account. If you send a sms through another number then your ATM card will not activated.
  • Then you have to write message simply. In this message simply type DC and enter the last four digits code of your ATM card .Like (DC5678).
  • Now this message DC5678 send on 4250with the same number that is registered with your bank account.
  • When you send a SMS (DC 5678 )to HBL number (4250)  then you will receive activation code on your mobile number quickly. This activation code use for activation of your HBL ATM card.
  •  Now you find out the nearest ATM machine. You can use ATM machine of any bank.
  • Always keep the activation code with you or remember activation code thoroughly. And must remember that your activation code from HBL for ATM card activation is only valid for 3 days.
  • Now you need to go to the HBL ATM machine and then must  you will follow following steps.
  • Now insert the HBL Debit card into HBL ATM machine but the arrow mentioned on ATM card must insert into the ATM machine.
  • When you entered the ATM card then you will see many different option but first option is selection of language on the screen. You will see two languages on screen of ATM machine, first one  is English and second language is Urdu you will choose that language which one is comfortable for you.
  • After selecting the desired language then you will see the screen that will ask you to enter your activation code that was sent you from the HBL through a message. If your CNIC number is entered incorrectly three times, the activation process will be terminated and card will remain inactive. You have to contact with helpline of HBL. Simply type the activation code that you have received from HBL. This activation code consists of5 digits. Enter your new 5 digits HBL debit card activation code then you select yes or ok to confirm it.
  • After this procedure they will ask you to enter your date of birth. You just have to enter the number according to given format date, month, and year without any slash or dash. When you enter your date of birth select ok to confirm. 



If you want to activate your HBL ATM card then follow above mentioned methods. This method is very simple and easy. Always follow each and every step and keep in mind don’t forget about the CNIC. number and date of birth. How do I activate my Debit Card online.

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