Forex Trading in Pakistan earn money

Many people want to earn money online. You will also familiar with forex trading. Forex trading is also a online earning platform. You will learn A to Z about forex trading. forex trading in urdu.

In this informative article I will discuss about forex. In this article I will discuss all methods of earning from forex. I will start from creating an account to earning from forex. This whole article will guide you to work professionally on forex. Its risky business and based on assumption. Forex is platform where you can trade in foreign currency. Forex is basically trade and exchange of different currencies. You can buy or sell currency to generate profit. You need broker for forex. There is heavy risk in this business. In other words exchange of different currencies for earning money is called forex trading. This exchange occurs in international market. Trading of trillion of dollars are done on daily basis. forex pk

Forex trading is international market place where trading of different currencies are done by different people. This market tells about currency exchange rates. Buying and selling of currencies are done at this market place. International banks are participants of this market. 

Forex trading in Urdu

History of Forex trading:

Exchange of money is started from ancient times. In 1850 trading of currency were done in United States. After this market become modern day by day. After world war 2 this trading was started again. In Japan law of currency exchange was passed in 1954. In 1954 bank of Tokyo become center of trading in world. Then currency exchange rates were fixed by United States. In 1981 China allows world to exchange currency.

Minimum requirements for account:

For creating forex account you need these things.

1- Active internet connection

2- Forex account ( real)

3- Forex broker

4- Computer or laptop



How to create account?

First of all you need to create an account with trusted broker on his website. You need to fill form on his website. You need to provide CNIC and address. To prove nationality. You need to send these documents by using email. Then your trusted broker will send you user name and password.

Funding of Account:

After opening of account you need to fund your account. For this you will send money to account of broker. Then broker will deposit money to your account.  Some brokers offers account opening by 1 dollar. 


Payment methods for account funding:

Mostly these payments are used for account funding. Because these payments methods are safe and trusted.

1-Online payment systems(PayPal, payoneer, perfect money)

2-Bank system

3-Credit card

Method of trading:

After funding in account. User will select the pair of Currency. Most USD and EURO currency is used. This trading depends upon appreciation occurred in currency. Your profit is based on this.



  • Broker is basically company. It connect clients or trader with market of forex.
  • Broker play important role in forex trading. It’s not easy to select a trusted broker. Here is best qualities of broker. 
  • Broker should accept customer from Pakistan because we are Pakistani.
  • Interest free Islamic accounts should be offered by broker.
  • Website should be in English language.
  • Trading platform of broker should be available on phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Broker should be famous in forex.
  • Software of trading should be easy to use.
  • Helpline should be available on website.
  • Broker should be recognized from higher authority.


List of trusted brokers:

Here is list of top trusted brokers for Pakistani traders. These brokers have more than 10 years experience in forex trading. You need to research about these brokers. These all brokers have positive and good review. 


1- Avatrade:

  • It offers Islamic accounts.
  • It also support our local language (Urdu).
  • Trading platforms are good.
  • MT4 trading platform.
  • MT5 trading platform.

2- Instaforex:

  • Minimum deposit is only one US dollar.
  • Different types of accounts are available (5 accounts).
  • Bonus deposit.
  • It also offers Islamic accounts.
  • MT4 trading platform is available.
  • ECN accounts are available.

3- Easymarkets:

  • Minimum deposit is 100 US dollars.
  • Web and MT4 trading platform is available.
  • VIP accounts are available.
  • This company wins 37 different international awards.


4- Financial Brokerage Services:

  • Minimum deposit is one dollar.
  • Spread is low.
  • MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are available.
  • This company also offers Islamic accounts.


Terminologies used in forex:

You should know about these terminologies before starting this forex trading. 


  • Smallest unit of currency is called Pip.
  • For example:
  • 0.0004 is pip 


2-Lot size:

  • Number of units of currency is called lot size. Currency units, trading by you. 
  • 100000 units of currency is considered as standard in forex trading.



It is just like instructions given by broker. Buy currency or not is order. There are lot of different orders given by brokers to generate maximum profit.


If you are loosing then you need to deposit some money in your account to level the basic investment.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: Is forex trading is legal in Pakistan?

  • This is more frequently asked question. 
  • Yes forex trading is legal in Pakistan.
  • You need to pay your tax. Many companies have own offices in Pakistan and other countries.

Q2: Can we make money from forex?


  • Yes you can make money from forex trading. But you need to be expert in this business. 

Q3: Can we start forex trading in Pakistan?

  • Yes you can start forex trading in Pakistan. It is legal in Pakistan.

Q4: If I have zero investment then how I will earn money from forex?

  • If you have zero investment. You want to make money from forex then you may trade for others. You will charge your commission from profit. But this is risky work.



Before starting forex trading you should learn complete forex trading from expert person. It is risky business and owner of this website will not responsible for any loss. This article is only for information not for educational purposes. So be careful before starting this trading. In begining start trading with small amount. If you have any question related to forex trading then you may ask in comment box. Also read disclaimer. 



This website is not attached or affiliated with any company mentioned in whole arty. We are independent group and we will not responsible for any loss.

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